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How Obama And Biden Fought The Surge

As we have often noted before (see the related articles links below), Messrs Obama and Biden fought our winning strategy in Iraq – tooth and nail.

A fact you would never guess from Mr. Obama’s remarks yesterday at Camp Lejeune.

But here is another gentle reminder about their prescience, via YouTube:

Obama’s Hypocrisy On Iraq Success

Remember, we were supposed to ignore Mr. Obama’s stunning lack of experience because he has such excellent “judgment.”

Well, he was wrong about the surge. And his choice of a Vice President was not too stellar either.

So when have we ever seen any evidence of this alleged sound judgment?

(Thanks to Christopher for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, February 28th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

28 Responses to “How Obama And Biden Fought The Surge”

  1. 11ten1775 says:

    Just watched the whole speech. Gotta say, that was an incredibly tepid reception from a group of Marines that large. They know what the man at the podium was saying a year ago. He should have started his speach by apologizing to them.

    My favorite part was where he said, “And for you and for your families, the war does not end when you come home. It lives on in memories of your fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who gave their lives. It endures in the wound that is slow to heal, the disability that isn’t going away, the dream that wakes you at night, or the stiffening in your spine when a car backfires down the street.”

    …Now, let’s break up into small groups and talk about our feelings. Maybe we can give each other back rubs while we tell each other our favorite latte flavors and complain about the price of arugula…

    Just when you think some competent people have coached him pretty well on how Marines think, he goes into whiney-baby mode. Note to Obama: favorite 3 words in the Marine Corps – “Suck it up.” Next time, skip the part about owies and bad dreams. They can handle those things without you and your backhanded “support.”

    Second favorite part: “In her visits with military families across the country, my wife Michelle has learned firsthand about the unique burden that your families endure every day. I want you to know this: military families are a top priority for Michelle and me, and they will be a top priority for my administration. We’ll raise military pay, and continue providing quality child-care, job-training for spouses, and expanded counseling and outreach to families that have known the separation and stress of war. We will also heed the lesson of history – that those who fight in battle can form the backbone of our middle class – by implementing a 21st century GI Bill to help our veterans live their dreams.”

    Firsthand? Really? The definition of that word must have changed. I believe her knowledge comes secondhand from a few whiney Army wives she managed to corral during the campaign. I don’t remember her meeting with military wives since he was elected, but I could be mistaken on that.
    How is he going to raise pay when he is cutting the defense budget? What he’s probably going to do is increase bonuses for a few MOS’s. He had no business saying that unless he actually increases the pay for every Marine in that room. And was he laughing with them or at them when he said he knew it would get applause?
    Not to be left out was the ever socialistic goal of better child care and job-training for wives. Even if your husband is gone half the time and you don’t live anywhere near your relatives, don’t be tempted to raise your own children! Let the Federal Government do its job of finding you work and caring for your kids.
    And then the Kerry-esque flub of relegating our troops to the blue collar realm. What was he saying? They’re going to “live their dreams” by being middle class? What?!?! Once upon a time, we elected men who had served in the military to hold his job… I think that was the ultimate arrogant moment of the speech. Knew it would come out!
    He can’t hide his contempt for real men who say what they mean and mean what they say. In his nuanced way, he called them debilitated and uneducated, and inferred that they have no prosepects beyond the military unless he helps them – even then, the middle class is their highest hope. Hail to the chief.

    • dulcimergrl says:

      When is this guy going to stop campaigning? I thought he told the Repubs “I won!”. Did he forget? Or is that all he really knows how to do? Quit with the empty campaign promises already!

      I guess they’ll be making a movie called “Clueless” soon, starring the prez (not to be confused with the cute movie that’s an update of “Emma”). sheesh

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Well versed 11ten1775!!
      We now have a new “Commander in Grief”

    • Howard Roark says:

      Right on, 11ten1775! I couldn’t have said it better. His arrogance knows no bound.

  2. proreason says:

    “So wehere have we ever seen any evidence of this alleged sound judgment?”

    Rev Wright.
    Contempt for the military.
    (list abbeviated for lack of time and space)

    From the libwit perspective, his judgement is STELLAR.

    But from a rational perspective, when every decision a group of people make serves to destroy the USA, what are we to think about their motives?

