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Saddam’s George Galloway Shows True Colors

I managed to refrain from posting about his catting around with Rula Lenska earlier. But Saddam's favorite paid stooge in the British Parliament has tried to out-berserk even himself.

From the UK's This Is London:

George sinks to new low

By Anthony Phillips. Metro
23 January 2006

First he shocked TV viewers and his colleagues by pretending to be a cat and lapping milk from Rula Lenska's hand.

Now George Galloway is set to attract further derision after performing a dance routine on Celebrity Big Brother – in a tight-fitting, red leotard.

The Respect MP, already under fire for taking part in the show instead of representing his constituents, ad-libbed a dance routine for his latest stunt.

His dance partner was, of course, Pete Burns. The transvestite lead singer of 1980s band Dead or Alive wore a blue leotard, even though he insisted he would not run from a burning house in it.

The pair were amusingly instructed to express 'the emotions of bewilderment when a small puppy won't come to you' through the medium of robotic dance. This was part of a task set for housemates to illustrate emotions through dance.

Galloway was criticised by Labour opponents and commentators last week after pretending to be a cat in a task to get food for housemates. Labour Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong launched a petition calling on Galloway to represent his constituents, while another MP described him as 'a laughing stock'. There is also a website tracking how much his absence has cost his East London constituency.

The MP, unknown 'celeb' Chantelle and US basketball star Dennis Rodman have all been nominated for eviction on Wednesday – when, unknown to the housemates, two contestants will be kicked out.

Seven of the eight remaining housemates went to the diary room yesterday to nominate the two people they most want to be evicted this week.

Galloway was denied his right to vote by the rest of the group after he broke the rules by discussing nominations with actress Rula Lenska last week.

He was nominated by Chantelle, Maggot, Preston and Traci. Rodman and Chantelle got three votes each.

Speaking of the Lenska licking, the Guardian has provided a transcript of that historic event for posterity:

Rula is with George in the living area. He is on the sofa and she is on the rug. Big Brother has suggested they try some animal role play exercises to warm up for the tasks ahead.

George: "Would you like me to be the cat?"

Rula: "Yes please."

[George proceeds to clamber down on to the rug beside Rula, and purrs throughout the exchange.]

Rula: "Here pussy, pussy, pussy, yes … more tickles it's OK … Oooh little pussy cat, there there pussy cat …"

[George slowly licks his lips.]

Rula: "You stay there, I'll get you some milk, you like that don't you …"

[Rula pretends to get some milk. George is now on all fours, lapping pretend cream from Rula's cupped hands.]

Rula: "Yes, good pussy cat … that's right, delicious! Good girl, good girl …"

[George licks his lips and moustache.]

Rula: "You've got cream all over your whiskers."

[She rubs his sideburns and says: "Good pussy cat." George nuzzles into her lap and starts purring. Rula strokes his head and behind his ears.]

Rula: "Oooh yes, has it been a trying day with all those people coming into the house, has it? You just like being alone with your mummy, don't you?"

Of course the real news here is that Rula Lenska is still alive.

Who knew?

(Thanks to Zilla for the tip. If "thanks" is the word I want.)

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