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‘Fixed’ Obama-Care Site Crashes Live On CNN

From NewsBusters:

ObamaCare Website Crashes When CNN Tests Upgraded Version

By Noel Sheppard | December 1, 2013

A really funny thing happened Sunday morning when the folks at CNN’s New Day tried to open a health insurance account at the newly upgraded ObamaCare website.

It crashed…

[Transcript of CNN exchange:]

GEORGE HOWELL, HOST: We know the first thing you have to do when you go to this website you have to select your state. Is that working?

ALISON KOSIK, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: And what’s funny is I was talking with Matt, and, yeah, that seemed to work, right, when you logged on. But then came the road blocks. So tell me about what happened, because we’re getting another error message here, and it’s supposed to be running smoothly. We’re just not seeing that.

MATT SLOANE, CNN MEDICAL PRODUCER: Yeah, so, you know, we’ve been trying to get into the site since October 1 on and off again. I have to say it did work a lot more smoothly this morning. I got through. I picked my state. I put in all of my information and I got through the whole process in eight minutes. And then it said my status was in progress. So I went to refresh it and I got the error message.

We suspect that the plan here was for a CNN reporter to go on the Obama-Care site on the air to prove to their audience that it has been fixed. And they probably thought it was safe to go on the air live with this report because they have gotten the site to work earlier in the morning.

But then they made the mistake of refreshing the page and it crashed while they were broadcasting.

Makes you wonder how many other news organizations will test the upgraded website or just take the Administration’s word that it’s working….

Not really. Our ‘reporters’ will believe Obama’s words over their lying eyes every day of the week. Heck, CNN is probably still reporting that the site is working.

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