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Flashback: Obama ‘Probed’ Big Oil In 2011

As we noted at the the time, the New York Times was positively giddy at this news:

Obama Sets Up Team on Oil-Price Fraud

April 21, 2011

President Obama sought again to show his concern for high gasoline prices, announcing on Thursday at a public event in Reno that the Justice Department is forming a team to investigate possible fraud in oil markets.

Because it is all about ‘showing concern.’

Mr. Obama last month directed his attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., to probe any reports of price-gouging.

Now, [Obama] said, “we’re going a step further,” setting up the team “to root out any cases of fraud or manipulation in the oil markets that might affect gas prices – and that includes the role of traders and speculators.”

Back in April 2011 we asked: "Is this "team" a study group, or a blue ribbon panel? In any case, you can be sure that as in the case with all of Mr. Obama’s "teams" we will never hear back from them. And yet they will still manage to spend millions of dollars."

How prescient we were. There has been no report on this investigation that we have seen. Which can only mean that they didn’t find anything. Which has been the case in every single one of these witch hunts over the years.

The president, speaking to more than 300 people at a clean-energy manufacturer, coupled his remarks on gas prices with his call to end tax breaks for oil and gas companies and instead subsidize clean-energy sources. That got applause and cheers from his audience, which included the roughly 45 employees, family members and guests of ElectraTherm Inc.

The company, which generates power from recycling low- and moderate-temperature waste heat, in September got nearly $1 million from the Energy Department to research and develop a new method to produce electricity, part of a $20 million federal initiative for geothermal technologies

Think of the irony of Obama railing against "fraud and manipulation" at a "clear energy" company. Though, to be fair, ElectraTherm does not seem to have gone bankrupt yet.

Still, when will Mr. Holder begin to investigate all of the ‘clean energy’ boondoggles we have been hearing about?

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3 Responses to “Flashback: Obama ‘Probed’ Big Oil In 2011”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    What an Obama Administration probe might look like …


  2. River0 says:

    This is Hugo Chavez/Venezuelan-style dictatorship. Every day, almost, El Presidente declares a new regulation, program, or panel that will interfere with our lives and the economy, unchecked by Congress. Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids. The damage he’s doing may be permanent.

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are being trampled underfoot by Big Brother Obama and the totalitarian Demonic Party.

    Where are our leaders in the GOP? This is a disgrace and an outrage.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    When is the Social Justice League going to probe the Big Sex Industry for screwing people on the cost of a rubber, hm? I blew all my money on gas hauling ass to Georgetown Law School after word of their reputation for, uh, educational excellence got out on a fluke.

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