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Fox Scraps Hillary Movie ‘Deal’ – That Never Was

From the Politico:

Report: Fox TV Studios scrap talks to produce NBC’s Clinton mini-series

By DYLAN BYERS | August 16, 2013

Fox Television Studios has cancelled its plans to produce NBC Entertainment’s forthcoming mini-series about Hillary Clinton, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter.

FTVS, the sister company of Fox News, revealed last Friday that it was in “the early stages” of discussions with NBC to to produce the mini-series and distribute it internationally.

But in the wake of the Republican National Committee’s vote to bar NBC and CNN, which is producing a Hillary Clinton documentary film, from the GOP primary debates, FTVS has apparently pulled out…

This is how the left creates their myths. Even according to the (intentionally misleading) New York Times report two weeks ago, NBC contacted any number of production companies and distributors as well as Fox. And the Fox spokeswoman said then there never was anything close to a deal with NBC.

NBC just asked Fox to consider producing the Hillary movie, and now Fox has said ‘no thanks.’ So there were no ‘plans to produce the movie for NBC’ to cancel. No ‘pulling out’ of the deal, in the wake of the Republican National Committee’s vote to bar NBC and CNN, as the Politico would like its readers to believe.

But from now on, whenever the subject of the Hillary movie and NBC’s outrageous bias comes up, people will claim: ‘Yeah, but Fox wanted to produce it.’ Which simply is not true.

In fact, NBC probably only made this empty offer to Fox, and then leaked the story to the New York Times, in order to get Fox’s name involved. As proof that the movie is not pro-Hillary. They are that obvious.

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