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Fox Poll: 74% Say The US Is Still In A Recession

From Fox News:

Fox News Poll: As Obama starts sixth year, 74 percent say US still in recession

By Dana Blanton | January 22, 2014

As President Obama starts his sixth year in office, his job ratings remain near record lows and more voters think his policies have hurt rather than helped the economy.  And even as voters continue to hold mostly negative views on the economy and the direction of the country, a new Fox News poll finds they see some improvement.

A third of voters say they like both Obama and his policies — a dramatic drop from 47 percent who felt that way in October 2012. In addition, 62 percent now say they dislike the president’s policies, up from 51 percent the month before his re-election.

The appalling thing is that so many people still continue to like his policies. Are they masochists?

Voters aren’t impressed with Obama’s economic policies: while 27 percent think they’ve helped, a 40-percent plurality says they’ve hurt the economy. And another 33 percent don’t think the president’s policies have made much difference either way.

Most voters — 74 percent — say it still feels like the country is in a recession. The silver lining for the president is this is an improvement over the 86 percent who felt that way in September 2010.

A 62-percent majority is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today. Still, that’s also an improvement: 73 percent were dissatisfied in October 2013.

Why does anyone they think things have improved? Because the news media keeps tell us things have improved?

On the issues, Obama receives his highest approval on income inequality (39 percent) and his lowest for handling of the federal deficit (28 percent)….

Once again, nobody cares about ‘income inequality’!

Nearly half of voters (49 percent) say the economy is the most important problem for Congress and the president to work on right now.  The only other issues to register in the double digits are health care (13 percent) and the federal deficit (12 percent).

When asked about the top economic issue, voters say jobs/unemployment (40 percent) and government spending (36 percent). Income inequality comes in far behind at 12 percent and 6 percent say taxes..

And we even doubt that concern about income inequality is anywhere near that high. Every other poll, including Quinnipiac and Gallup, show it to be around 1%.

Other highlights from the poll:

— By a three percentage-point margin, more voters now consider themselves “pro-life” (48 percent) than “pro-choice” (45 percent) on the issue of abortion. Current views represent a reversal from the last two years when more voters were pro-choice…

— Voters remain split on legalizing same-sex marriage: 47 percent favor legalizing it and 47 percent oppose it. About a year ago it was 46-46 percent (February 2013), and before the last general election voters divided 42 in favor and 44 percent opposed (October 2012)…

More evidence of the news media’s hand in changing our culture.

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2 Responses to “Fox Poll: 74% Say The US Is Still In A Recession”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Clearly Dana Blanton=RACIST given today’s uptake on how to report politics.

    But of more important concern is that the GOP still fares a much lower rating regardless of how low captain dumbass sinks. So it doesn’t matter, Boner and McLame are still in the basement of the outhouse.

    And, consistently, the inside-the-beltway types still think that the best way to fix everything is with more intrusive government. Tax it, regulate it, prohibit it, but never acknowledge that a free people can find equilibrium all by themselves. That would categorically undermine their perceived purpose in life, which, to them, is to maintain the falsehood that they are oh-so-important by virtue of their magnanimity in “taking care” of everyone else.

    I have no way of fixing that but being the independent thinker that I am, I just have to find more and better ways of avoiding their stinky fingers in my food. They do make it difficult though because they take such offense at being ignored.

    My “utopia” is the 1970’s complete with all the digital trappings we have now. Luxuries abounding, less government intrusion, capitalism flourishing, and Jimmah yet to be noticed. Imagine, the 70’s…..Where a bigblock Chevy would start on a 5 degree day thanks to electronic ignition and gas being less than $1 a gallon.

    The poor people were poor then because they CHOSE to be poor, as it is today.

    If you were stupid and you didn’t have a job, you were poor as well. Seems quite normal to me.

    Politicians seem very adroit at making themselves millionaires while in office while preventing others from doing the same. Has anyone else noticed that?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    The truth is now Racist.

    Rusty – ” .. Has anyone else noticed that? ..”

    Oh .. hell .. yes

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