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Franken: GOP Brings ‘Dangerous Agenda’

From The Hill:

Franken warns that GOP Congress would bring ‘truly dangerous agenda’

By Bridget Johnson – 07/25/2010

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), addressing a convention of liberal bloggers and activists Saturday evening, implored the left to fight to stay in power in the midterm elections.

"If Republicans take back Congress they’ll implement a truly dangerous agenda," Franken told the Netroots Nation gathering in Las Vegas. "Everything is on the table from repealing healthcare reform to privatizing Social Security."

Perhaps Mr. Frankin means the Republicans could prove ‘dangerous to him.’

After all, someone might start in investigation into where all those votes came from that were found after the election. The votes that put him over the top. Someone might also investigate all the felons who illegally cast their vote for this miscreant.

Still, no matter what the Republicans do, it will be impossible to top the utter destruction the Democrats wreaked when they began talking the economy in a recession in their 2006 campaign to take control of Congress.

Franken singled out two Republican Senate nominees: Rand Paul in Kentucky, for his questioning of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and Sharron Angle in Nevada, "who can’t stop bringing up the prospect of armed revolt."

In other words, Mr. Franken lied.

Franken warned the liberals that Joe Barton, who apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward in an oil spill hearing, would become chairman of the Energy committee should Republicans take back control of the House, and said "Darrell Issa is promising to double his staff and embark on a witch-hunt in the hopes of bringing down the Obama administration." …

Franken said he understood frustration among the left as not all agenda items were being pushed with the vigor they’d like, but told the activists "no matter how frustrated you are, you can’t check out now."

"We have seen what happens when Republicans take control of Congress with a Democratic president and it ain’t pretty," the senator said.

Mr. Franken was clearly referring to the 1994 elections, after which the Republican controlled Congress pushed through welfare reform and deficit reduction, which led to a growing economy.

No, we can’t have that.

Franken said the country was "teetering on the brink of a double-dip recession" and criticized Republicans for eschewing the idea of another stimulus package. "They hide behind big talk about deficits as if deficits suddenly appeared at noon on Jan. 20, 2009," he said.

Lest we forget, when the Democrats took control of the Congress and (thereby the US economy) on January 3, 2007 the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 12,621.77. The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%, the unemployment rate was 4.6%. and a record 52 straight months of job creation had just been set. The federal deficit was $8 trillion. It is now nearly $14 trillion.

Which party has “the truly dangerous agenda”?

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6 Responses to “Franken: GOP Brings ‘Dangerous Agenda’”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Al Franken: What you get when you have a clown designing/building your house.

    Elected? Hardly. Appointed by the Ruling class because he spews all the secret passwords. He is a willing dupe with the IQ of a rock. Seems he and Alvin Greene will get along just fine.

  2. proreason says:

    Franken has been a tool of the left since the late 70’s. A purchased Senate seat is his reward.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    The dangerous agenda Franken is really worried about is an investigation into the election fraud that sat him in the Senate – talk about being able to ‘overturn’ healthcare – try overturning every single agenda item the Thug Administration and it’s enablers have put into play (including Franken) when it comes out that it is the result of fraud perpetrated upon the American voters.

    God Help America – and Remember in NOvember.

    • NoNeoCommies says:

      Too true! Franken and his ilk fear election “reform” (why is that a bad word now?) more than anything else.
      The media’s activism is no longer enough to keep these idiots in power.

  4. proreason says:

    The question now is, which of these criminals is simply a member of the Ruling Class and which have more sinister motives. Franken is irrelevant What about Obamy? Is the Moron just a member of the self-appointed “elite”, “one-government” crowd that has weaseled his way into ruling the United States? Or is he something more? Let’s examine the odds.

