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Feds Probe Democrat WV Gov Joe Manchin

From an anxious Politico:

Federal probe muddies W.Va. race

By: Shira Toeplitz
September 24, 2010

An ongoing federal investigation into West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin’s administration is further complicating his unexpectedly competitive campaign for Senate.

The trouble began when the governor’s office confirmed the administration had received two federal subpoenas just weeks after Manchin, the state’s popular two-term governor, announced his bid in July for the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd.

While the governor’s office has kept mum on the details of the subpoenas served on the Department of Administration and the Division of Highways, a special assistant attorney general assigned to the case confirmed to a local news station Wednesday that the investigation is focused on a multimillion- dollar highway project in Manchin’s hometown of Fairmont.

Local news reports have cited anonymous sources as saying that Manchin’s former chief of staff, state Democratic Party Chairman Larry Puccio, is involved in the probe. Puccio, a real estate agent and appraiser, is also from Fairmont…

Of course if our national news media was not merely the marketing arm of the Democrat Party, it wouldn’t have been left to the local news outlet to uncover this.

And if Politico was not so in the tank for the Democrats, this would not be described as merely ‘muddying’ the race for Mr. Byrd’s Senate seat.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the Manchin campaign. The increased focus on the investigation comes as polls show the Senate race between Manchin and the Republican nominee, mining company owner John Raese, tightening…

Oh, those poor put upon Democrats.

Everything always seems to happen to them.

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10 Responses to “Feds Probe Democrat WV Gov Joe Manchin”

  1. proreason says:

    He’s a politician. And a Democrat. The two demographics in this country with the highest incidence of crime and the most dangerous sort of crime….crime with millions of victims. Politicians and particularly Democratic politicians are essentially serial white-collar criminals, with more than a few, like Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd, occasionally taking a flyer on hard-core felonies.

    The only surprise would be if this long-time Democratic politician WASN’T a criminal. We we NEVER learn everything that he has done because his partners in crime will circle the wagons around him.

  2. Papa Louie says:

    Why do I have the feeling that after the election is over and nobody is watching, the feds will drop this case? Once you remove the blindfold from lady justice, like the democrats have done, it’s only a matter of time before only white, male republicans can be prosecuted by the Department of Justice. The New Black Panther case shows that there already is a policy of not prosecuting minorities for voter rights violations. The next step would be to exempt democrats from federal crimes because, no matter what actually happens, it’s a given that they started out with “good intentions”, unlike evil republicans.

    We have already seen the beginning of this policy when Turbo Tax Timothy Geithner was excused for “unintentionally” not paying his taxes even though the money was given to him with the written instructions that it was to be used to pay his taxes. If the only man smart enough to run the Treasury Department can get away with evading his taxes, why should any of the rest of us ignorant citizens be held to a higher standard?

    It’s a slippery slope once justice is no longer blind. It all comes down to which groups the ruling class determines are above the law. That’s why “equal justice under the law” can only be achieved when all individuals are treated equally and justice is blind to any group status they may have. The democrat’s insistence on “social justice” will destroy true justice by eroding individual rights in favor of group rights. Under such policies the concept of individual equality under the law cannot survive.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Even if it’s dropped, the damage will have been done. If Holder really wanted preservation, he would have held off on an investigation until at least November 3.

  3. Mae says:

    Should those who vote these criminals into power be considered accessories before and after the fact. How about prosecuting the public for stupidity?

  4. Mae says:

    Should those who vote these criminals into power be considered accessories before and after the fact? How about prosecuting the public for stupidity?

    • proreason says:

      Love ya Mae, but I’m not sure I agree 100% with your statement about the stupidity of the public.

      Consider: the Moron’s approval ratings have fallen through the floor now that the public understands who he is. Same for the Witch, Reaper Reid and many others.

      Like you, I think people SHOULD have known about all of these lowlifes. There certainly was abundant enough evidence. On the other hand, there have been billions and billions of dollars of resources behind their criminal schemes. People like ourselves are now totally aware of them, but speaking for myself, that level of awareness has only arisen in the last few years, certainly not before Kerry tried to con the country…..so I’m reluctant to place all of the blame on the people.

      The way these things work is, unfortunately, that it takes a lot to arouse the public. People have lives, jobs, and interests outside of following the day to day activities of the sewer rats. The average person probably spends less than an hour a week following political matters, and I don’t epect that to change much in the future.

      Frankly, I place an equal blame on the media, who are now simply co-conspirators with the criminals. And at least an equal blame should be placed on the shameful citizens who care only about feathering their own nests. You have to get by the criminals themselves, the media, and the criminal part of the population before you should blame honest citizens who are simply time strapped.

      Which is why I’m so concerned that all of this is going to happen again in 20 years, if we are lucky enough to get through this disaster.

      Too many people are thinking we can prevent it in the future by being “more involved” or “more alert” or “more interested”. I think that is a fairy tale. Didn’t happen when Bill Ayers and crew were undermining the country. Didn’t happen when Obamy was building his hall of mirrors. Ain’t gonna happen a few years after we evict the current crew.

      What we need are new Constitutional Amendments to trap the vermin before they get in the system, and give us the ability to eject them instantly when it becomes clear who they are. “good intentions”, “renewed vigor”, “better vetting”, and “education” aren’t going to do it. The Founders knew what to do and they did it. Times have now changed. We need new Constitutional protections that are tuned to the current political scumbag criminals who scheme 24/7/365 to destroy the country, and have already found ways around every existing protection we have. Now we are down to the last one. The vote. Next time, if we are so fortunate as to have one, it will be too late..

  5. Mithrandir says:

    I can’t decide if the media is a marketing arm for the democrats, or they have jumped the shark, and are now full-fledged late-night shouting infomercials for the democrats.

    “Billy Mays here for the democratic party! Folks, are you tired of…..”

  6. GetBackJack says:

    Mith – one of the first things Hitler did was buy a newspaper for his Party. Obviously this did not go unnoticed. Lenin and crew established Pravda for the purpose you propose. Red China has the People’s Daily. And nearly every nation on earth has a “state run” media organization like the BBC and Canada’s CBC, etc etc.

    Why wouldn’t the Statist Democratic Party employ the same strategy? They’re anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty, anti-God, anti- American, anti-Constitution, anti-everything Americans hold dear. Like press-freedom and transparency.

  7. finebammer59 says:


    Concerning your earlier missive:

    I’ll respond to that in the same fashion I usually respond to those advocating a “flat” or “fair” tax,

    good effing luck, buddy, I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

    • proreason says:

      Maybe you ought to think about it instead of casually dissing it. And I can’t help but notice, btw, that you don’t propose anything yourself.

      If you think that business as usual will work after Nov 2010, no matter how great the victory is…..good effing luck, buddy. I wouldn’t hold my breath though that things will change if YOU aren’t willing to push for some significant changes in the system.

      To repeat, good effing luck with the strategy of hoping the votes of fed up people will be enough to prevent this disaster from ever happening again. Anger won’t prevent it either. Neither will paying attention, or talking to your neighbors, or changing the education system, or posting on conservative web sites.

      Or maybe you are one who to letting the country slip into a worker’s paraside. You wouldn’t be alone.

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