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4 Confess To ‘Hanging’ Obama Likeness

From an outraged Associated Press:

4 students in Ore. confess to hanging Obama cutout

By RYAN KOST      

NEWBERG, Ore. (AP) — George Fox University says four students have been punished for hanging a likeness of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama from a tree on campus last week.

The Christian school broke the news to students and staff Tuesday afternoon at an all-campus meeting. About 1,000 people attended, said Rob Felton, a university spokesman.

The four students were punished with public service and immediate long-term suspensions, though Felton said federal privacy laws prevent him from saying how long the suspensions would last and who the students were.

Meanwhile, the FBI continued its criminal investigation into the matter to determine whether the students had violated any civil rights when they tied fishing wire around the neck of the life-size cardboard cutout, a commercial product, and hung it from a tree last Tuesday along with a message that read, “Act Six reject.” The note referred to a scholarship and leadership program for minority and low-income student leaders at Christian colleges primarily located in the Northwest.

“A criminal investigation is much more rigorous than an academic one, obviously,” said Beth Anne Steele, an agency spokeswoman. She couldn’t say when the investigation would be complete.

It was the university’s own internal investigation that led officials to the four students, who later confessed to having hung the effigy, Felton said. “To the best of our knowledge these are the only people involved. We’re not pursuing it any further.”

Felton wouldn’t comment on the students’ motive. Instead he cited a quote from Brad Lau, the vice president of student life, in a university statement.

“Regardless of the students’ intent, the image of a black man hung from a tree is one of the most hurtful symbols of racism in American history,” Lau said in the release. “Displays such as this have no place on a campus that is dedicated to living out the teachings of Jesus.”

We hope they throw the book at them.

Just like they have all of the people who have threatened our elected leaders.

(And yes, that woman is holding a painting of President Bush’s severed head on the Mall in Washington, DC. Why do you ask?)

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “4 Confess To ‘Hanging’ Obama Likeness”

  1. torrentami says:

    I think the point here is that hanging a black person in effigy from a tree is racist and hearkens back to lynching. The objection is not the protesting of a public figure, but the method. Granted, I can’t imagine people would be too thrilled seeing someone parading around with a poster of obama’s head cut off, but it at least wouldn’t evoke racist overtones.

  2. DW says:

    I can’t imagine people would be too thrilled seeing someone parading around with a poster of obama’s head cut off, but it at least wouldn’t evoke racist overtones.

    You may want to do some serious reflecting on your priorities…

  3. gipper says:

    “I can’t imagine people would be too thrilled seeing someone parading around with a poster of obama’s head cut off, but it at least wouldn’t evoke racist overtones.”

    Uh, assassination is still assassination, no matter how you go about it. What’s more disrespectful to a human corpse–a lynching or a severed head?

  4. DEZ says:

    So hanging a cardboard cutout of the leftwing messiah is racist and should be a crime.
    But parading around with a poster of a sitting president is just free speech?

    Take DW’s advise torrentami!

  5. 1sttofight says:

    I think the point here is that hanging a black person in effigy from a tree is racist and hearkens back to lynching.

    What do you call hanging a white person in effigy? Justice???

  6. JohnMG says:

    1sttofight; …..”What do you call hanging a white person in effigy? Justice???…..”

    Uh,……let me guess. Exercising one’s 1st amendment rights? Or something like that. Certainly not racism, eh?

  7. DEZ says:

    Oh my God kids, cover your eyes.
    “What is it Mommy?”
    Someone has hung a cardboard cutout of Obama from a tree.
    “I wanna see Mommy”
    No, its just too horrible for words, just keep walking kids while I dial 911 on my moonbat phone.

    “This is the State Police, please state the nature of your emergency”
    Oh officer, please help! its Obama, someone has hung his effigy from a tree.
    “Great scott, its a hate crime. tell us your location and we will be on our way”

    Later at home Miss PeeCee is chatting with her good freind, Miss Goody Twoshoes.
    Did they find the racist basterds yet? Miss Twoshoes asked.

    “Yes, and I hope they hang all four of them, Oh and you have to see the posters I bought for the kids rooms”

    Obama posters?

    “Oh no, they have those already from the Hitle… I mean the Obama youth camps.”
    “These are of Bush and Rove being set on fire!”

  8. JohnMG says:


    Obama? Hung? Pictures? No wonder Ms. PeeCee didn’t want the kids to look. Probably got off a quick shot with her moonbat phone before making the call though.

  9. 1republicanscientist says:

    torentami——-i find angry people to be poison to society no matter how they choose to channel their rage. also, some of the most venomous, hateful putrid folks i have ever met happen to be tolerant liberals, just like that hateful hag holding a photo of the Presidents severed head in her dirty snot drenched hands. this hate towards the President has become a sickness, or , these folks have always been sick while unfortunately it took a decent person to help them realize their hateful sickness and make it a reality. PS—-the race card has no teeth anymore.

  10. 1sttofight says:


    If you are white you are a racist.

  11. wirenut says:

    Time to dispatch a fresh “truth squad” of brownshirts to the university . We simply can’t have this !
    Would it have been better if they just tarred and feathered the cardboard?

  12. JohnMG says:

    Lock-n-load 1st. It’s a comin’ soon.
    It was a Ray Stevens song, “The Streak”, DEZ. “There he was at half-court…..dribblin’….Don’t look, Ethel”

    Don’t worry ’bout the math. That empty suit’ll hold way more ‘n that. Especially the “odd” fraction here and there.

  13. 1republicanscientist says:

    1st—-you are correct sir. i can atone for that by becoming a self loathing idiot like maher. have you ever found, though, that liberals are actually the most racist folks on gore’s green earth?

  14. 1sttofight says:

    Liberals are only interested in black folks before election time and the black folks are too dumb to see it.

  15. wirenut says:

    1republican, Keep shooting from the hip, your in the 10 ring . People only want to be of color because “they” want to . Color never has been an issue for years . BAD behavior has many colors .

  16. 1republicanscientist says:

    wirenut—-you got it. i try to teach people that exact point everyday, but it falls on deaf ears. there are so many white folks that find being self-loathing to be a cleansing process and label themselves and all other whites to be racist. hate takes a lot of energy but these pres hating libs must have an endless supply. i have also found decency to be of many colors, yet the libs can’t allow that fact to surface, it would ruin their agenda.

  17. JohnMG says:

    1republicanscientist; …..”the race card has no teeth anymore…..”

    If possession of a rational mind results in my being called a racist, I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.

    What these asshats don’t realize is that they have managed, in the space of twenty-one months, to set race relations in this country back at least fifty years. And none of it is my fault. What fools!

  18. JohnMG says:

    Single-malt, I presume.

    I just saw my grandson on his way to his next duty station. He had an extra 12 hours before he had to report, so we had a drink. He had a Mountain Dew–I had three-fingers of Jim Beam, neat.

  19. 1sttofight says:

    Makers mark for me.

    Thank your grandson for his service for me.

    My youngest is at Al Asad.

  20. JohnMG says:

    Done and done, 1st. God bless our men and women in uniform. I’ll add yours to my prayer list.

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