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VFP Portray Red Cross Supplies As Their Own

The notorious propagandist, Michael Moore, proclaims on his website that more than 100 tons of supplies have been delivered by the Cindy Sheehan confreres, Veterans For Peace. The VFP regularly claim to be "supporting" the Red Cross with hurricane Katrina relief.

If so, this is news to "Bobbie" Blanchard, the woman who owns and operates the mini-storage the VFP are using as their collection and distribution center. Ms. Blanchard says she has seen no large deliveries, no tractor-trailers, no massive quantities of supplies.

Ms. Blanchard reports she has only seen a few small pick-up trucks go back and forth, and just a few boxes around.

But Michael Moore produces the following report and photos as proof of the VFP's Herculean efforts:

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

The supplies keep rolling in at Camp Casey III in Covington, Louisiana.

Cars, trucks, buses are loaded up in the morning and sent off in different directions. They are told not to come back until everything is gone, and they don't come back until everything is gone.

You, dear reader, can help their efforts by sending supplies, housing volunteers, or volunteering yourself. Check VFPRoadTrips.org and the message board there to get involved.

Volunteers at Camp Casey III have already delivered over 100 tons of food and supplies to communities in Louisiana and Mississippi that had seen no relief until they arrived.

They are working with community leaders in some areas; in other areas, they are simply delivering food, water, and other supplies to individuals. Yesterday they delivered 20 tons of supplies to the neighborhoods of West Bank, Algiers, lower gardens and French Quarter in New Orleans and Bay St. Louis and Kiln, Mississippi.

More to come…

Of course even these photos only show one "truckload" of supplies, taken from two different angles. And there is nothing to identify it with the VFP's purported efforts at all.

Another page at Moore's site further amplifies where these supplies were purportedly delivered:

The sight at the storage facility made me realize that the Camp Casey-Covington hurricane relief effort is rapidly gaining momentum. There was a tractor-trailer filled with food and supplies. Two lines of campers daisy-chained the supplies neatly onto pallets. 20 tons of food and supplies were unloaded by hand in less than two hours.

However, if you examine those photos closely and compare those with one taken at the Pine View Middle School, it is clear that those supplies were delivered to the school.

Note the metal roof and three girders coming down from it in this photo, then compare it to the structure in the photograph above it.

To reiterate, the Pine View school is (or rather was) a Red Cross shelter. So those supplies were delivered to the Red Cross–and not the Veterans For Peace, as Michael Moore mendaciously claims.

But enough about these pesky details about who is actually providing the supplies. Michael Moore takes the time and space to provide us with this heart-warming image of the gallant VFP out  pressing the flesh of the poor Katrina victims:

Billy, Veteran for Peace, delivers food to Reverand [sic] Moses L. Powell. Poweel [sic] will distribute the food to his community.

A Google for Reverend [sic] Moses L. Powell netted nothing. There is this listing in the Times-Picayune for such a name, but with no mention of his reverend-ness:

Saturday, April 23, 2005

This list of people booked with driving while intoxicated and related charges was provided by the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office.

APRIL 7-16

Moses L. Powell, 40, 327 Atlantic Ave., New Orleans, April 7, 10:50 p.m., at Dublin and Dixon streets, DWI.

As with the VFP's point man for Katrina relief, the phony Vietnam Combat Veteran Ward Reilly, it's very assuring to know these hundreds of tons of supplies (donated to the Red Cross) are getting into trustworthy hands.

And on the subject of trust, where are these "Camp Casey kitchens" Michael Moore says he wants to keep cooking on the front page of his site?

All the VFP have is their bus, their storage unit, and their tents at the public campground. And since Ms. Blanchard told the VFP yesterday she wanted them out of her storage facility, they are now looking for a new place to store their loot.

There are no Camp Casey kitchens, except in Michael Moore's mind. Is that were the 100 tons of VFP supplies are, as well?

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