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For The Armchair Activist – Be A Cindy Sheehan

As much as I'd hate to see Cindy Sheehan lose her meal ticket, progess marches on:


Tool for armchair activists is a machine for remote rants and protests. It can be strapped to lampposts in front of pro-eminent buildings like the house of parliament, or other institutional buildings in front of which many protests occur.

Thanks to its embedded mobile telecommunication device, the machine is able to receive incoming sms messages and speak them out loud through its powerful megaphones, thus allowing the armchair activist to shout out its rants and protests in the comfort of his sitting room.

Tool for armchair activists offers a modern alternative to the speaker corner, and save you the hassle to sit in the rain, waiting for your favourite MP to pass by.

Programming and electronic development: Moritz Waldemeyer.

TOOL FOR ARMCHAIR ACTIVISTS IS CURRENTLY LOCATED: In Troika's Studio. Send us a SMS at +44(0)7790272804

With the support from Arts Council England.

Too bad they didn't list the price.

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