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Frank ‘Vacationed’ With Bailout Recipient

From the Boston Herald:

Barney Frank sniffs: It’s no crime having pals with money

By Dave Wedge  |  Thursday, October 14, 2010 

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank didn’t get just a free luxury jet ride to the Virgin Islands with a financier who got a $200 million federal bailout, he also stayed at the billionaire’s tropical mansion, his aide said.

“They’re friends. Are you not supposed to have friends if they’re wealthy?” Frank spokesman Harry Gural said of the Newton Democrat’s relationship with S. Donald Sussman.

The Herald reported yesterday that Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, flew to the Virgin Islands last Christmas on Sussman’s $25 million Dassault Falcon 2000EX luxury jet.

Sussman is head of Paloma Partners, a company whose subsidiary, Paloma Securities, received $200 million in the $180 billion bailout of insurance giant AIG.

Frank, who has become the face of the unpopular federal bailouts, told the Herald the trip was “personal,” saying he and his partner, Jim Ready, are friends of Sussman and his fiancee, U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine). Gural said all four stayed at Sussman’s St. Thomas manse.

Oh, well if they are all "friends" then there couldn’t possibly be any conflict of interest in giving Mr. Sussman’s company $200 million taxpayer dollars for a ‘bailout.’

Frank reported the cost of the flight from Maine to the Virgin Islands at $1,500, but reported no other expenses. Aviation experts pegged the total cost of such a flight at as much as $30,000 each way.

Gural said Frank reported all required expenses.

“Before he did any of this, he went to the Ethics Committee and cleared it. He wanted to make sure he stayed within the lines completely,” Gural said.

If this is "ethical" then Congress might as well not even have an Ethics Committee. But then again, Mr. Frank is not black.

Frank’s opponent, Sean Bielat, was on the airwaves yesterday slamming the jet jaunt.

Republican National Committee spokesman Parish Braden, citing “serious ethical concerns,” said: “If there’s nothing to hide, Chairman Frank should be forthright with his constituents and immediately address why accepting a paid jet to the Caribbean from Sussman is not a blatant conflict of interest.”

We suspect this will happen just around the time Mr. Frank reports his live-in boyfriend for growing marijuana in their backyard.

Meanwhile, less we forget, Mr. Sussman’s girlfriend is the very Representative who championed making it an ethics violation to hitch rides on private jets in the first place.

In testimony before Congress in 2006, Ms. Pingree said this about House members flying on private aircraft:

Most Americans never have and never will fly on a chartered jet, much less a fancy corporate jet complete with wet bar and leather couches. So when members of Congress constantly fly around on corporate jets and pay only the cost of a commercial ticket, it contributes to the corrosive public perception that members of Congress are more like the fat cats of Wall Street than they are like the rest of us.

But as always with Democrats, it’s ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

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9 Responses to “Frank ‘Vacationed’ With Bailout Recipient”

  1. Chinnubie says:

    Isn’t being a homosexual the same as being black, I mean they are both considered minorities, right?

  2. proreason says:

    Would drooling Barney have any ‘friends’ if he wasn’t allow to pay them?

  3. mr_bill says:

    …it contributes to the corrosive public perception that members of Congress are more like the fat cats of Wall Street than they are like the rest of us.

    Its a “perception” problem!? The political class violates laws that the rest of us are required to follow, enriches itself at the expense of the people, fails to pay taxes, votes themselves raises, takes most of the year off, and dictates how the rest of us pleebs should live.

    The comparison to “Wall Street fat cats” fails. Those people actually got where they are by working hard and succeeding. Some of them (like the Madoff and Enron crowds) are criminals (they are also democrats, but I repeat myself). The major difference is that, as big of a criminal as you could find on Wall Street, they still go to prison when they break the law. When a Congressman breaks the law, they question the fact that us commoners and serfs would even doubt their behavior. Social Security is a bigger Ponzi scheme than Madoff ever thought of and it’s perfectly legal.

