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Al Franken Demands Search Of A Church

A press release from the Republican Party Of Minnesota:

Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken talks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008, after a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nev.

Franken Campaign Calls For Government Invasion Of A Church!


In press release, Franken campaign wants church to be treated as a crime scene

Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Ron Carey today called the Franken campaign’s decision to call for a forensics investigation of a Minneapolis Church “both offensive and completely out-of-control” and asked for the campaign to stop its harassment of Minneapolis election officials and Church officials.

“Today’s demand from the Franken Campaign that government authorities invade the University Lutheran Church Of Hope, essentially cordoning it off and conducting a forensics search, is both offensive and completely out-of-control. At what point does the Franken campaign simply conduct itself in this recount with some semblance of dignity? Demanding that the government invade a place of worship—and require taxpayers to foot the bill for that invasion—is bizarre and repulsive.

“In addition to a loud slap in the face of local election officials, the Franken campaign’s demand for information on the administrator of the church is simply tantamount to government-sponsored persecution. The Franken campaign has routinely questioned the integrity of local Minnesota election officials who are doing their civic duty and helping out with the recount efforts, and today’s demands from their campaign should be rejected by all Minnesotans who value the way in which we conduct ourselves and elections in this state.”

And here is the first report on Mr. Franken’s latest demands, from The Hill:

Missing ballots: Franken wants forensic search

By Michael O’Brien
Posted: 12/04/08

Democrat Al Franken is seeking a “forensic search” by Minnesota election officials for 133 ballots missing in a Minneapolis precinct presumed to favor the Democrat in the undecided Senate race.

The Franken campaign demanded the special investigation while maintaining it has a 10-vote lead in the recount over incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman (R).

“We are calling upon the Secretary of State, Hennepin County, and the City of Minneapolis to complete an intensive search,” said Franken attorney Marc Elias in a conference call, addressing reports that 133 votes have gone missing in a Minneapolis’s Third Ward.

Elias said every person who touched or transported the ballots should be interviewed, and any polling place, vehicles, or warehouses that have held the ballots should be searched.

The ballots are said to favor Franken by 46 votes.

“The outcome of this election may be at stake,” Elias said. “The integrity of the Minnesota electoral process is also at stake.”

Coleman’s lead recount lawyer said there’s a “plausible explanation from Minneapolis election officials as to what occurred.”

“The issue in Ramsey County is pretty serious, but it may end up not mattering,” Attorney Fritz Knaak said.

Elias said that their internal tally assumes all challenged ballots will be overturned by the state’s Board of Canvassers and shows Franken leading Coleman by 10 votes.

“We expect that we will not see any significant movement in the margin between now and the end of the hand recount,” he said.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s tally, Coleman leads Franken by 316 votes in the state’s contested recount, with 98 percent of votes having been recounted. The campaigns have together lodged a total of 6,326 challenges to ballots.

Coleman’s campaign announced it would withdraw 650 challenges today, while Franken withdrew 633 challenges yesterday.

It should go without saying that Mr. Franken is demented. So this should be no surprise.

The surprise is that his requests are being treated as if they are rational.

And of course there is the ultimate shock that so many people would vote for such a hate-filled jackass.


Yet another new development from Minnesota Public Radio:

More uncounted ballots found in Minneapolis

by Curtis Gilbert, Minnesota Public Radio
December 5, 2008

Minneapolis — Minneapolis election officials are still searching for 133 ballots that city officials believe to be missing, as they finish the recount in the U.S. Senate race.

During their search this morning in a Minneapolis warehouse, they found a thin plastic bag that could contain uncounted overseas military ballots from another precinct.

Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert says it’s “clear the ballots were mishandled.” The Secretary of State’s office has asked counties to finish their recount of the Minnesota Senate race by today, although the office has given Minneapolis an extension until Dec. 16 to locate the 133 ballots.

Even though these are overseas military ballots, which of course would have been ignored otherwise — watch them all turn out to be for Mr. Franken.

The Secretary of State’s office has asked counties to finish their recount of the Minnesota Senate race by today, although the office has given Minneapolis an extension until Dec. 16 to locate the 133 ballots.