  3. catie says:

    11ten1775, excellent summation. I was thinking to myself that these Marines look pretty subdued (I’ve known plenty of Marines and subdued isn’t the word I would use to describe them, not being disrespectful, they’re usually exuberant when the CIC was around for the past 8 years) if you ask me although I’m 99% sure they were coached before his arrival (back in the days when I was in the Army and Clinton came we were told to “get up and cheer regardless of how we felt”). As for the “quality child care” who is he kidding. Fort Gordon has the absolute worst of the worst. When we were there for a few months I signed up so I could go see the cardiologist and have some tests done in downtown Augusta. They were so rude and obnoxious there that I decided to pay a service for the few hours I would need their help. When my husband was deployed twice while we were out in Hawaii, at Schofield Barracks I did use it to get a break but they were pretty kind for the most part out there and were interested in my disabled daughter and took good care of her for the few hours she was there. However, while I agree there are plenty of whiny Army wives, I believe the Navy and Air Force are the absolute worst.
    There were a percentage of people we know who voted for this man but amazingly enough I think they’re beginning to realize voting based on race or white guilt isn’t a good idea after all. However, the “ground pounders” generally have a different point of view than those in the JAG or medical corps for the most part.
    Biden’s son is in Iraq as a JAG and from my personal experience I have no respect for JAGS in combat although I’m sure his son is miles away from any danger. I have my reasons but they span not only this war but the Gulf War as well and my own experience with that bunch. The tv show they were not. Yet both of these clowns (CIC and VP) really do seem to despise the military.
    As for the Belle and her “pet project”, I want no part of it. It was disrespectful for her to be corralling wives during the campaign in Norfolk (while there she also took time out of her busy schedule to cook with that Mouth from the South the obnoxious Paula Deen). My friend Robin felt coerced to attend by her XO’s wife to attend her little “round table” with the Belle during September some time I believe. Being a former military wife Cindy McCain knew not to broach that subject as it’s not a good idea to drag families and politics into a campaign but the Belle has no knowledge of what the code of the military wife/husband is all about. Political pressure from a higher level Officer or Enlisted person on a lower ranking individual just isn’t the way to go.
    While it is usually exciting for the CIC or VP to visit, it’s not always thrilling to sit and listen to the nonsense they spout.

    • Celina says:

      Hi, Catie!!

      I agree with you completely. I think if she had gotten a good cross section of military wives, at least 80% would have given her the what-for about her husband’s policies. The other 20% were probably too polite. I wonder how many of these spouses were officer’s or warrant officer’s wives rather than enlisted spouses.

      As for child care, I am completely with you there too. I worked at our on post CDC and there are certain rooms I would NEVER put my children into. I quit working there because of this. Good caregivers were few and far between. Now I work at the chapel nursery.

    • catie says:

      Hi Celina,
      Robin’s husband was like my husband prior service and is an 0-3 now, it was the 0-5’s wife that “kindly suggested” they all attend including everyone from the 19 y/o wife of an E-3 or 4. (This is a sub that her husband is on so not a lot of folks on board.) The Cpt’s wife kept out of it yet did nothing to stop this woman from suggesting they all see the Belle. She said she just sat there quietly but felt strange.
      I always here good things though about the Chapel nursery’s. I’m sure it is a thousand times better.
      Hope you’re doing well in AK with your great governor!

  4. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Obama and his like minded minions will never understand what it’s like to serve their country militarily unless they themselves have. I’ve been retired now for six years and often reflect on the trials and hardships my wife and put up with but ‘sucked it up’ because such experiences came with the territory. I’m not saying it should be a requirement that all future presidents should serve in the military before sitting in the Oval Office, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. For presidents like Clinton and Obama to treat servicemen with such contempt and then expect their loyalty is disgusting.

    catie, sorry to hear about the bad experiences you had in the army, but it’s great to see that you’ve kept your head up high through it all.

  5. caligirl9 says:

    I have an online friend who is suffering from not only the psychological effects of his time in Eye-Rak (as a medic), but is also suffering from a work-related back injury while on duty with the Border Patrol.

    So this fellow is being double-screwed by the government, and he expects the screwing to get worse.

    He is young enough that he wants to go back to work—whatever his back will let him do—but his PTSD is escalating. When an obviously Muslim child smiled at him and made eye contact, he went postal and his wife had to remove him from the store. He has crippling nightmares.

