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“Freedom Fighters” Vow To Kill Peacenik Dupes

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Kidnappers Threaten to Kill Iraq Activists

Dec 02 3:52 PM US/Eastern

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Al-Jazeera television broadcast a videotape Friday in which kidnappers of four Christian peace activists threatened to kill their hostages unless all prisoners in U.S. and Iraqi detention centers are released. The kidnappers gave the two governments until Dec. 8 to meet their demands, Al-Jazeera quoted a statement delivered with the tape as saying.

The tape showed what the broadcaster said were two Canadian hostages. An American and a Briton are also being held. All four appeared frightened.

The Canadians were shown eating from plates of what appeared to be Arabic sweets. In a second clip, the British and American hostages were shown to talking to the camera but no audio was transmitted.

The two were calling on the U.S. and British governments to withdraw from Iraq, Al-Jazeera reported, quoting a statement from the kidnappers, who earlier identified themselves as the Swords of Righteousness Brigade.

In truth, these self-proclaimed "peace activists" from the Christian Peacemaker Team are actually America-haters and lovers of terrorists of all nations.

And it is particularly satisfying that they have been relentless in their carping about how badly the US treats its Iraqi detainees.

Such as in their amusing "Adopt-A-Detainee" campaign:

The Adopt-a-Detainee Letter-Writing Campaign, beginning in March 2004, matched individual detainees with congregations, mosques, synagogues, and peace groups in North America and around the world. These groups wrote letters to U.S., Iraqi and other relevant officials on the detainees’ behalf. The campaign grew out of CPT’s investigation of and reporting on abuses within the U.S.-run detention system in Iraq during the fall of 2003. The Adopt-a-Detainee Letter-Writing Campaign included a total of twenty-seven detainees, nine of whom U.S. officials released during the campaign, ten of whom were still detained at last word, and seven of whom U.S. officials never confirmed as detained (i.e., the "disappeared.")

Funny, but the CPThas recently put an end to this noble effort. Well, maybe there is a God after all.

(I wonder if these treasonous asshats poor hostages got to sample the same "sweets" that Mother Sheehan’s pals enjoyed on Thanksgiving, when they were enjoying a typical Iraqi meal in solidarity with these bloodthirsty murderers.)

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