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Female Democrat Senators Demand More Nannies

From a cheering Washington Post:

Proposal would allow more women to come to U.S. under immigration bill

By David Nakamura | June 19, 2013

A group of female senators is planning to introduce a proposal Thursday that would ensure that more women would be admitted to the United States under a comprehensive immigration bill, representing an early attempt at leverage by the Senate’s emerging bloc of women.

The lawmakers say pending immigration legislation is unfairly weighted toward male workers because it rewards applicants who are better educated and have more technical skills…

And the last thing we want is better educated and more skilled immigrants. They might actually help the country. Hell, they might even vote Republican.

But what about the need for more disabled illegal aliens? More gay illegal aliens? More mentally ill illegal aliens? We can’t forget them! We need even more quotas and affirmative action in our immigration policy.

We cannot rest until we have an immigrant population that ‘looks like America.’ — No, check that. That’s the last thing the Democrats want.

Under their amendment, the female senators propose reserving 30,000 residency cards each year for fields in which women hold most of the jobs, such as nannies, home health-care workers and early childhood educators.

Well, you can see why these women Senators would want to push for more nannies. Their costs will go down.

At least 12 women have signed on to co-sponsor the amendment, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), whom Democrats hope will play a key role in winning more GOP support, aides said. The Senate has a record contingent of 20 women this session, 16 of whom are Democrats.

“For this immigration bill to institutionalize and set in concrete the unequal opportunities women have in other countries is not the way to go,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), who developed the amendment with Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), said in an interview…

And make sure they are barefoot and pregnant, too. We have got to swell the underclass as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, this nonsense will sail through, while any amendments intended to provide real border security and prohibit these new ‘legals’ from immediately getting welfare benefits are being nipped in the bud.

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2 Responses to “Female Democrat Senators Demand More Nannies”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Nope. Not gonna go there.

    (James Watt)

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    After trying for two days, I finally got through to Sen. Kay Hagan’s office. Her staff says she has not revealed how she plans to vote or if she has even made up her mind on the current immigration bill. Which means she’s for it and is afraid to admit it. I let them know how I felt.

    I cannot get through to Sen. Burr. That has to be a good sign, Yesterday, the congressional switchboard was busy ALL day.

    Keep up the pressure folks. We want to kill this in the Senate.

    Congressional Switchboard= (877) 762-8762

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