    Obama you fool, don’t talk about what these fine people are going through. They know what they are dealing with. Don’t make them idle promises. There are certain groups of people this country should treasure above others—its elderly and veterans. (This is coming from a middle-aged person with plenty of work-related injuries who has plenty of education and can’t get a job. Hire a veteran before me.) Take care of the veterans’ most pressing needs—quality medical and psychological care, job training/retraining, and hiring preference for veterans.

    Don’t talk about job training and better child care. Those things are nice, but our veterans have more pressing matters. Military families are resilient, but they need (and deserve) their family member who is/has served the U.S. to be in a position to care for his or her family.

    It’s the least we can do.

    12 gauge, I agree with your statement about military service being beneficial to a president. How the heck does the United States think a person who has never experienced the mindset and discipline needed to be in the military has a good enough understanding of how things work (at any time, war or peace)? And that person suddenly becomes commander-in-chief? That’s about as dumb as putting me in charge of banking or other economic programs (my qualifications for that are a lower-division macroeconomics course 11 years ago and an economics in sport graduate class six years ago. Trust me to do the right thing? I sure hope not!!).

    • 1sttofight says:

      Obama had rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      So we went from Bill-Jeff’s “I feel your pain” to Oblabby’s “I am your pain”. to the poor Marines who had to sit through all that…when he turned around and acted like “we’s all buds, right?” I wanted to throw up. Oddly, and fortunately, that was the only part of that ridiculous crap I saw.

    • 1sttofight says:

      There was a reason the Marines were not armed.

  6. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    1sttofight, Grandiose Lying 101 now being taught @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  7. VMAN says:

    I know that people in all branches of the military take their service seriously and the oaths they have taken seriously what I am wondering is how far they will go in standing behind this idiot. He is the president and their service is to the country he is the head of.
    I know a young man that told me he was going to re enlist and I had to ask him why. After giving it some thought I hope he an thousands or millions like him re enlist or join because it may be our last line of defense between the American people and a government out of control. I know many of you here are willing to stand in the gap for this country however having the might of the US military on the right side would be a good thing.
    As to idiot sticks speech I truly felt sorry for those few Marines that were forced, or so it looked to me, to stand behind such a boob. As I believe was said earlier the reception was at best tepid.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I wonder if any Marine shook the soft, clamy hand of the Liar?
      This puke has “NO” shame what so ever!
      To stand in the presence of Warriors and LIE to them.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Concerning your muse, VMAN: I have always said, since joining the Army when I was 18 in 1986, that two things will probably signal a coming civil war: A) the Armed Services begin to break down. That could be on race lines, it could be on class lines, or, as it was in 1861, state militias against the federal forces; and B) when good people like you and me have to pick a side.

  8. pinandpuller says:

    At least he didn’t interrupt chow time again.

  9. canary says:

    Was Obama talking about Michelle and him playing basketball and sharing the gym with Marines on their vacation to Hawii before inaugeration.? What he mean by “we will continue ‘our'” providing, and military raises he promises? Where is that in the budget.

    Those former clips were great. Obama telling another b.s story about all the military experts he talked, or rather no one he talked to.

  10. TwilightZoned says:

    As I mentioned in another post. The Obama’s loathe the military IMO. To stand there in front of those Marines putting on a dog and pony show was galling.

    The great men and women in our armed forces do not deserve such an inexperienced disingenuous president. However, they salute out of respect for the office, NOT the man. I’d like to think Obozo has a clue on this but due to extreme arrogance and his elitist attitude I highly doubt it and he more than likely doesn’t care either. This president is a real travesty and true disservice to our military personnel.

    Now, I myself have never served in the military but was a Navy wife who endured what most military wives do, never complaining. My second husband’s son spent 10 years in the Air Force as a pilot; the last 8 under the Clinton administration-most of his reason for leaving. Now I have a nephew who recently joined the Marines and am a VERY proud aunt. Budget cutting, poor medical care, poor pay, housing, placating, etc. of the military really gets under my skin. But if I had to…you damn bet I’d pick up a gun for my country!

  11. proreason says:

    Had a dream about Obamy. Really.

