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Congressional Ballot Swings 11 Points For GOP

From Fox News:

Fox News Poll: Republicans regain ground on Congressional ballot

By Dana Blanton | November 13, 2013

What a difference a couple weeks makes. Republicans have a slim three-point advantage when Americans are asked about their vote preference for Congress in the latest Fox News poll.  That’s an 11 percentage-point shift from last month when Democrats had an 8-point edge.

The poll finds “if the Congressional election were held today,” 43 percent of voters would back the Republican in their district and 40 percent the Democratic candidate…

That’s a reversal from last month when 45 percent backed the Democratic candidate and 37 percent the Republican (October 20-22, 2013).

And just three weeks ago we were being told that the Republican Party were deader than the Whigs. (And we don’t mean Michelle Obama’s wigs.) 

The improvement in the generic Republican candidate’s position comes mostly from increased support among independents.

So the GOP must have embraced amnesty and abortion and gun control when we weren’t looking. Since that is what we were told it would take to win over the precious Independents.

Republicans still trail Democrats in congressional job ratings. Twenty-one percent of voters now approve and 73 percent disapprove of the job Congressional Republicans are doing. That’s a slight improvement from last month when 20 percent approved and 75 percent disapproved.

For Democrats in Congress: 29 percent approve and 65 percent disapprove of their job performance.  That’s down from 33 percent of voters approving and 62 percent disapproving (October 20-22, 2013)…

Which is still pretty amazing, given that everything in the world is blamed on the Republicans in Congress.

Meanwhile, an overwhelming 86-percent majority thinks elected officials in Washington are doing more to “add to the country’s problems” than to solve the country’s problems (9 percent).  In 2010, 77 percent thought Washington was making things worse rather than better (16 percent).

Who do these people think runs Washington if not the Democrats and Obama?

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One Response to “Congressional Ballot Swings 11 Points For GOP”

  1. untrainable says:

    I understand the 11 point swing for republicans, but I think the other numbers against republicans need another qualifier. They need to start asking questions differentiating establishment republicans (Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, etc) and tea party/actual conservative republicans. I think given a choice which is actually a choice would be a smart thing for the pollsters, and the numbers would suddenly make a lot of sense.

    I think you would see that there IS support for Ted Cruz. I think you would see that when questions are asked about republicans in general, people’s first association is with John and Mitchy. But they are just Republican light. RINOs. They are just weasels with less ambition. Anything from what is laughingly called the “moderate right” all the way to the loony left are all weasels. The moral vacuum is astonishing.

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