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Fewer In US, Europe Fear Global Warming

Somehow in the rush of events we missed these joyous tidings from Gallup. And, of course, the rest of the news media didn’t seem any too eager to remind us of them, either:

Fewer Americans, Europeans View Global Warming as a Threat

Worldwide, 42% see serious risk, similar to 2007-2008

By Anita Pugliese and Julie Ray
April 20, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gallup surveys in 111 countries in 2010 find Americans and Europeans feeling substantially less threatened by climate change than they did a few years ago, while more Latin Americans and sub-Saharan Africans see themselves at risk.

Perhaps the truth hasn’t penetrated to the depths of Latin America and the sub-Sahara yet. Or perhaps the people there are still hoping to exact some kind of financial benefits via this boondoggle.

The 42% of adults worldwide who see global warming as a threat to themselves and their families in 2010 hasn’t budged in the last few years, but increases and declines evident in some regions reflect the divisions on climate change between the developed and developing world.

Majorities in developed countries that are key participants in the global climate debate continue to view global warming as a serious threat, but their concern is more subdued [sic] than it was in 2007-2008. In the U.S., a slim majority (53%) currently see it as a serious personal threat, down from 63% in previous years.

Concern about global warming has also declined across western, southern, and eastern Europe, and in several cases, even more precipitously than in the U.S. In France, for example, the percentage saying global warming is a serious threat fell from 75% in 2007-2008 to 59% in 2010. In the United Kingdom, ground zero for the climate data-fixing scandal known as Climategate in 2009, the percentage dropped from 69% to 57% in the same period.

Isn’t it gratifying to see observation often ascribed to Mr. Lincoln proved true once again? You really can’t ‘fool all the people all the time.’ Even when you control most of the schools and the media.

World residents’ declining concern about climate change may reflect increasing skepticism about global warming after Climategate and the lack of progress toward global climate policy.

Somehow we don’t believe that the "lack of progress toward global climate policy" is to blame for increasing skepticism about global warming. It’s more likely to be the other way around.

The drops also may reflect the poor economic times, during which Gallup research generally finds environmental issues become less important

In other words when people have real problems to contend with, the imaginary ones tend to be forgotten.

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3 Responses to “Fewer In US, Europe Fear Global Warming”

  1. TerryAnne says:

    The areas with the lowest education are the areas with the greatest uptick in global warming beliefs. Coincidence?

    Discuss… ;)

    • JohnMG says:

      If the respondents to this poll were drawn 100% from the news media your ‘greatest uptick-lowest education’ observation would be significantly higher…..and spot on.

  2. Right of the People says:

    I don’t fear “Global Warming”, I fear the effects of the morons pushing the agenda of “Global Climate Change Warming and otherwise scaring the masses into voting for morons like Barry the Bozo” crowd.

    Terry Anne,

    You’re correct, ignorant (including the Lame Stream Media) are the only ones left who believe this garbage. Voodoo science at its worst.

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