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FEMA ‘Finds’ $1,000,000,000 – Averts Crisis

From an unembarrassed Associated Press:

Congress dodges shutdown after disaster aid fight

By ANDREW TAYLOR – Associated Press
September 27, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bitterly divided and poll-battered Congress has nearly worked its way out of a nasty fight over disaster aid, but only by abruptly abandoning efforts to immediately refill almost empty federal disaster relief accounts.

Instead, with the administration assuring lawmakers that the immediate infusion of $1 billion in disaster money wasn’t needed to avoid a cutoff this week, Senate leaders moved quickly Monday to jettison the money from a pending Democratic measure and instead pass bare-bones legislation to avert a government shutdown at week’s end.

Whew! That was close.

By the way, notice how artfully the AP avoided reporting that FEMA looked around and found $1 billion dollars under their sofa cushions. No, the AP just says "the immediate infusion of $1 billion in disaster money wasn’t needed." They offer no explanation as to how that was suddenly possible.

That measure, approved by the Senate on a 79-12 vote, would keep the government running until mid-November.

When the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party will once gin up another artificial crisis to try to ram through more spending without paying for it. (Which is illegal by Obama and the Democrats’ own self-imposed PAYGO rules as well as last month’s debt ceiling agreement.)

The House appears likely to endorse that measure next week when it returns from a weeklong recess.

Thank goodness Congress is getting another recess. After all, it’s been a couple weeks since their five week summer vacation.

In the meantime, a one-week stopgap measure needed to avoid a government shutdown at midnight Friday appears likely to be adopted in a sparsely attended session Thursday. The weeklong measure would provide a $2.7 billion infusion of disaster money that would make sure federal help continues to flow to victims of Hurricane Irene and other recent disasters.

Including untold sums of taxpayer dollars that are going to ‘disaster victims’ in Connecticut. (Which, in fact, is going automatically to everyone who is on food stamps. Those who aren’t on food stamps only have to ask for it.)

And, for the record, Irene was not a hurricane when it hit the US. It was only a tropical storm. Does this mean that we are going to spend billions of taxpayer dollars now every time we have a tropical storm?

The breakthrough of sorts came after the Federal Emergency Management Agency indicated Monday it had enough money for disaster relief efforts through Friday.

Again, the AP side-steps reporting that FEMA ‘found’ a billion dollars somewhere. This, apparently, is not newsworthy.

But just think about how out of control government spending has to be, when you can have an agency misplace a billion dollars. And, worse yet, instead of looking for it, the Democrats just demanded another billion dollars while holding the government hostage.

That disclosure allowed lawmakers to move to the lower disaster aid figure and allow both sides to save face

Why do the Republicans need to save face? They were prove to be eminently correct here.

In fact, as a general rule of thumb, whenever the news media tries to draw a moral equivalency between the two parties, you can be sure the Democrats were completely at fault.

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4 Responses to “FEMA ‘Finds’ $1,000,000,000 – Averts Crisis”

  1. BigOil says:

    This tropical storm caused unimaginable hardship to the downtrodden in CT. One lady left her window open and stuff got wet. Others had actual food spoil in their refrigerators.

    Why did the media not highlight this tragedy? Why was Shep Smith not reporting from a bridge? If we only knew the human toll being exacted – we could have sent emergency aid.

    Living on the gulf coast, I have driven through several tropical storms to get to work. When a heavy rain and some wind has thousands of people in line for a piece of a multi-billion dollar handout – this demonstrates once again how far down the road to socialism our country has strayed.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    Damned crisis mongers in congress need to experience a real TEA Party.

  3. Helena says:

    Geez I better clean my couch. Who knows what I’d find.

  4. sticks says:

    I don’t know why we are care about a measly billion dollars (thinks the AP) thats chump change to these government redistributers.
    By the way, when are we taxpayers going to get a vacation from the government? If they shut down for a week how much money would that save us, billions? Hundreds of billions? Sheesh.

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