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Florida Sign: ‘One Nation – Under Obama’

Here’s another all too telling item that almost slipped by us in the rush of current events.

From Tampa Bay’s Fox News affiliate My Fox:

Controversial sign must come down

PINELLAS PARK – Randy Heine says he has surveillance video that shows a man and woman climbing over a fence. The couple heads right for a sign that reads "One Nation Under Obama." They paint over Obama and replace it with God.

Heine owns the sign and isn’t too happy about what he caught on tape.

"To me it’s all about racism," said Heine.

Heine, who owns Rockin’ Cards and Gifts in Pinellas Park, put up his Obama sign a day before the inauguration. He says it was his way of showing his support for the new president.

"I thought one nation under Obama would create unity. Although there are only a few people who would rather see our president fail," said Heine.

Since his sign went up it has been defaced, over and over. However, after every incident Heine has fixed the sign and proudly displayed it again.

Some people don’t agree with Heine on the message behind the words.

"It is very un-American because that’s our pledge of allegiance. I hope somebody messes with it again. And trust me, as Americans, we will," Kathy Konopinski told FOX 13.

Heine has a new battle to fight if he wants to keep the sign on display. Pinellas County code enforcement says the fence he put up around the sign is one foot too high. He’s also been slapped with another violation. County code allows only one freestanding sign per business. Because of that, officials say the sign must come down.

Randy plans to fight that decision. "The only way I would consider taking down the sign is if President Obama asked me to. Otherwise, it will stay."

Of course we disagree with Mr. Heine’s contention that painting God over Obama was “racist.”

But we do tend to agree that he should be able to put up such a sign on his own private property. Though this seems to be more about the local zoning laws, than his free speech.

Still, that Mr. Heine would even want to put up such a sign is troubling.

It reveals far too much about his “thinking,” and that of so many of Mr. Obama’s supporters.

They want a king – or a benevolent dictator.

They have no concept about what it means to live in a republic.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, February 23rd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

34 Responses to “Florida Sign: ‘One Nation – Under Obama’”

  1. curvyred says:

    Where do these people come from, honestly, once again you have a TCO supporter openly stating the law doesn’t apply to him. I hope the code enforcement officer hits him with a fine every 7 days.

  2. catie says:

    What an idiot, one nation under obambi, I don’t think so. I hope that he gets fined every 7 days and twice on Sunday.

  3. navymom says:

    Be VERY careful who you call LORD. Again I say, there are only a few short steps between Messiah and Massa!!!

  4. proreason says:

    Shouldn’t the sign read “One Nation Undermined by Obama”

  5. mikepatr says:

    Rockin Cards & Gifts phone number is (727) 544-0354

    Their mailing address is:
    Rockin Cards & Gifts
    7451 Park Blvd
    Pinellas Park, FL 33781

    Just in case you want to order some cards or ask some questions about his business.


  6. wardmama4 says:

    But we do tend to agree that he should be able to put up such a sign on his own private property.

    I agree with you – except that this is a business and I would believe zoning codes in the business district are a bit stricter than on private property per se. I’m sure it is meant to prevent a ‘sign war’ so to speak.

    It is insult against the pledge of allegiance.

    And what we will have to listen to over and over again for the next 3+ years. If we aren’t silenced way before then.

  7. 1sttofight says:

    Why would a smart businessman want to automaticly eliminate 50% of his potential customers?

  8. Confucius says:

    “I thought one nation under Obama would create unity.”

    And yet, “Since his sign went up it has been defaced, over and over. However, after every incident Heine has fixed the sign and proudly displayed it again.”

    So what’s the point of the sign now?

    For Heine, I do believe “it’s all about racism.”


  9. sheehanjihad says:

    For Heine, I do believe “it’s all about racism.”

    The overly racist and horribly bigoted Randy Heine has proven that statement all to clearly.

    The one very large elephant in the room is that this isnt “One Nation under Obama”, it is “less than half of the nation waiting for freebies under Obama”.

    The rest of us are fed up, and people like Mr. Heine are going to find that out the hard way, evidently. This is one Nation alright, but one Nation under Siege.

    It’s going to be a very rough time, but in the end, We, the People will prevail. People infected with Mad Obama disease will self destruct. Just not soon enough.

