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GA Democrat Apologizes For Using The M-Word

From the Daily Caller:

Democratic congressman apologizes for using the ‘m-word’ in rambling floor speech about ‘unusually small people’

Caroline May | 12/13/2012

Georgia Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson — notable for saying he feared that Guam might capsize if it became too populated during a 2010 House Armed Services Committee hearing — apologized Thursday in a rambling floor speech for using the “m-word.”

According to Johnson, the “m-word,” which he will never say again (though accidentally slipped in the middle of his apology), is “midget.”

“Last night I used an analogy that some find offensive, and I certainly was not meaning to be offensive or use a derogatory term,” he said.

We should hope he would apologize. What unforgivable size-ism!

Johnson was apologizing for a metaphor he used Wednesday when talking about the labor situation in Michigan, asking the time-tested question, “What happens when you put in a cage fight a giant with a midget?”

“Well, the midget will not win the fight. I’m going to tell you that. Why? He just doesn’t carry enough weight to do so,” Johnson said, according to CQ Roll Call. “But if you put 30 midgets in with that giant, then the midgets have a chance.”

Johnson explained that to his “discovery, just within the last 12 hours or so, I have found that the us[e] of the midget — um, excuse me — the use of the ‘m-word’ is no longer socially acceptable. Now the ‘m-word’ refers to a group of people — the ‘little people,’” he said clarifying that by “little people” he was referring to dwarfism or “abnormally small people.”

He explained that his use of the “m-word” was “out of ignorance and not spite or hatred.”

So we can no longer say that people like Mr. Johnson are mental ‘M-Words’?

Johnson directed people to find out more about “unusually small people” at the website lpaonline.org — the Little People of America.

By the way, Mr. Johnson is Democrat and a person of color. So you think he would be given a pass. But, alas, he is of average height, so he’s out of luck.

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One Response to “GA Democrat Apologizes For Using The M-Word”

  1. Mithrandir says:


    This is just an opportunity to cater to the midget vote, as small as it may be. It also is further sanitizing more speech that Republicans cannot say, without political fall-out.

    It’s a win-win. They apologize, showing sensitivity, and when Republicans do it, there will be hell to pay, and paint them as crude, neanderthals who haven’t “evolved” in their speech or thinking.

    These are all political traps and snares being set. But that’s the kind of garbage you can expect from a government that doesn’t have anything else to do while ignoring its constitution obligations.

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