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French Do Regime Change In Ivory Coast

From an unfazed Associated Press:

President Laurent Gbagbo

Ouattara forces seize Ivory Coast president’s home

By Rukmini Callimachi, Associated Press
April 5, 2011

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast – Forces trying to install Ivory Coast’s democratically elected leader seized the presidential home Tuesday and a senior diplomat said fighters were trying to coax the entrenched strongman out of a bunker.

Of course it’s the United Nations and the French who claim that they are trying to install a democratically elected leader. The Ivory Coast administration claims there was rampant fraud and disputes the 2010 election results.

The diplomat also said that Laurent Gbagbo’s [sic] closest adviser and longtime friend had abandoned him, leaving the bunker to seek refuge inside the French ambassador’s home…

However, a Paris-based lawyer who has represented Gbagbo’s government said his foreign minister, Alcide Djedje, had gone to the French Embassy to protest Monday’s attacks by French and U.N. forces.

"He has absolutely not resigned and is currently being scandalously held against his will" in the embassy, attorney Lucie Bourthoumieux said in a statement

For the record, up until now the UN and the French have been protecting Mr. Gbagdo’s regime from the ‘rebels.’

On Monday, the United Nations and French forces opened fire with attack helicopters on Gbagbo’s arsenal, as columns of foot soldiers allied with his challenger finally pierced the city limit [sic]

And according to this latest report from BBC News, it might soon be all over:

UN Says Gbagbo Army Chiefs Will Order Ivory Coast Troops to Stop Fighting

By Pauline Bax – Apr 5, 2011

Phillippe Mangou, the chief of staff of the army of Ivory Coast’s President Laurent Gbagbo, and Bruno Dogbo Ble [sic], the head of his Republican Guard, told the United Nations that they will stop fighting and asked for protection, Hamadoun Toure, a spokesman for the UN, said in an interview from Abidjan today.

The military leaders said they would hand over their arms to the UN, he said.

Gbagbo’s troops have been fighting rebels loyal to Alassane Ouattara.

It sounds like the UN and the French have no problem with regime change when it suits them. Apparently they value chocolate as much as they value oil.

Still, they are awfully busy these days, deciding who shall rule and who should not.

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5 Responses to “French Do Regime Change In Ivory Coast”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    Anyone have a thought on who is right in the Ivory Coast?

    I’m confused.

    • Helena says:

      Gbagbo (love these names) has been president since 2000, but he was defeated in the last election. Ouattara won by something like 5%. But Gbagbo won’t go peaceably. And I think Ouattara is from the north and Gbagbo is from the south and there are ethnic tensions involved. And Gbagbo has been in power 11 years now, so maybe it’s time for the northern tribes to have a chance to lord it over their fellow Ivoirians. Which side should we be on? What do I know? Plus ca change… What I don’t get is why Starbucks hasn’t weighed in. After all, continued conflict means their mocha lattes are going to get a lot more expensive.

  2. Right of the People says:

    “Apparently they value chocolate as much as they value oil.”

    Can’t make a decent chocolate souffle without good chocolate and the cheese-eating surrender monkeys in Paris do love their souffles.

    I just hope we can have a peaceful regime change here in 2012.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Indeed. I, for one have had enough of the muslim bortherhood occupying the white house.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    The picture above brought to mind this quote “…. Yessah Mr. Benny”

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