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Mexican Leftists Prevent Fox From Giving Address

From the DNC's Associated Press:

Vicente Fox delivers a hand written copy of his sixth and last state-of-the-nation address at members of the national congress after he was unable to give his address when leftist lawmakers stormed the stage of Congress to protest the disputed July 2 elections. It was the first time in modern Mexican history a president hasn't given the annual address to Congress.

Fox calls for harmony after protests

By JULIE WATSON, Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY – President Vicente Fox called on Mexicans to overcome their deep political divisions in a state-of-the-nation speech he was forced to deliver over television after protests by leftist lawmakers kept him from addressing Congress in person.

Lawmakers protesting conservative Felipe Calderon's victory in the July 2 presidential election, which leftists claim was fraudulent, stormed the stage Friday evening and refused to yield, making Fox the first president in modern Mexican history not to deliver his annual address to Congress.

Fox later urged the nation to not let disputes over the vote undermine the country's democracy. "Whoever attacks our laws and institutions also attacks our history and Mexico," he said in a thinly veiled reference to leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who claims Fox robbed him of victory.

The opposition lawmakers took over the stage in Congress shortly before Fox arrived Friday, waving Mexican flags and holding placards calling the president a traitor to democracy. They ignored Congressional president Jorge Zermeno's demands that they return to their seats, shouting "Vote by Vote" — a rallying cry for Lopez Obrador's bid for a full recount in the election.

When Fox arrived at the door of the Legislative Palace, he handed in a written copy of his report –as the constitution requires — and announced over the loudspeaker that he wouldn't appear before lawmakers. He did not enter the chambers, and Congress was adjourned.

Appearing on television later as thousands of Lopez Obrador supporters occupied Mexico City's center, Fox said the nation "requires harmony, not anarchy." "A divided society is a weak society, a society that is incapable of achieving its goals or taking care of its neediest members," he said…

Do I detect the liver-spotted hand of George Soros?

Or is it just Hugo "Presidente for Life" Chavez?

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