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14 Responses to “Al Franken Demands Search Of A Church”

  1. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    What a bitter, enraged individual. The fact that he would stoop to such a level demonstrates how far he’s sunk. And to think when I was younger I used to like watching him on Saturday Night Live -early 80’s the Franken Davis show. Now I see him as nothing more than a jack booted thug resorting to Seig Heil tactics.

  2. bobbys says:

    The left and Al learned this from the 1972 Olympic basketball game between the USA and USSR, Just keep adding time/recounts till the correct outcome is produced. then no further time / recounts are needed.

  3. curvyred says:

    What no search of the election official’s car where 32 ballots that benefitted him were found?

  4. wardmama4 says:

    I can’t decide if this situation is because Franken is part of it, if MN has descended into complete stupidity or if the DNC was pushing this in an attempt to steal win the 60 seat Senate filabuster proof majority.

    There are election laws into play – that apparently a heavily Dem precinct(s) can’t even manage a modicum of ‘following’ the laws – should automatically null and void every vote ‘found’ after turn in cut off time the night of the election (that does not include provisional ballots which require being matched to State records and automatically reviewed, nor absentee which don’t have a damn thing to do with polling precincts). . .

    A count – a recount – sorry Al – you lose. This is making a mockery of elections – and demeaning and dismissing each and every legal voter in MN – you up there should be up in arms over this mess.

    News flash Stupid Al – 133 missing ballots – even if 100% of them are for you – won’t put you over the 316 needed to pass Colemen for even another recount.

    If you can’t even do the math of 3 column numbers – what are you doing running for the Senate? Oh yeah, you can vote however the DNC tells you to vote – there are only two choices there in D.C. I guess even Al can manage that.

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Al Franken. Al Gore. What is it about liberal democrat politicians with that first name that makes them insist upon recounts when they lose an election and call in the lawyers to make sure that it goes their way? Thankfully the Dem’s have lost their filibuster proof senate thanks to the hard conservative work down in Georgia.

  6. cjokry says:

    These recounts are again and again being used by democrats at all levels to attempt to usurp the election process. They must feel as though honest democracy doesn’t really favor their party. (It doesn’t.) Like they won’t be able to put the craziest of their policies in place unless they can show their party’s politicians that they are immune to the will of the people. (That’s hopefully true.) Like they don’t have to be accountable to the people anyway, by virtue of their higher ideals. (That’s the fatal delusion upon which liberalism rests.)

  7. cjokry says:

    I like the picture of him they got. Like a clown out of his make up, drunk on cheap vodka and mad at the world.

  8. AmericanIPA says:

    This is the sad state of affairs in our country’s politics. Idiots are idiots and they always will be, but it all boils down to our awful, biased, irresponsible media. If they didn’t make clowns like Franken and Obama out to be serious people, they would be on the fringe rather than running the country (into the ground I might add). But I wonder if the democrats run the country or the media does? Or is that one of those SG “but I repeat myself” moments?

  9. U NO HOO says:

    “If they didn’t make clowns like Franken and Obama out to be serious people,”

    I have often wondered how rational people, if they are rational, keep a straight face when they put Al FrankenGoreSharpton, George Soros, Barney Frank, on TV during prime time.

  10. The Redneck says:

    That’s it–new law. Anybody named Al can’t run for office anymore.

    They just can’t handle losing.

    And that’ll keep Sharpton out of office too–added bonus!

  11. BigOil says:

    Stuart Smalley is fast running out of cards to play – so he is doing what all unhinged liberals do – lash out.

    I’m hoping this comes down to the nuclear option, whereby Franken turns to Reid to overturn the results. It is the kind of overreach from the power obsessed Democrats that may begin to open people’s eyes.

    To quote Stuart Smalley “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people despise me.”

  12. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Maybe Franken is pulling out all the stops because if he doesn’t win he’ll be out of a job. He didn’t do to well on Air America. But then that was because nobody wanted to hear hours on end of people foaming at the mouth on just how bad America is. Conservative talk radio tends to be more lighthearted because it pokes fun at both parties not just one.

  13. The Redneck says:

    Funny thing is, conservatives consume more liberal media too. As Krauthammer said, “No wonder we’re so pissed.”

  14. Helena says:

    “During their search this morning in a Minneapolis warehouse, they found a thin plastic bag that could contain uncounted overseas military ballots from another precinct.”

    What do you want to bet those military ballots somehow turn out to be all for Franken?

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