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Friends Say Tamerlan Hated America, Christians

From ABC News:

Simple Boston Bomb Plot Hatched Without Foreign Help, Authorities Believe


In the hours before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged with the crime that could lead to the death penalty, authorities tell ABC News the 19-year-old accused terrorist has started to provide his version of the events that led to the deadly Boston Marathon bomb attacks.

For all the power of the two explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line, and for all the dramatic gun fights on the streets of Watertown, and for all the suppositions about the role of disciplined, well-trained terrorists, the college student reportedly told investigators the whole attack was devised from the Internet. The two brothers, he said, had no direction or financing from governments or rogue groups overseas.

And never mind that we have never heard how the brothers could afford their fancy cars and clothes and travel without working. And the news media doesn’t seem to be curious about that at all.

Authorities tell ABC News they now believe the two foreign-born brothers were inspired to violence by the Internet preaching’s of al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, the charismatic American-born radical jihadist, who has been dead now for more than a year. They used instructions from an al Qaeda Internet magazine to make their pressure cooker bombs.

We still have not been given a detailed listing of their arsenal. But there have been reports of suicide vests. Which would take a lot more knowledge than what can be gleaned from the internet.

And Dzhokhar, the younger of the brothers, may not have even known about the plot until a week or so before the attack, sources told ABC News…

Apparently, Tamerlan lived with Jokar and spent his weekends with his wife in Rhode Island. And yet we are supposed to believe that neither of them noticed him assembling his arsenal or building these bombs or collecting his pressure cookers.

Authorities also told ABC News it is increasingly likely that the older of the brothers, Tamerlan, devised the plot and did most of the work in pulling it together…

As to what drove Tamerlan to violence, his younger brother has apparently told investigators it was his hatred of America, and its policies in Afghanistan and Iraq, law enforcement sources said.

You mean, trying to bring peace and Democracy to those benighted lands? Maybe he objected to girls being educated.

Officials say they do not plan to take what the younger accused bomber has told them at face value, and that the probe will continue to examine whether there were overseas terror connections of any kind. "It would be in his interest to minimize his own role," one official said.

Huh. So maybe they learned from their 2011 interview, where they apparently asked Tamerlan if he was a terrorist, and he told them no.

But the younger brother is reportedly telling investigators is consistent with what many of those who knew Tamerlan were observing — his disgust with things American and Christian

What’s this? This is the first we have heard about his friends speaking of his disgust with America and Christianity. How long have our media guardians been sitting on that?

One neighbor said he expressed anger about America and Christianity.

"So with the Bible he believed that it was a cheap copy off the Koran and that it was used as an excuse for many wars fought by America to invade countries and take land away," said Elbrecht Ammon. "He mentioned how America is a colonial power and wants to take as much land as possible and most casualties are innocent people shot down by American soldiers." …

What a shocking revelation. We’ve never heard of Muslims hating Christianity before. At least, not from our news media.

But to be fair, Tamerlan probably picked up these ideas from living in Cambridge.

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4 Responses to “Friends Say Tamerlan Hated America, Christians”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    (head explodes)

    Bovine Scatology of the highest order

    Why is Washington always hiding the facts from us, the Citizens who employ them?

  2. untrainable says:

    …it was used as an excuse for many wars fought by America to invade countries and take land away… Somebody tell me what land we got in the Iraq war? What land did we get in Afghanistan? When is the last time we got land in a war? We didn’t even get any oil in the “wars for oil”. What idiots we must be. We could be scooping up all this land and keeping it for ourselves? Who knew?

    This is the kind of liberal tripe that the terrorists use as an excuse for their actions. As long as there is a “Great Satan”, there can be peace between warring tribes against the common enemy. And any Democrat in congress will agree… applaud… and celebrate that our enemies are using their arguments. There is some kind of sick self satisfaction among liberals. The deaths of innocent Americans prove that liberal views of America are correct. We are evil and deserve whatever we get. As far as ABC news mentioning that Muslims hate Christians… I’m sure someone’s going to lose their job for actually writing that down on paper. That in itself is probably a hate crime of some kind.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Believe it or not, there is a good side to the neo-nazi, need-for-controlling-everything “liberal”.

      They are, in my experience, horrible judges of character and/or good sense. I worked at a satellite law-firm as a data-entry puke many years ago. The only seemingly necessary qualification to working there was to be a flaming liberal and hate anything having to do with big business or industry. I noted, however that our managers were largely inept, stupid even.

      This plays out in some of the most hilarious ways, like the liberal customer who doesn’t read the fine print on their maintenance contract for their new car. You should see how mad they get. Or, the liberal woman who buys a house underneath the departure route for a major air force base and then gets mad that nobody told her. Oddly enough, said female works at the base’s simulator and yes, she’s a liberal loon. Yet she could not figure out that that departure route went right over her house.

      I shake my head and have to concede that liberals actually believe that this society they have created is going to protect them. That “gun laws will keep you safe”.

      I can’t stop laughing whenever I hear that. Which leads me to the next subject: That liberals thinks everyone thinks as they do and cannot, for a moment, entertain that criminals have no compunction about carrying an illegal handgun.

      I’m sure the liberal training and indoctrination starts sinking in at childhood and is reinforced somehow through the teen years and then in adulthood. But it staggers me that with all the lessons life teaches that are absolutely uncontrolled by any guiding entity in the liberal world, they STILL don’t get it.

    • untrainable says:

      I hear you Rusty. The liberal doesn’t realize that his tolerance for radical ideology is fated to be his own undoing. They scream for gay rights, but tolerate an ideology that supports killing gays for being gay. They scream for women’s rights, but support tolerance of an ideology that sees all women as property. The willful blindness that liberals regularly demonstrate about damned near everything is astounding.

      The most recent obvious example I can think of was Obama calling a state attorney general “good looking”, then being held to his own (professed) standard. Then Obama apologizes, not for the comment, but for the “overreaction” of everyone else. Even then Obama gets away with it because he’s Obama. If George Bush had said something like that every liberal women’s rights group would have had a hissy fit all over the mainstream media for weeks.

      Looking at the current political landscape, if the radical muslims that we are supposed to not only tolerate, but reach out to have their way, the first people to be put to death will be the ones who have assisted their rise through willful ignorance and a stilted view of the world. The left’s useful idiots are the radical’s useful idiots. They’re all preaching the same thing.

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