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Feds Tell Blue Cross: Don’t Release Enrollment #s

From the North Dakota newspaper, The Forum Of Fargo-Moorhead:

Feds ask Blue Cross Blue Shield not to release exchange numbers

By Kyle Potter | October 22, 2013

FARGO – The Obama administration asked North Dakota’s largest health insurer not to publicize how many people have signed up for health insurance through a new online exchange, a company official says.

During a Monday forum in Fargo for people interested in signing up for coverage via the exchange, James Nichol of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota told the crowd his company received the request from the federal government earlier Monday. Nichol is a consumer sales manager for the company.

If this is happening in North Dakota it is probably happening everywhere. And, lest we forget, Blue Cross Blue shield is the biggest company involved in the Obama-Care exchanges. Blue Cross was also the company that worked the most closely with the White House in creating Obama-Care in the first place.

Still, a spokeswoman from Blue Cross Blue Shield says about 14 North Dakotans have signed up for coverage since the federal exchange went live Oct. 1. That brings total statewide enrollment to 20 – less than one a day…

Gee, why wouldn’t the Obama administration want such stellar numbers to be known?

Officials in many of the 14 states that set up their own marketplace, which includes Minnesota, have released some preliminary numbers. Minnesota officials said last week that about 3,700 had begun the process of enrolling for health insurance through the marketplace, called MNsure…

"Begun the process" does not mean they have enrolled. Still, the low numbers in these state run exchanges just go to show that the low numbers enrolling at Healthcare.gov are not just due to the so-called glitches. The real glitch is Obama-Care itself.

But in North Dakota and the 35 other states that let the federal government take the lead on the exchange, releases from individual insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield are the only avenue to get enrollment figures until federal officials release statistics, likely sometime in mid-November…

So the government has to lean on them to keep zipped.

Sanford [Insurance] had enrolled six customers as of Tuesday, spokesman Darren Huber said.

Which brings the state’s grand total up to 20.

Meanwhile, we have this from Jackson, Mississippi’s Clarion-Ledger:

In 3 weeks, just 35 enroll in Miss. insurance exchange

By Clay Chandler | October 22, 2013

Three weeks after the federal health exchange launched, 35 people have enrolled for insurance coverage on Mississippi’s online marketplace, Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said.

North Dakota 20, Mississippi 35? These sound like football scores rather than the numbers of people flocking to sign up for the wonders of Obama-Care.

Chaney got that figure from Magnolia Healthcare, one of two carriers on the state’s federally run exchange. All 35 enrollees had selected plans offered by Magnolia, Chaney said. Humana, the other carrier, “wasn’t sure they had added anybody,” Chaney said…

The exchange, created under the Affordable Care Act, has had trouble from the jump. Users have reported difficulty logging in, creating an account and verifying their identity. The issues have kept Mississippi’s enrollment suppressed, Chaney said. “If you had consistent access, that number would likely be higher.” …

BS. Once again, the state-run exchanges do not support that excuse.

The 14 states that are operating their own exchanges are not reporting the same degree of difficulty. Kentucky, for example, is the only Southeastern state to operate its own exchange and had enrolled 15,000 people as of Monday…

15,000 after three weeks? That is supposed to be a success? Also, according to the AP, only half of those 15,000 applicants actually went on to enroll in Obama-Care.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    The amazing thing is, free market companies are OBEYING HIM.

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