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Friday Doc Dump: Illegal Alien Families Are Up Five-Fold

From the Daily Caller:

White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border

By Neil Munro | July 18, 2014

New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in “family units” who are illegally crossing the Texas border.

The data, which was dumped by the U.S. border patrol late Friday afternoon, shows that inflow of youths and children traveling without parents has doubled since 2013, to 57,525 in the nine months up to July 2014.

But the number of migrants who cross the border in so-called “family units” has spiked five-fold to 55,420, according to the border patrol’s data, which came out amid a storm of news about the shoot-down of a Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine, delays in failed U.S. nuke talks with Iran, and on Hamas’ continued war against Israel.

In the Rio Grande area where most of the migrants are crossing the border, the number of so-called “unaccompanied children” was actually outnumbered by the inflow by adults, parents and children in “family units,” according to the data.

All of which comports with what we have actually heard before. — Such as that NYT report a couple of weeks ago that said while there have been 52,000 UACs ‘in recent months’ there had been an additional 240,000 illegal aliens who crossed the border. And The Times even noted that the number included children.

So these are these ‘family units.’ — This also comports with the news we got from the Border Patrol that a lot of these families are just being ‘made up’ in order to get better treatment from ICE.

The much-faster growth in “family units” has been hidden by White House and agency officials, who have tried to portray the influx as a wave of children fleeing abuse and violence…

White House officials also touted the wave of so-called “unaccompanied children,” and downplayed the “family units,” because they wished to focus the media’s attention on a supposed problem caused by a 2008 law, titled the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

The 2008 law was designed to allow severely-traumatized victims of forced trafficking — such as teenage prostitutes held by violent pimps — to apply for green cards in the United States…

Well, who says whole families can’t be victims of sex trafficking? They must all be given amnesty!

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2 Responses to “Friday Doc Dump: Illegal Alien Families Are Up Five-Fold”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    That was sudden. Like discovering the guy holding your paper was lying about the Vig being 2 points a week. It’s really 7 points a week. Compounding.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    When Ozo asks for 3.2 billion for IR, Do the math this way!

    Employed Americans = 1.46 million
    x Avg Annual Income = $50.4K
    25% tax rate = 12.6K

    In other words, it takes 254,000 tax payers (populations on par with Fayette KY, Daytona Beach, FL & Palms Springs, CA) just to pay for the 3.2 billion dollars Ozo’s looking to get out of Congress for a disaster he created; oops! sorry – actually the line cutter in chief is handing you the bill. Congress is broke too.


    Next time you hear how much DC wants to spend whatever, just divide by $12,600 & that’s how many Americans it takes to pay for their bone headed, self promoting, job approval getting boon doggles.


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