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FL Man Fired Over ‘Under God’ Button

From a Godless (apart from the liberal religion) Associated Press:

Fla. man says Home Depot fired him over God button

By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Writer Wed Oct 28

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A former cashier for The Home Depot who has been wearing a "One nation under God" button on his work apron for more than a year has been fired, he says because of the religious reference. The company claims that expressing such personal beliefs is simply not allowed.

"I’ve worn it for well over a year and I support my country and God," Trevor Keezor said Tuesday. "I was just doing what I think every American should do, just love my country."

The American flag button Keezer wore in the Florida store since March 2008 says "One nation under God, indivisible."

Earlier this month, he began bringing a Bible to read during his lunch break at the store in the rural town of Okeechobee, about 140 miles north of Miami. That’s when he says The Home Depot management told him he would have to remove the button.

Keezer refused, and he was fired on Oct. 23, he said.

"It feels kind of like a punishment, like I was punished for just loving my country," Keezer said.

A Home Depot spokesman said Keezer was fired because he violated the company’s dress code.

"This associate chose to wear a button that expressed his religious beliefs. The issue is not whether or not we agree with the message on the button," Craig Fishel said. "That’s not our place to say, which is exactly why we have a blanket policy, which is long-standing and well-communicated to our associates, that only company-provided pins and badges can be worn on our aprons."

Fishel said Keezer was offered a company-approved pin that said, "United We Stand," but he declined.

Keezer’s lawyer, Kara Skorupa, said she planned to sue the Atlanta-based company.

"There are federal and state laws that protect against religious discrimination," Skorupa said. "It’s not like he was out in the aisles preaching to people."

Keezer said he was working at the store to earn money for college, and wore the button to support his country and his 27-year-old brother, who is in the National Guard and is set to report in December for a second tour of duty in Iraq.

Skorupa noted the slogan on Keezer’s pin is straight from the Pledge of Allegiance.

"These mottos and sayings that involve God, that’s part of our country and historical fabric," Skorupa said. "In God we trust is on our money."

Michael Masinter, a civil rights and employment law professor at NOVA Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, said any lawsuit over religious discrimination might be a tough one to win…

Meanwhile, as we posted back in February, another story also from Florida, via Tampa Bay’s Fox News affiliate My Fox:

Controversial sign must come down

PINELLAS PARK – Randy Heine says he has surveillance video that shows a man and woman climbing over a fence. The couple heads right for a sign that reads "One Nation Under Obama." They paint over Obama and replace it with God.

Heine owns the sign and isn’t too happy about what he caught on tape.

"To me it’s all about racism," said Heine.

Heine, who owns Rockin’ Cards and Gifts in Pinellas Park, put up his Obama sign a day before the inauguration. He says it was his way of showing his support for the new president.

"I thought one nation under Obama would create unity. Although there are only a few people who would rather see our president fail," said Heine.

Since his sign went up it has been defaced, over and over. However, after every incident Heine has fixed the sign and proudly displayed it again.

Some people don’t agree with Heine on the message behind the words.

"It is very un-American because that’s our pledge of allegiance. I hope somebody messes with it again. And trust me, as Americans, we will," Kathy Konopinski told FOX 13.

Heine has a new battle to fight if he wants to keep the sign on display. Pinellas County code enforcement says the fence he put up around the sign is one foot too high. He’s also been slapped with another violation. County code allows only one freestanding sign per business. Because of that, officials say the sign must come down.

Randy plans to fight that decision. "The only way I would consider taking down the sign is if President Obama asked me to. Otherwise, it will stay."

Compare and contrast.

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12 Responses to “FL Man Fired Over ‘Under God’ Button”

  1. ilzito guacamolito says:

    ~ The American flag button Keezer wore in the Florida store since March 2008 says “One nation under God, indivisible.” ~

    Home Depot is really on top of things if it took them 1-1/2 years to ask him to remove the button.

  2. proreason says:


    I’m always a little suspicious that there is something else going on with these stories. Was this guy reading the Bible at work or was he prosthelytizing?

    But if all he did was wear the button and quietly read the Bible, there must be some real loons in Home Depot Management.

    “One nation under God” is about as iinnocuous as you can get.

  3. conservativegirl says:

    My guess … a fellow worker reported the “infraction” OR a customer reported to Home Depot management that they were offended by the pin.

  4. blankertross says:

    The question for everyone out there is “Do you believe in God?” and another question “Is the mention of God’s name somehow bad for the country or does it hurt anyone?” I for one have never been politically correct. So when someone loses their job because they are proud of the heritage of the USA and mention God, I say do not trade with that company any more. I will never shop at Home Depot again. That is my free choice. SO DON’T SHOP AT HOME DEPOT ANY MORE. LET OTHERS KNOW WHAT THEY DID. LET THEM CHOOSE NOT SHOPPING AT HOME DEPOT. WE STILL HAVE THE FREEDOM. Soon the Democrats will tell you where you can shop, what you can eat, what you can say, where you can meet, if you can pray, if you get medical treatment or not. Liberals do not get it. Communists are here and in charge. Standby.

  5. TwilightZoned says:

    It would be a hoot for everyone to pick up a One nation under God pin
    and wear it every single time they enter a Home Depot. I’d certainly
    be willing to keep one in the car for just such occasions.

    Then again, Lowes and Ace aren’t too far from HD.

  6. Confucius says:

    The button’s message doesn’t matter.

    The fact is that Mr. Keezer wore the button for more than a year without Home Depot ever enforcing its dress code.

    It has been established in a court of law that if a company chooses not to enforce a policy over a period of time, then the company releases its right to enforce the policy at a later date.

    Mr. Keezer should sue.

  7. wirenut says:

    This is a tough one, I agree with what he wore. I would absolutely become unglued if it was a “I heart Mao” button. Clean up at checkout 5!
    Wear the flag proudly and if you do ,we know you believe. I think this is an opening for the left. Think about it! If Che or the Castro bros are your gods, do they get buttons too? Our flag already has a religious significance due to its founding. Lets not let others diminish it and allow other tripe to be on the same field. This is about lefty wants a shot at the checkout.

  8. BillK says:

    I suggest readers go to check out at Home Depot and, when pulling out cash, mention the “In God We Trust” printed on it and state “I wouldn’t want you to violate corporate guidelines and get fired if I give these to you” and leave the merchandise at the register.

  9. Yarddog1 says:

    This is not all.

    On Malkin’s site there was mention of Home Depot sposoring a gay pride event in California with a link to photos of that event. Apparently, they have sponsored other such events and even had children’s activity booths there.

    I am rarely shocked by anything. However, I was taken aback by what was going on in broad daylight in full sight. Depravity is too mild a word to describe it. I haven’t shopped at the Depot since. I can’t understand what these knotheads in management are thinking.

  10. TerryAnne says:

    I don’t understand this part of the original article (well, I do, but I’m incensed by it):

    “Because it’s a private business, not one that’s owned and operated by the government, it doesn’t have to operate under the free speech provisions of the First Amendment,” Masinter said.

    What about: Because it’s a private business, operated within the confines of the United States, it does have to operate under the free speech provisions of the First Amendment.

    Or is that Amendment only applicable to portions of our media?

  11. Colonel1961 says:

    ‘In God We Trust’. I guess the Home Depot doesn’t accept US coins…

    (Sorry BillK, missed your post.)

  12. Liberals Demise says:

    I wonder if NASCAR will weigh in on this seeing Home Depot sponsors a car in its’ racing format.

    As a NASCAR redneck I am all for boycotting HD until they come down out of the obamasphere and whiff pure oxygen.

    NASCAR Nation is to big to fail but Home Depot is not!!

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