  10. curvyred says:

    A quick google search finds this from the summer of 2008:

    “Pinellas Park: It’s Heine v. Butler
    PINELLAS PARK – Randy Heine, Pinellas Park’s perennial provacateur, struck again and again during Thursday’s council meeting.”


    And this circa 2000:
    “PINELLAS PARK — Randy Heine isn’t exactly what you’d call a traditional candidate for public office.

    He’s fighting pending criminal charges of growing marijuana in his house. In the early 1990s, he pleaded guilty to a federal charge of selling drug paraphernalia across state lines. And back in the 1980s there was that incident in which he shot a duck — charges that he beat at trial. ”


    Article and pic of Mr. Heines from 2005, regarding new drug ordinances for “smoke shops”:

    “For Randy Heine, owner of Rockin’ Cards and Gifts in Pinellas Park, this ordinance is just the latest attempt in a 30-year county campaign to shut down his store. To Heine, it’s not a drug-fighting measure, but a personal attack on the two outspoken retailers stemming from a heated encounter between Calzadilla and former NAACP president Daryl Rouson at his store.”

    • proreason says:

      This tickles me.

      More evidence that 90% of liberal kooks are heavy dopers……well beyond the adolescent years of experimentation.

      Lifetimes of irresponsibility.

    • Confucius says:

      Nice find!

    • jobeth says:

      Excerpt from Curveyred’s first link

      “Now, in Randy’s World, on the other hand, anytime something is successful that can bring jobs to this community, that can be expanded because you’re successful, it becomes negative and dirty.”

      Explains why he likes Obalmy so well!

  11. pdsand says:

    I thought these people thought God is a black man, why would it be racist to prefer one black man over another? Or what if he thinks he’s some ghost or a figment of people’s imagination, why would it be racist to prefer these over Obama?
    Personally, if it comes right down to it and he has to choose one sign over the other, I’d let him keep the Obama sign, and have him take down that other trash.

  12. jrmcdonald says:

    Heine is a heretic.

  13. brad says:

    He has to right to be a fool if he wants to. Replacing God with the word Obama, is fairly obnoxious, but it’s his opinion.

    However, YOU KNOW liberal morals and ethics are not reflexive. If they thought it was offensive, they would have trampled his rights, did a “Joe-the-Plummer” investigation on him and found something to nitpick about until he was forced to comply.

  14. pinandpuller says:

    Good thing he’s not from Oklahoma City…oh wait…

  15. 4USA says:

    Replacing God’s name is blasphemous and is an insult to God. Nothing else matters. To many people, God is an idea. He is real and he is a jealous God. I don’t believe He’s going to tolerate this world’s sin very much longer.

  16. canary says:

    Since he sells muslim DJAUM I believe the name Obama could have a double meaning. It’s typical for towns to have sign laws, the worst is for small businesses to pay for the first sign. It’s something to do with keeping the streets from looking to trashy or eye sore. He has insulted the King of all Kings, and should worry more about that, then people defaming his sign. Other store owners could file civil suit aside the city code violations, if they feel it hurts their business, which would cost money, but sway him to take down the sign. He should be audited by the IRS. Heh heh. Anyways, I had a samilar situation, unlawful defacing of the American Eagle on federal property I was actually shoved away. As I was figuring when to do my next move no matter the cost. I made a quick call asking someone to pray, and a very powerful wind and storm arose and took care of the situation. Our God is an awesome God. I think prayer is powerful.

  17. Kytross says:

    Quote – “They have no concept about what it means to live in a republic.”

    I have to disagree. I think they have no idea what it means to NOT live in a republic. Only a fool would ask to give up his freedom, especially to a man who is known not to keep his word.

  18. artboyusa says:

    “Under” is about right…

  19. sheehanjihad says:

    This guy is just an old ex hippie running a head shop. No wonder he supports Obama and the democrat socialists….they all act like they’ve been smoking crack for weeks now. He likes being what he sees as the “big fish in the little pond”….but in this case he’s just a bloated dead polliwog in a festering muck hole….but the sign is costing him money! And it will be defaced as long as he is stupid (or high) enough to keep repairing it. Artboy is right….UNDER Obama is a perfect analogy for our situation.

  20. Gila Monster says:

    It’s a cult folks, pure and simple. Mindless zombies, stoned or otherwise, following their messiah, confidently astride his multi-colored unicorn as he proclaims, “Drink deeply of the Kool-Aid my fellow Obamabots and ye shall find Nirvana”.

