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Fournier: Lack Of Classification Is A Laughable Excuse

Fournier finally points out that it is nonsense for Hillary to claim the classified material wasn’t marked. He also points out that the elites don’t like her, and the low information types don’t like her.

From Breitbart:

Fournier: Clinton ‘Stone Wall Is Crumbling,’ ‘Ridiculous’ To Say She Volunteered Server

By Ian Hanchett | August 12, 2015

National Journal Senior Political Columnist Ron Fournier argued that Hillary Clinton’s “stone wall is crumbling” and that claims that she “voluntarily” turned over her server are “patently, obviously ridiculous” on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.” Fournier said, “this is Groundhog Day.

The parsing that we saw there, the deception we saw there, the victimization we saw there, it goes back to Arkansas. Now, some of those charges over the years haven’t been true.

Funny, we can’t think of any charges against the Clintons that didn’t turn out to be true.

"But most of them are self-inflicted wounds, including this one. What’s happened here is, her stone wall is crumbling. And we’re seeing that the Clintons, in a case like this, can’t even do the right thing the right way that she should have turned this — first of all, she shouldn’t even have had the server, off the books.

"As soon as she got caught, she should have turned it over to the IG, or to some kind of third-party source. She had to have it dragged out of her. Now they’re trying to claim that she did this voluntarily, and of course, that is patently, obviously ridiculous.”

He added that “it doesn’t matter” whether the classified material on Clinton’s server was classified “at generation,” because “there is an onus on a public official, especially a secretary of state, to handle classified material in an appropriate way, whether it — or not it is marked.

Finally someone is stating this obvious fact in public. And, besides, isn’t Hillary supposed to be the smartest woman in the world?

There have been people who have gone to jail, including a gentleman by the name of Thomas Drake, who worked for the NSC, for mishandling classified material that was not marked.

There is another gentleman who nearly went to jail as well, whose name is General Petraeus.

So, this is just part of the smokescreen. It really doesn’t matter. If she compromised our most sensitive secrets by putting on a — actually, she didn’t compromise it, but if it got in the wrong hands because she put it on a rogue server, that’s her responsibility. That is wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it was marked or not.”

This article doesn’t mention it, but Mr. Fournier also went on to say that the elites don’t trust Hillary, and the low information crowd don’t like her:

“I talked to a Democratic strategist today who’s done some work for the Clintons. He’s convinced that her numbers are collapsing from the top and the bottom. And they way he described it is the elite, the high informed voters don’t trust her, the low information voters don’t like her.” …

Well, the Democrats can afford to have the elites not trust her. In fact, that might increase donations. But the low information crowd are their bread and butter come election day.

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