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Freepers Attack Band That Played FR Event

From Radar Online:

I’M WITH THE BAND? Paul, Poker Face (inset)

Ron Paul, Featuring Special Guests “The Jew Haters”

In the stuffy world of politics, the Ron Paul campaign has earned the reputation of being something like a raucous, freedom-loving party. A raucous, freedom-loving party with lots of paranoid bigots. So it would probably be more surprising if the band reportedly headlining RonPaulapalooza didn’t have a few teeny-tiny problems with the Jews, who they feel are trying to destroy everybody. The band Poker Face enjoys churning out a hard-chargin’ “freedom rock” that they developed under the influence of Boston, the Beatles, and Frank Zappa, as well as a firm conviction that the Holocaust did not happen and that the Jews are in fact the lead agents of a “Satanic World Order.”

And according to a notice sent out by RonPaulaplooza organizers, you can get yourself a taste when Poker Face (along with some “lesser-known bands”) rocks the big event, now tentatively scheduled for the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Morehead, Kentucky. As of post time, organizers had not responded to Radar’s anxious inquiries about the possible co-appearance of a sassy little slice of pizza known to sling some fairly dope rhymes about the Ron Paul revolution.

I stumbled across this article at Free Republic. Normally I wouldn’t consider such a story newsworthy — or even surprising — given the sorry state of many of Mr. Paul’s supporters.

But what is hilarious is the vitriol being poured upon Mr. Paul by the Freepers for Mr. Paul planning to appear with this anti-Semitic band.

Paul Topete and Poker Face performing at Free Republic’s “March For Justice” on the Mall in Washington, DC, October 31, 1998.

As of this hour there are more than 200 comments made to that thread and not one of the Free Republic members seems to remember that Poker Face is the selfsame band that played at FR’s storied “March For Justice” rally in October of 1998.

A fact still trumpeted on Poker Face’s website:

POKER FACE has gained national exposure by staying true to their pro-Constitutional ideals. With support from organizations such as the Free Republic, they have taken an active part in several grass roots demonstrations in Washington, DC. From this, music from their second release was incorporated into several radio talk shows around the country. Likewise, they have also received rave reviews from various freedom oriented magazines, including The Spotlight and The Idaho Observer.

(Full disclosure: I was got roped into “line producing” the aforementioned FR event. However, I also was the first to post about Pokerface’s anti-Semitic tendencies, once I discovered them. Including, for instance, that members of the band had been closely involved with Liberty Lobby, the publishers of the notorious and now defunct “Spotlight” magazine.)

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