    Its not a “perception” its reality. The political class has the “perception” problem, to wit: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/New-documents-uncovered-by-Judicial-Watch-show-Pelosi-took—104950589.html?utm_source=feedburner+BeltwayConfidential&utm_medium=feed+Beltway+Confidential&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BeltwayConfidential+%28Beltway+Confidential%29feed&utm_content=feed&utm_term=feed

  4. Mae says:

    Oh, my, Chinnubie, you’re jesting, please. As with so many subjects, a person cannot simply sit down and talk about the issue of homosexuality without both sides getting emotional. Homophobic! Fag/dyke! This subject can no more be discussed without emotionality than race or religion. Someone always ends up insulting another because it gets personal. So, let’s not get personal. If we can calmly discuss in general just what the proper function of semen is, maybe we can shed some light on our beautiful physicality. Female homosexuality is a mind-set just as male homosexuality is. Men’s bodies and women’s bodies, however, fit together. What is the reason women have vaginas/uteruses and men penises/testes? Why does the immune system reject semen’s entrance into the body everywhere but the vagina (actually it is also “rejected” there but the woman’s body has the hormonal ability to disguise the little invaders, making her body think this is a good thing–which happens no where else sexually in either a male or female body). From this standpoint, male homosexuality is against nature. Not saying it can’t be pleasurable. Not saying that male/female sex in orifices other than the vagina is particularly improper as long as it’s mutual agreement. We’re not talking about pleasure. We are talking about function. Obviously, some bodies do not function correctly and conception can’t occur and the vagina/uterus does not fulfill its proper function. Or a woman desires not to have children for whatever reasons her liberty/freedom/choice deems proper. Just how did homosexuality get removed from the psychiatry book of aberrations? Kinsey and his “studies” which in actuality were nothing more than a very sick man wishing to have his sickness approved. He couched everything in academic terms, etc. and duped the public and academia because they were seeking ways also to help Americans out of their “backward” attitude toward sex. Suggest you read “Crimes and Consequences” by Dr. Judith Reisman. So if a perversion is removed from the psychiatric perversion list based upon specious “research,” then perhaps the whole premise of legitimacy should be thrown out. No, homosexuality is against nature and is not normal. Let the “homophobic” charges begin!!

  5. AmericanIPA says:

    And if anyone dares call him on that (not that anyone will) he will tell them in so many words to kiss his ass, as he has done before. Frank has absolutely no threat to unseat him, which is dangerous and damaging to our system of government. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY DO. But sadly, very few are, and certainly not the worst ones.

  6. canary says:

    Chinnubie, I suppose sexual discrimination would include discrimination against someone who is gay, prefers sex with animals, relatives, children, baby’s, trees. Aside the high rate of AIDS, now a communal epidemic in fitness centers, locker rooms, more gay men than the 15% of football players. Sports, open wounds. Does your physical therapist clean equipment between patients? Many patients with car accident wounds.

    Our children are being raised in a very difficult time, in which adults are telling them to experiment and see what kind of sex, and with whom, they like. Like things weren’t difficult to begin with.

    All this media hype of gays in school being harrassed is exaggerated. Anyone, might commit suicide with a sex tape released on an internet, and it’s possible the partner
    broke up with the guy, and that was what led to the suicide. It’s a problem of all children the things they are doing with modern technology, internet & cell phones.

    Our youth are getting meaner and meaner because they see bad behavior get fame on TV. They listen to Obama & his croonies rough language, and his party & play lifestyle, attraction to celebrities; etc.

  7. Chase says:

    “All this media hype of gays in school being harrassed is exaggerated…”

    I may have posted this before – pardon my repitition. My son, when in jr high, somewhat small for his age (we later found he has Type 1 diabetes, which probably played a part in his lack of typical size) was harassed and picked on by an aggressive 12-yr old “homosexual.” (Can you imagine the home this kid likely grew up in?) This thing followed my son from class-to-class, constantly touching him, and telling my son, “You know you want me.”

    My son finally reached out and grabbed the predator by the arm to stop him from touching him. The teacher turned, of course, at that moment, and dismissed my son from the classroom. Once we got the explanation from my son, who apologized to the teacher, but gave him the full explanation, the teacher in turn apologized to my son, and moved the offensive thug to the other side of the classroom. I do not recall if the school notified the kid’s parents. I believe friends of my son realized then what was going on, and contributed quietly to a resolution.

    Gays being harassed in school? Don’t even try to tell me about it.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Was this okay with Mr.Fwanks fag boyfriend?
    “We all need friends…..”

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