    – Obamy and I were in a 2-tiered flatbed truck riding to an Olympic bicycling event in which Obamy was entered. We never exchanged a word, but I was kind of excited to be in the truck. We were driving through a country that looked like a 3rd world country. Nobody noticed us for a long time.
    – I was really worried that we wouldn’t make the event on time. Every few minutes the driver had to stop and use a restroom. The last time, the driver couldn’t get the door open and I had to get out of the truck and pry it open. Inside it was apalling, and I went back to the truck. When the driver came back, Obamy said to the driver “You were up until 3:30 again last night, weren’t you”. The driver acknowledged it with a nod and got back in the driver’s seat.
    – At that point, for the first time, people noticed us. A small group looked in and got pretty excited when they saw Obamy. This lasted for about a minute and then we took off again.
    – Finally, we approached the bicycle vendome. I had been led to believe it was the most spectacular building ever built. As we got close it looked just like any other small stadium.
    – We drove inside and pulled up to a loading dock in the infield. We were the only people in the entire stadium. It was 1 minute after 3, the time when the event was scheduled to begin. We got out of the truck and sank armpit deep in mud. Obamy didn’t seem surprised. I was pissed off because I had good street clothes on. He had his riding outfit on. We both waded out to the track.
    – Somehow, I knew something about riding tracks, so I examined this one. The only thing I could see different about it was that it was blue.
    – Other people started to arrive. They were all contestants, no spectators. People milled around for about 45 minutes. They were complaining that all the events would have to run back to back to complete the schedule.
    – Then the dream ended

    Interpretations welcome.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      PRO! OK – first of all – you having dreams of Obama in Spandex is a little troubling. Then the mud scene, which OK – pissed you off so there’s still hope. Seriously though, here’s the meaning of your dream:

      You were in a truck w/ O – a truck is a positve means of conveyance, one of purpose & as you said, you were excited going in the same “truck” – same direction as O. Naturally, like all liberal excursions, you arrived late & the driver was drunk. By the way that 3rd world country was America after China & the Dutch foreclosed on it. All not good signs that this effort is going to turn out OK.

      The Vendome represents the American economy. You thought it would be spectacular but it fell into disrepair & eventually replaced with a smaller, more appropriately sized one based on our new set of expectations?

      You then jumped into mud up to you armpits with Obama, which is the muck n mire that comes with goin’ along with what O represents. But you suffer through & pull yourself out, which probably means a measly economic recovery that O will declare is why he is competing.

      Now, when you say the track was blue, was it Robin’s Egg blue like UN helmets? Or something different. If so, then the track stands for a universal “field” where everyone, the competitors who showed up after you did (another sign of their inadequateness) will compete back to back (i.e. together & equally) without any regards to the rules & protocol. If a darker blue, then deep blue represents God help me, Hope & Heaven, which represent your optimism which comes naturally with your conservatism.

      The most interesting part of the dream is that there were no spectators. This is probably because they could not afford to go, are all dead due to some terrible war or act of terrorism, or are in the salt mines culling minerals for the competitors, who by the way themselves represent the ruling class of all world governments. Like cockroaches, in the end, they’ll be the only one’s left.

      Now, someone fetch me my robe of many colors!

    • proreason says:

      RB, I think the blue is either from Obamy’s blue pre-potus symbolism, or blue used in the sense of being sad.

      I think the drunk driver is a symbol of Obamy’s cabinet, since he doesn’t seem to care who he appoints. And when I ripped open the potty and saw the crap in it, that’s my opinion of the cabinet.

      The mud is easy, that’s what the country is in right now.

      The empty stadium is a mystery. You could be right but it could also mean I think people just don’t care, or he isn’t as popular as we are told…..or many other interpretations.

      re the economy, I’m definitely negative, so my interpretation is the hype about the stadium in the dream is the media’s hype, not my own.

      But by and large, I like your interpretation.

      Except the spandex part….now you’ve got me worried. Time for a shower, or a RBtini, or both.

  12. Reality Bytes says:

    President Obla-bla-bla-bla-bla-ma strikes another blow against American credibility.

  13. Reality Bytes says:

    Hey Pro! You know what they say in SF. It’s a short hop over…but a long walk back. So, how wuz the showa n RBTini?

  14. pdsand says:

    He could have told them that he’s sorry they were falsely accused of massacre at Haditha, or assured them that their sacrifices and the loss of their comrades’ lives would not be in vain. Instead he goes line by line in the false liberal “support” of the troops. He implies they are victims of war, and then boasts of support for quasi-welfare for the troops, (child care, job training for spouses, etc).

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