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French Continue To Attack ‘The Greedy Rich’

From the UK’s Telegraph:

France’s Jean-Marc Ayrault slams flight of the ‘greedy rich’

By Henry Samuel | 11 Dec 2012

Paris – Jean-Marc Ayrault’s outburst came after France’s best-known actor, Gerard Dépardieu, took up legal residence in a small village just over the border in Belgium, alongside hundreds of other wealthy French nationals seeking lower taxes.

"Those who are seeking exile abroad are not those who are scared of becoming poor," the prime minister declared after unveiling sweeping anti-poverty measures to help those hit by the economic crisis.

These individuals are leaving "because they want to get even richer," he said. "We cannot fight poverty if those with the most, and sometimes with a lot, do not show solidarity and a bit of generosity," he added.

"Thankfully, few are seeking exile to exempt themselves from being in solidarity with fellow Frenchmen." …

Now we are supposed to show "solidarity" with our muggers?

France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande, who famously once declared "I don’t like the rich", has pledged to tax annual income of more than one million euros per year at 75 percent.

Mr Hollande has since introduced other hefty new charges on capital gains and inheritance, while increasing France’s wealth tax and an exit tax for entrepreneurs selling their companies

While Mr Ayrault opted not to mention Mr Depardieu yesterday, the Gallic star drew fierce criticism from Left-wing politicians and commentators.

Bear in mind that M. Depardieu used to be one of France’s most beloved figures.

Socialist MP Yann Galut called for the actor to be "stripped of his nationality" if he failed to pay his dues in his mother country, saying the law should be changed to enable such a punishment.

Which is what some are calling for in our country.

Benoît Hamon, the consumption minister, said the move amounted to giving France "the finger" and was "anti-patriotic".

He sounds like Joe Biden.

In a stinging editorial, Libération, the left-leaning daily, called him a "drunken, obese petit-bourgeois reactionary"…

Did they also call for him to be guillotined?

Jean-François Copé, chairman of former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party, yesterday said the actor’s departure was "terrible for our country and its image" and called on the Socialist government to introduce "progressive fiscal policies".

Isn’t that what they are doing?

Belgian income and inheritance taxes are lower than in France, and unlike France, Belgium does not impose a tax on personal wealth, making it attractive for entrepreneurs.

All of which should be criminalized by the United Nations.

In any case, this is exactly the kind of mindset that Obama and the news media and the schools hope to instill in us in America. They want us to think it is criminal to keep our own money.

They want us to feel "solidarity" with the people who are stealing from us. And, if we don’t, they want us to be thoroughly punished. It is nothing less than a Cultural Revolution, Chinese style.

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