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Former SS: Clinton Staff Rude, Hillary Aloof

From the Washington Examiner:

Secret Service agent: Clinton’s staff rude, Hillary aloof

Paul Bedard
Wed, 2012-03-07

In a breach of tradition, a former U.S. Secret Service agent has self-published a book that savages the Clinton White House staff as arrogant and rude, suggests former first lady Hillary Clinton was aloof and charges that Bill Clinton endangered himself and agents for a “totally pointless photo op” on the South Korea-North Korea border.

All of which is really hard to believe, isn’t it? Who would ever think of Hillary as aloof, or Bill as eager for attention?

In several anecdotes, former agent Dan Emmett revealed that Clinton’s young staff had “fundamental traits of rudeness and arrogance” that teetered on the verge of being dangerous at times

On the first lady, he describes her as aloof, someone who didn’t say “thank you” to agents while the president and former first daughter Chelsea typically did. He told Secrets, “she was not as out-going or cordial.”

He also wrote of how Clinton walked too far down the bridge separating the Koreas during another 1993 trip. “No one seemed to know if President Clinton grasped how potentially dangerous this stop on the bridge was,” he writes. “The Secret Service obviously believed this move unwise,” he penned, adding, “nevertheless, he was POTUS and he wanted to stand on the bridge, so stand on the bridge he would do."

By the way, didn’t Linda Tripp first contact the literary agent Lucianne Goldberg because she wanted to write an exposed on how unprofessional the Clinton White House staff acted, and how sordid Bill Clinton’s personal behavior was? Whatever happened to that?

Still, it’s comforting to realize that our current President and First Lady could never be accused of being arrogant or rude or aloof or narcissistic.

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5 Responses to “Former SS: Clinton Staff Rude, Hillary Aloof”

  1. Astravogel says:

    I wonder if they ever got that wall fixed
    in the Presidential secion of the White House,
    after Hillary shied an ashtray and lamp at Bill
    over the plump little intern episode? That’s what I
    heard happened anyhoo.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Remember when they trashed the White House with pornographic photos, removed the “W”s off all the keyboards when Gore lost and Bush won? ~Classless.

    You can expect this kind of behavior from lawyers, or elitists snobs, but elitist snobs who are lawyers? Puh! Look out man!

  3. beautyofreason says:

    Hillary Clinton may be cold and calculating but she knows how to appear likable to certain quarters. The media never fawned over her “toned arms” either. I don’t get the sense that she harbored genuine, long-term resentment of this country. I think as first lady she was more interested in helping her husband climb the political rungs in any way, shape, or form than in attacking American institutions out of a feeling of injustice. The race baiting and other political maneuvers (remember when she said “we know who is running the plantation” in a black church?) were simply stepping stones to their material enrichment. Not surprised by the staff comments. Why would she waste time on human beings if they are not politically important, but little people hired to do the necessary work and not talk about it? That is how her brain works I think .

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Am I the only one who has been bothered all these years that the men tasked to protect our President … and the privately issued scrip called Federal Reserve currency … are known as the SS?

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