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Gallup: ‘Immigration’ Concern Is Soaring

From Gallup:

"Jobs" Drops to No. 2 on Americans’ List of Top Problems

Economy ranks No. 1, while mentions of immigration are up sharply

By Lydia Saad

May 12, 2010

PRINCETON, NJ — After two months as the clear No. 1 perceived problem facing the country, unemployment/jobs dipped to No. 2 in May, while "the economy" in general moved back into the top position. At the same time, Americans grew more likely to name immigration (including illegal immigration) as the nation’s most important problem, moving that issue into fifth place.

Of course, illegal immigration is a jobs concern also.

Gallup measures public perceptions of the nation’s most important problem every month. The 10% citing immigration or illegal immigration in the latest poll, conducted May 3-6, is the highest Gallup has recorded in more than two years. Mentions of immigration last reached double digits in January 2008, and peaked at 19% in April 2006.

The heightened concern about immigration comes as a new Arizona law designed to address illegal immigration has drawn nationwide attention. There is increased concern both across the country and across the political spectrum. However, increased mentions of immigration are most pronounced in the Western states, surging from 2% in April to 16% in May, as well as among Republicans and conservatives

Bottom Line

Americans continue to view unemployment as one of the nation’s leading problems, but they put slightly less emphasis on it today than they did in April. At the same time, the percentage of Americans citing immigration as the top problem has swelled from 2% to 10%. The even steeper increases seen among Republicans and conservatives highlight a major aspect of that concern — the belief that illegal immigration needs to be curtailed.

Are we supposed to believe that apart from the Republicans and conservatives, there is concern that illegal immigration is not high enough?

Come to think of it, maybe that is what some people on the left believe.

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2 Responses to “Gallup: ‘Immigration’ Concern Is Soaring”

  1. bill says:

    Pretzels, twisted pretzels.

    When the lame stream media tries to write a story, especially with polls, it comes out as pretzels.

    The illegal immigration stooges are Marxist powered a-holes.

  2. Petronius says:

    “Americans grew more likely to name immigration (including illegal immigration) as the nation’s most important problem . . . .”

    Is there any political/social/economic problem which is not caused by or exacerbated by mass immigration, and by illegal immigration in particular?

    Exactly how has illegal immigration enriched American culture?

    Let me count the ways :

    • a demographic revolution, including dispossession of indigenous Americans
    • loss of the Southwest and other parts of the country
    • increased anti-white racism
    • racial conflict, particularly between illegals and black Americans
    • more affirmative action
    • sub-prime meltdown, which generated global financial crisis and destruction of wealth
    • uninsured hospital patients
    • overcrowded emergency rooms
    • Obamacare
    • bankrupt hospitals
    • bankrupt States
    • failing public schools
    • teen pregnancy and illegitimacy
    • TB
    • unemployment
    • unemployment claims
    • disability claims
    • fraudulent tax returns to obtain refunds and stimulus payments
    • vote fraud
    • drunk driving
    • uninsured drivers
    • hit-and-run drivers
    • crime
    • drugs and drug cartels
    • gangs such as MS-13
    • prison gangs and brutal prison conditions
    • infiltration of terrorists and Islamic jihadists
    • forged documents
    • environmental damage
    • traffic congestion
    • degradation of neighborhoods, parks, and property values
    • increased State and local taxes
    • anti-American mobs taking over the streets
    • Congressmen (such as Keith Ellison) who represent immigrant / illegal alien constituencies
    • breakdown of our republican form of government

    In short, the Liberal Death Wish has received tremendous impetus from illegal immigration.

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