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Foley Outer Vowed To Wait For Mid-Terms

Like a modern day Nostradamus, the longtime gay activist and Democrat operative Michael Rogers foretold the recent Foley events in this March 2005 post on his BlogActive site:

Democrat operative Mike Rogers

Mark Foley: Another closeted anti-gay GOPer

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

blogACTIVE.com has confirmed with three separate sources that, in fact, US Rep. Mark Foley is a gay man. Foley has voted to support discrimination against gay men and lesbians on more than one occasion.

In addition to the hypocrisy of Foley’s vote for the Defense of Marriage Act, Foley also refuses to acknowledge the role his being in the closet played in his lack of support for his run for the US Senate. Equating being gay with some disgusting secret, Foley said it was ‘repulsive’ to talk about sexual oritentation.

A source has confirmed with blogACTIVE.com that Foley lives a practically an out life at his Florida residence, often seen entertaining gay men, some of whom the source described as “close to underage.”

“Well entertaining men does not make someone gay,” I said. “Mike, please, I lived across from his house, I watch his parties, he’s gay, gay, gay.” Since I know the source and his work in the community quite well, I am going to give him full faith.

Another source has told me about his being approached on two occasions in what was “definitely an approach in a sexual way,” a 27 year-old man told me. “Once it was at a large poltiical event and once at a party in Florida.”

I’ve thought hard about what kind of TAKE ACTION would work, but there is really is none right now. Everyone already knows Foley’s a self hating closet case. When we get closer to the mid-term elections, I am sure more will surface.

Just like in his earlier threat against a US Senator who voted against Alito, Mike Rogers decided to hold back his information until it would do the most damage.

Lest we forget, ABC ran the Foley story the day after the deadline for removing names from the Florida ballot.

So at the very least we know that this well connected Democrat operative sat on this information for months if not years — rather than protecting the world from Mark Foley as soon as possible.

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