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Flashback: John Kerry Wanted To Invade Haiti

Do we really want a ‘hawk’ as Secretary Of State? As we have noted in the past, John Kerry back in 1994 used the New York Time’s op-ed page to call for the US to invade Haiti and reinstall its America-hating communist dictator, Jean-Bertrande Aristide.

From the archives of the New York Times:

Make Haiti’s Thugs Tremble

By John Kerry | May 16, 1994

Haiti’s military rulers continue to thumb their noses at the United States and the rest of the world. Since the ouster of President Jean-Bertrande Aristide in September 1991, the international community has consistently tried to pressure the junta to step aside, but nothing has worked –not diplomacy, not tighter sanctions, not a partial naval embargo. By tolerating their defiance and unrelenting brutality, we have empowered Haiti’s military thugs…

Opponents argue that President Aristide is so flawed that he does not deserve our help, that an invasion would be bloody and costly and could involve us in a long-term military quagmire…

Some argue that intervening in Haiti is not worth the loss of an American life. We should remember that American soldiers were at risk when we intervened in Grenada, Panama and Iraq. Those who supported Presidents Bush and Reagan ought to ask themselves why the Haitian situation is different. Is it simply that the President is of a different political party? What other facts are different? …

Er, maybe we weren’t trying to install America-hating communist dictator in those other situations.

No one should ever casually entertain the use of military power. Certainly I do not; it is a most serious proposition. But it is imperative that we and other nations in the hemisphere put the option on the table now. It is the best means to avoid a unilateral response under emergency conditions later on. It’s also the best means of putting teeth in our diplomacy now.

The people of Haiti cannot restore democracy — cannot overthrow a drug-running, gun-wielding military regime — by themselves. They need our help. If our stated goal of restoring democracy is real, if our concern for the Haitian people is genuine, if our credibility as a world leader is important, then we must confront the crisis in Haiti with the will to act.

And note that Mr. Kerry says we have to do it to preserve "our credibility as a world leader." Though, to be fair, the Democrats and their lickspittles in the news media have been amazingly consistent on this point.

They are always eager to use our military power to help the enemies of our country. In fact, they seem to believe that war is always ‘justifiable’ just as long as it hurts US interests.

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3 Responses to “Flashback: John Kerry Wanted To Invade Haiti”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Kerry should have gotten in his Swiftboat to help out Haiti himself. You ain’t going to pick up your 4th Purple Heart sitting at a desk in Washington, and he should know, he’s tried many times.

    Good ‘ol quick-thinking John Kerry will make an excellent Secretary of State, that is, if you use the same low standards we always have.


  2. GetBackJack says:

    John Kerry is the very definition of Eyes Wide Shut.

    He was targeted, recruited, subsumed and then pinned by a rampaging evil known as Theresa. If he ever awoke to what jeopardy his soul is in, he’s mastered how to hide the bite marks on his neck and the second nicitating eyelid.

  3. canary says:

    Obama condemned Reagan for “the invasion of tiny, hapless Grenada”. Hmm. Of the over 20 people Obama thanks for writing his 2006 because of his “periodic bouts of writer’s block; more than once.” Is his chronic choking up when he opens his mouth.

    Interesting he names Susan Rice as a good friend who provided him with “invaluable suggestions”.

    John Kerry is a flip flopping fish.

    Just a recall of Kerry controversy that the media hasn’t mentioned once keeping our youth in the dark about Kerry not wanting to stop N Vietnam from slaughtering and chopping heads off S Vietnam baby’s, when we almost had the job done. And a scratch, washed and band-aided
    gave him a ticket home and purple heart.

    It was just a month or so ago, that one of Kerry’s feigning buddies had one of his silver medals taken away.


    It’s heartbreaking another American apologetic will join the administration, but no one will believe anything he has to say anyways.

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