    Elitist? He’s a bastard child of unknown paternity, not a member of a wealthy or socially connected family, with no family member of any reknown whatsoever. His grandparents were dirty fingernail Anglo-Saxons and African / Muslim tent squatters. He’s not even a descendent of American slaves. His intellignece is average, at best. He writes like a high-schooler, and can’t speak coherantly without a written script. No, there is no chance the Criminal in Chief is a born-to-elitism member of the Ruling Elite. No chance at all.

    Marxist? Official Daddy, who Obamy worshipped from afar was a card-carrying Communist bigamist. White Granny and Granpa moved Mommy 2,000 miles from Kansas when she was 13 and enrolled her in a famous, communist controlled high-school in the Seattle suburbs. They also joined a radical Church there. Gramps was a suspected spy whose FBI file was destroyed after Obamy was coronated. Mommy was notorious in high school for her radicalism and was contemptous of the US her entire life. She was, at bare minimum, a communist sympathizer. Stepdad was a radical Indonesian, probably a communist. Obamy was sent to Hawaii when he was 10 to be under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis, a famous communist self-exiled to Hawaii (as Obamy writes in “his” book). He spent a couple of years at Occidental College in LA where the leader of the young Marxists at Occidental has explictly stated that the Moron was a hard-line Marxist who favored the revolutionary flavor of marxism. Then he transfered to Columbia in NYC where Bill Ayers coincidentally lived a couple of blocks away. Upon graduation, he moved to Chicago, which was Ayer’s birth city. Before long, Obamy was living in Ayer’s neighborhood, serving on muliple boards with him, sharing an office with him, and soliciting Ayers help to complete writing “Obamy’s” book. After that, he fell under Alice Palmer’s influence, a noted Chicago communist, and then Valerie Jarret, also a communist, and now his closest advisor. Then George Soros, noted anti-capitalist and probable Communist, Then David Axelros, whose communist training is well known. And of course, the Moron has appointed dozens of well-known Communists and Marxists to his unaccountable legion of Czars and the thousands of people reporting to them.

    And let’s not forget that an American citizen has a detailed story about being told in 1992 that a man fitting Obamy’s description (including the name) was being groomed by Russia to become the president of the US.

    I dunno about you, but I think there is at least a tiny chance that the criminal in the White House isn’t quite a classic member of the “Ruling Elite”. It’s hard to imagine that he is anything other than a thoroughly indoctrinated communist.

    Indeed, I would suggest that America’s “Ruling Elite” is just another sociological phenomenon that has been exploited by the Marxists who are bent on ruling the world.

    As for Obamy, the likely truth is that his mother was selected and his birth was planned by her controllers. She served as his mother for 10 years, including carting him to Indonesia, a perfectly remote place to begin his initial training. Then she abandoned him in Hawaii and had little contact thereafter, probably because she had served her purpose and a more experienced controller was required during his teenage years (Frank Davis). When Obamy was 22, Davis was too old and too far away, so Ayers became his controller for the next 20 years, or up until about 2000. At that point, it was too dangerous for Ayers to be so visible, and Obamy’s control changed to somebody else, possibly Soros, but more likely a more shadowy team, perhaps funded by Soros.

    Right or wrong, that narrative fits the known facts of the Moron’s life perfectly……as well as explaining everything that has happened since he was coronated

    • wardmama4 says:

      Oh my – Obama is a sleeper – planted on purpose and part of a long conceived, long planned out and with the aid of ACORN (which ‘they’ set up) fraud – perpetrated upon America to bring about it’s end – from within.

      Still say – go after the long form birth certificate – declare the 2008 Election a complete and utter fraud (which it was from Iowa to McAmnesty to the actual votes and of course through Franken’s ACORNING of MN) and hit the ‘reset’ button (didn’t The Big O insinuate that was what they were doing in Jan 2009?!?) .

      It will take America a while to recover – but We The People will. RESTORE not REVOLUTION – Don’t become like them – OVERCOME THEM. We have beaten them every time we have faced them in the past, the stakes are highest now – this is no time to give in, give up or to join them. We have met the enemy and he is us.

      Remember in NOvember – Take Back America!!!!

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