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France Offers “Unprecedented Support” For Iraq

From the UK’s Telegraph:

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner (R) is accompanied by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad August 20, 2007.

France ‘more involved’ in Iraq

By Damien McElroy in Baghdad


Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister, arrived in Baghdad last night to deliver an unprecedented show of support for Iraq’s beleaguered government.

It is the first visit by a French cabinet minister since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which was vigorously opposed by Jacques Chirac, the former president.

An Iraqi official said that Mr Kouchner was the “most important VIP” to arrive in the Iraqi capital this year, outranking earlier trips by Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, as well as Dick Cheney, the US vice-president.

The recent adoption of a Security Council resolution which enhanced the United Nations’ mandate in Iraq paves the way for the nations which have been on the sidelines since 2003 to play a more active role in its redevelopment.

A statement from the French foreign ministry signalled that the trip would herald the nation’s greater involvement in Iraq… 

Did you ever think you would see that day when the French are more supportive of American’s efforts in Iraq than the Democrats?

But to be fair the French have never hated the US as much as the current crop of Democrats do.

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