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Fox Poll: 89% Say Obama Should Cut Spending

From Fox News:

Fox News poll: According to voters, spending cuts are a must

By Dana Blanton | December 12, 2012

If Washington is looking for guidance on the fiscal cliff, voters are sending mixed signals.

A majority says major spending cuts are necessary to solve the country’s budget woes — that solely raising taxes on the wealthy isn’t enough. Even so, the most popular proposal among voters for reducing the deficit is, you guessed it, raising taxes on the rich.

The thing is, we never hear that people want spending cut. We only hear how they want to tax the rich.

In addition, while a majority of Republicans (59 percent) thinks major cuts to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare should be made now, even if it is tough on families, a majority of Democrats (52 percent) thinks those programs should continue to be funded at their current levels, even if it means passing on trillions of dollars of debt to future generations.

That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Overall, 61 percent of voters say major spending cuts are necessary to reduce the deficit, while 33 percent think increasing taxes on high earners would be enough. Half of Democrats think taxing the rich is all that is needed. By contrast, majorities of Republicans (77 percent) and independents (62 percent) think cutting spending is also necessary.

If income taxes go up, almost all voters — 89 percent — think President Obama should agree to make major cuts in government spending as well. That includes 83 percent of Democrats, 91 percent of independents and 95 percent of Republicans.

That means 89% think Obama should cut government spending, since income taxes are certainly going to go up. When do you see public support for anything at 89%?

So how come we never hear about this overwhelming support for spending cuts?

Meanwhile, by a 53-36 percent margin, voters think Obama will use the money from tax hikes primarily to increase government spending rather than to reduce the deficit

These people are clearly informed.

Nearly 7 voters in 10 are “very” interested in the budget situation the federal government is facing…

That’s hard to believe. They certainly didn’t vote that way last month.

By a 10-point margin, more voters than not think an agreement will be made before the deadline (51-41 percent).

A 52-percent majority says it would be “terrible” for the economy if the country goes over the cliff, yet 37 percent say it wouldn’t be that bad. Voters are about equally likely to say it would be terrible for them personally if no agreement is reached (46 percent) as they are to say it wouldn’t be so bad for their family (44 percent).

While 34 percent of voters think the “only way” to get the deficit under control is for the country to go over the cliff, fewer — 12 percent — say they actually want the nation to do so…

In general, voters think the best way to deal with the country’s deficit problem is mostly with cuts in government spending (57 percent) rather than tax increases (20 percent).

Still, increasing taxes on incomes over $250,000 a year is the most popular proposal for dealing with the deficit, with 69 percent of voters favoring that option. It’s followed by reducing the number of government employees (65 percent), reforming Social Security (56 percent) and raising the minimum eligibility age for Medicare over time from 65 to 67 years (51 percent).

Views are split on reducing the amount of deductions taxpayers can claim on their taxes: 49 percent favor this measure, while 47 percent oppose it…

Fully 77 percent of voters believe all Americans should be required to pay some amount of federal income taxes — even if it is as little as one hundred dollars. Democrats (24 percent) and independents (22 percent) are more likely than Republicans (15 percent) to disagree with this.

After all, if we are so concerned about ‘fairness’…

A 57-percent majority of voters ages 55 and over favors increasing the eligibility age for Medicare over time from 65 to 67 years. Republicans (60 percent) and independents (56 percent) favor increasing the eligibility age for Medicare, while 57 percent of Democrats oppose it…

And yet we’re constantly told that nobody wants their entitlements cut.

Sixty-five percent of voters living in households with income of $100,000 and higher favor increasing taxes on those earning over $250,000 a year.

Noticed how in every poll ‘the rich’ say they are willing to pay more in taxes. But the middle class are usually (except in this poll) against any cuts in their entitlements. And yet we’re supposed to believe it’s the rich who are so ‘greedy.’

For the record, this poll only oversampled Democrats by 4%. (Dem/Rep/Ind = 41%/37%/18%.) Which is about the Democrat advantage reflected in the exit polls last month.

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2 Responses to “Fox Poll: 89% Say Obama Should Cut Spending”

  1. River0 says:

    So the American people aren’t as stupid as the Demonicrats and NerObama think! Maybe they’ve awakened from the fantasy of endless entitlements.

    This means that conservatives and the few GOP faithful are on the brink of winning the public opinion war against ‘progressives’, who will have to endorse serious spending cuts. But they won’t. They would rather provoke a civil conflict. Without their ability to bribe constituents, they have no reason to exist.

    Could be the whole lot of them are on the verge of losing, just as the unions did in Michigan.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    We The People™ have no impact on the Beast that is Washington.

    Get over thinking we do.

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