  21. VMAN says:

    It seems very clear that this guy is a major nut but it is very disturbing how large the number of small business owners that support the O hole is. His so called tax cuts have already targeted , indirectly, small businesses. The O hole just doesn’t seem to understand that you give tax cuts to the people who actually create the jobs. Or does he and want to destroy small business? Contrary to popular belief large corporations don’t mind socialism.

  22. Barbie says:

    Actually this makes sense and shows the less people rely and believe in the True God, the more likely they are to idolize cheap substitutes.

  23. jeffislouie says:

    First of all, he runs a damn head shop in the middle of bumbledork, Florida. Who gives a crap about him?
    Second of all, everyone who disagrees with him should send him a letter, to his business, telling them that his sign is the reason they won’t spend a penny at his store.
    Thirdly, if it is that big of a deal to people, you are free to organize a protest.
    Fourth, you can’t blame him for being an obamabot idiot who doesn’t see a problem with the idea of changing the phrase “One Nation, Under God” to “One Nation, Under Obama” he is clearly a moron. One statement shows the understanding that the lord is the ultimate arbiter of our nation and another pledges allegiance to a man while treating him as a god. A stoner like this is likely unable to understand why such a statement might offend the overwhelmingly religious or spiritual population. Truth is, this is a sign of the times my friends. We no longer live in a country with strong values and respect. We live in a nation full of self-obsessed morons who only care about themselves and their instant gratification. It is obvious that he only did this to help increase business. Don’t support his store.
    And finally – At some point, the town will start levying a fine for a zoning issue, which is perfectly legal, and will continue to fine this jackass until he reduces the sign to comply with the law. I hope they fine him weekly, and that the fine is enough to discourage this idiot.
    Clearly, the residents of his podunk town don’t like him already. He runs a store that sells bongs to losers. They’ve tried to kick him out before and he’s managed to survive. The residents clearly don’t like his sign. It is NOT racism, but it is funny when aging hippies pretend they care, isn’t it?

  24. jeffislouie says:

    And the truth is, you can utilize several techniques to show displeasure.
    Go to kinko’s and photocopy 50 pages of black paper, then fax it to his business. If enough people do this, his fax machine will run out of ink inside of a day.
    Done every day for a month, he’ll shell out hundreds of dollars for ink.
    The last page of every fax should have a note that reads:
    “You will receive these faxes every day until your sign comes down. America is One Nation Under God. Obama himself would be offended by your lack of respect for your neighbors.”
    That sort of thing ends problems like this pretty quick. Toner is expensive!

  25. canary says:

    USA Pa. Islamist militants rob bank and gun down policeofficer. Eric “Hussein Floyd, and two other men, donned women muslim attire, robbed bank, and gunned down killing police officer. One is still on the run. Of course we know that Pennsylvania and the NE has more islamic terrorist camps in the U.S.


  26. bfs says:

    I recall the German people pledged their allegiance to one man not so long ago.His name was Adolf Hitler.

  27. Liberty4u says:

    America is so strong. It will take a whole lot more than a jerk like this to pull us down.

  28. dumpheinie says:

    I would surmise that whoever handled that sign was unaware that there were nearly 350 dripping green lung oysters all over it. I’m glad that sign is down, as I had to walk past it four times a week.

    BTW, I only missed once.

  29. rab1d78 says:

    I don’t see the problem with his sign. We are under Obama as in he’s our leader like it or not. So taken literally it’s completly correct. We do live in a free country where we can question our leaders so not as big of a deal as if he was a monarch, king or such. Quite frankly after 8 years of a moron in office I don’t care in the new president’s supporters are morons. And for anyone calling it blasphemous, get a clue replacing the word God with another word in a commom phrase is not blasphemous. Its in no way saying Obama is higher than God just as you may have 2 bosses with one being higher than the other we can be one nation under 2 people. Defacing private property no matter how much you dissagree is not the way to handle things. If that is the case let me know what you drive and where you park so I can key your car for being too big, too small, a gas guzzler, a hybrid, too new, too old, or too blue. Whatever I can come up with the dissagree with what it stands for. Let the Obama supporters support Obama, you support whomever you want and in the next election try to convence the people in the middle why your guys is better. Thats the American way…

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