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Shocker: France Intends To Curb Immigration

From Italy’s AKI:


Paris, 12 June (AKI) – France’s new minister of immigration and national identity, Brice Hortefeux, on Tuesday presented to the French government’s top consultative body, the Council of State, a bill aimed at cutting the number of immigrants and making it more difficult for their family members to join them.

Before being allowed to enter France, immigrants will have to pass a certificate in French proficiency and knowledge of ‘the values of the Republic’ in their home country and if necessary undergo a maximum of two months’ training there, French daily Le Figaro revealed.

Under the bill, immigrants who promise to undertake further training in France will stand a better chance of obtaining a longterm residency permit and to be allowed to complete the necessary procedures for family members to obtain a permit of stay, Le Figaro reports.

Newly elected rightwing president Nicholas Sarkozy during campaigning announced immigration, integration and asylum as priorities for his term in office. Hortefeux is one of his close political allies…

Most immigrants coming to France currently do so to join their families: 94,500 in 2005 compared with 14,000 arriving for work reasons. Sarkozy has vowed to boost the number of immigrants coming to France to take up a job and reduce the number of family members allowed to join immigrants resident in the country…

Sacre bleu!

Bear in mind that most of these immigrants are coming from former colonies of France, which have treaties permitting immigration.

Yet we can’t block people coming into our country from countries to which we have no legal obligation.

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