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50% Say Obama Knowingly Lied About O-Care

From Fox News:

Fox News Poll: Half think Obama ‘knowingly lied’ to pass health care law

By Dana Blanton | November 13, 2013

Half of voters believe President Obama “knowingly lied” when he repeatedly told Americans they could keep their plans under his signature health care law. In addition, record-high numbers now disapprove of Obama’s job performance — both overall and on health care, according to the latest Fox News poll.

Obama repeatedly vowed that under the Affordable Care Act, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.  Period.”  Fifty percent of voters believe the president knew he was lying.  Four in 10 think Obama didn’t know the law would cause people to lose their insurance (40 percent).

This poll also found that there are 40% who still approve of Obama’s job. These people don’t want to be woken up.

Seventy-nine percent of Republicans, 51 percent of independents and 22 percent of Democrats believe Obama knowingly lied to get the law passed.

So the majority of the precious Independents believe Obama lied. Will they now turn away from him forever?

Furthermore, a 59-percent majority believes the administration knew ahead of time that people would be kicked off their insurance because of the law, and 55 percent think the White House has “tried to deceive” people about it.  Some 38 percent say the administration has “been honest.”

The lack of trust extends to Obama’s recent apology to Americans losing their insurance because of Obamacare.  While 38 percent of voters believe the apology was sincere, many more — 58 percent — feel it was “mostly for political reasons.”

Uh oh. If Obama can no longer fake sincerity, he is really going to be in trouble.

The president’s job rating on health care needs emergency care:  a record-low 36 percent of voters approve. That’s down from 45 percent approving last month when the health exchanges had just opened (October 1-2, 2013). At the same time a record-high 61 percent disapprove of Obama’s performance on health care.  That’s up 10 percentage points in just over a month.

The president only performs worse on one issue — the federal deficit.  An all-time low 29 percent of voters approve, while a record-high 66 percent disapprove…

On health care specifically, more than half of voters lack confidence in the president’s leadership (56 percent), and most voters doubt the health care exchange website will be working by the new November 30 deadline (69 percent).

The poll also finds 63 percent think implementation of Obamacare should be delayed a year, up from 57 percent who felt that way a month ago. Forty-four percent of Democrats want the law delayed until more details are ironed out…

Overall, 46 percent want to throw out the health care law and “start over,” while 42 percent say “keep trying to fix it” and another 10 percent say we should “leave it alone.” …

Who do voters blame most for problems with the Obamacare roll-out?  The Obama administration tops the list (39 percent).  Far fewer blame the contractors who designed the website (20 percent).  About one in 10 blames Congressional Republicans (11 percent) and insurance companies (10 percent)…

Apparently, 10 percent of the country is lost forever.

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One Response to “50% Say Obama Knowingly Lied About O-Care”

  1. Petronius says:

    “Economics are the method; the object is to change the soul.”
    – Margaret Thatcher on socialism (1981)

    Liberalism/socialism is founded on the proposition that people prefer what is most harmful to them.

    In rare cases the Liberals are right. There is always the odd ball Liberal citizen-ideologue who would prefer to pay more for less health care, pay more taxes, or redistribute his wealth because “it’s for the public good.” But generally the Liberal wants other people to pay more taxes; he wants to redistribute other people’s wealth and health care.

    Thus in the vast majority of cases the Liberal is plain wrong about human nature. Human nature being what it is, when you take away health care from someone’s children, elderly parent, or spouse, that person tends to react negatively. Thus Liberalism/socialism works against the grain of human nature; conservatism works with the grain (as Margaret Thatcher put it). Liberals themselves understand this, which partly explains why they rely on lies, deceit, thuggery, indoctrination, and propaganda to accomplish their agenda. The ObamaCare cram-down is clearly one of those instances––is, in fact, a case study in Liberalism and lies, deceit, thuggery, and propaganda.

    But what if the real object of the Liberal lie is not universal health care or socialist economics? What if the real object is the lies themselves?

    Thus Nerobama lies because he enjoys it. He tells big whoppers––obvious, blatant, transparent, in-your-face lies. And he tells them gratuitously, when he has no need to lie. He actually enjoys rubbing our noses in his lies: “I can say anything I want, rubes. Eat it.”

    Therefore, he does not lie so much to deceive the people about the economics of ObamaCare, but instead he lies to manipulate them, control them, humiliate them, and corrupt them after the fashion of Soviet dictators and all totalitarians everywhere. Thus his real object is to change and corrupt the human soul through lies, deceit, and cruel economics. It is one of the weapons he uses to “transform” America.

    Some of the people harmed by ObamaCare will come to see Liberalism/socialism as an economic failure––as inefficient, impractical, unbusinesslike, mismanaged, bunging, ignorant, stupid, illogical, unreasonable, confused, wasteful, unfair, and unworkable.

    For others, disappointment with the material results of Liberalism will extend further, and they may come to understand that Liberalism has impoverished, diminished, degraded, corrupted, and polluted America.

    Ultimately a few enlightened ones, a precious few, will see Liberalism for what it truly is––dishonest, manipulative, poisonous, cruel, immoral, and evil, and they will be overcome with feelings of repugnance, shame, and disgust for Nerobama, for the Democrats, and for Liberal-Marxist ideology as a whole.

    Unfortunately we’re not going to achieve that level of understanding from the efforts of cautious, defeatist, cynical, thinking-inside-the-box Republican politicians. The moral case for conservatism––for freedom, choice, decency, dignity of the individual, and self-responsibility––must be made by somebody fearless and inspirational, somebody like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul.

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