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Fidel Sees Iran War, NK Nuclear Reprisal

From Comrade Castro’s blog, Reflections of Fidel:

How I wish I was wrong

Fidel Castro Ruz
June 24, 2010

When these lines are published tomorrow, Friday, in Granma newspaper, the 26th of July, a date on which we always recall with pride the honor of having resisted the onslaughts of the empire, will still be in the distance, despite it being only 32 days away.

Those who determine every step of the worst enemy of humanity – United States imperialism, a mixture of ignoble material interests, disdain and underestimation for other people inhabiting the planet – have calculated everything with mathematical precision

On the other hand, one would have to ask how many of [the foolish people watching the World Cup soccer matches] know that, since June 20, U.S. military vessels, including the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, escorted by one or more nuclear submarines and other warships with missiles and cannons that are more powerful that those of the old battleships utilized in the last world war from 1939 to 1945, have been navigating toward Iranian coasts via the Suez Canal.

The yanki naval forces are accompanied by Israeli military boats, with equally sophisticated armaments, to inspect every vessel that leaves to export and import commercial products required for the functioning of the Iranian economy

Now it is about calculating when the naval forces of the United States and Israel will be deployed facing the Iranian coasts, and joining up there with aircraft carriers and other U.S. military boats which mount guard in this region.

The worst part is that, just like the United States, Israel, its gendarme in the Middle East, possesses extremely modern bomber aircraft and sophisticated weapons supplied by the United States, which has converted it into the sixth nuclear power on the planet given its firepower, among the eight recognized as such, including India and Pakistan.

The Shah of Iran had been defeated by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979 without using a single weapon. The United States imposed the Shah after the war on that nation with the use of chemical weapons, whose components it supplied to Iraq together with the information needed by its combat units and which were deployed by them against the Revolutionary Guards.

Mr. Castro is claiming that the US supplied Saddam’s Iraq army with the nerve gas that was supposedly used against some of the Iranian army.

Cuba knows that because, at that time, as we have explained on other occasions, it was president of the Non-Aligned Movement. We know very well the devastation that it caused among the population. Mahmud Ahmadinejad, now head of state in Iran, was chief of the sixth army of the Revolutionary Guards and chief of the Guard Corps in the western provinces of that country, which bore the brunt of that war.

And he seems to be claiming that this information came from Mr. Ahmadinejad himself.

Never mind that Mr. Ahmadinejad never held the position Mr. Castro claims he held. Indeed, there is considerable doubt as to whether Mr. Ahmadinejad ever served in the Revolutionary Guard in any capacity.

Today, in 2010, after 31 years, both the United States and Israel are underestimating the one million soldiers in the Iranian Armed Forces and their capacity for fighting on land, and the air, sea and land forces of the Revolutionary Guards.

In addition to these, there are the 20 million men and women, aged from 12 to 60, selected and systematically trained by its diverse military institutions, from out of the 70 million people who inhabit the country.

The government of the United States drew up a plan to instigate a political movement that, supporting itself on capitalist consumerism, would divide Iranians and defeat the regime.

That hope has become innocuous. It is laughable to think that with U.S. warships plus those of Israel, that they can arouse the sympathies of one sole Iranian citizen.

Analyzing the current situation, I initially believed that the battle would begin in the Korean peninsula, and that that area would be the detonator of the second Korean war which, in its turn, would immediately lead to the second war that the United States would impose on Iran.

Now, reality is changing things in an inverse sense: that of Iran will immediately unleash that of Korea.

The leadership of North Korea, which was accused of the sinking of the Cheonan, and is all too well aware that it was sunk by a mine that the yanki intelligence services succeeded in placing in the hull of that corvette, will not hesitate for one second to act as soon as the attack is initiated on Iran.

You didn’t realize that the US blew up that South Korean ship? You must have been watching soccer instead of paying attention to the news.

In any case, Mr. Castro is claiming that the US and Israel are planning to attack Iran. And that North Korea will launch a nuclear attack in response to that attack.

It is quite right that the football fans should enjoy their craving for the World Cup competitions. I am only fulfilling the duty of exhorting our people, thinking above all of our youth, full of life and hope, and especially our marvelous children, in order that events do not catch us completely unawares.

It pains me to think of so many dreams conceived of by human beings and the astounding creations of which they have been capable in just a few thousand years. [Sic]

At a time when the most revolutionary dreams are being fulfilled and the homeland is firmly recovering, how I wish I was wrong!

All in all, Mr. Castro’s kind words about ‘yanki’ history and his predictions for the immediate future just goes to show how much Mr. Obama has improved our relations with Cuba.

Just as his ‘Bowboy’ diplomacy has improved our relations with so many other nations around the globe.

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2 Responses to “Fidel Sees Iran War, NK Nuclear Reprisal”

  1. canary says:

    Chavez, Cuba, Syria, South America & the muslim Arab world teaming up.
    Obama has his own team with Indonesia, Africa, Saudi.

    Chavez meets with Syria’s Assad in Venezuela

    CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met with Syrian President Bashar Assad on Saturday and called on Latin America and the Arab world to fight what he called America’s imperialist and capitalist interests abroad.

    Chavez presented Assad with a gold-plated replica of a sword that once belonged to South American independence hero Simon Bolivar —

    “Arab civilization and our civilization, the Latin American one, …liberating… saving the world from the imperialism and capitalist hegemony that threaten the human species,” Chavez said.

    Chavez has built close diplomatic relations with Syria, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries while severing Venezuela’s ties to Israel.

    Following his meeting with Chavez, Assad is slated to travel to Cuba, Brazil and Argentina.

    Reuters reporting from Africa ‘Genocidal’ Israel will be put in its place – Chavez
    Jun 27, 2010 Frank Jack Daniel

    CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez described Israel on Saturday as a genocidal state that acted as an assassin for the United States, predicting the Middle East nation would one day be “put in its place.”

    Syria has started to raise its international profile in recent years, shrugging off Western efforts to weaken it and developing ties with former foe Turkey, Russia and with Latin American nations.

    Assad, who faces a decline in domestic oil production

    His tour is expected to focus on bilateral issues and Syria’s hopes to attract $44 billion in private foreign investment


  2. Right of the People says:

    Looks like Ol’ Crazy Fidel is off his meds again. Talk about not being in the same room with reality.

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