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Gallup: More Hurt Than Helped By Obama-Care

From Gallup:

In U.S., 69% Remain Unaffected by Health Law to Date

More say they have been hurt than helped by the law

By Jeffrey M. Jones | November 26, 2013

PRINCETON, NJ — As the Obama administration rolls out some of the more significant provisions of the 2010 healthcare law, the vast majority of Americans, 69%, say the law, so far, has not had an effect on them and their family, similar to what Gallup measured more than a year ago. More Americans say the law has hurt (19%) rather than helped (9%) their family, a slightly larger gap than was found last year.

In the Nov. 23-24 Gallup poll, at least six in 10 Americans in most major subgroups say the healthcare law, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, has had no effect on their own situation. That includes 70% of those currently without health insurance, one group the law is specifically designed to help…

Oh, the irony.

Gallup’s tracking has found that a small percentage of the uninsured, 3%, have already obtained insurance for next year.

Then it has all been worth it. And never mind the millions who have lost their insurance coverage thanks to Obama-Care.

Furthermore, in nearly all subgroups, those who say the law has affected them to this point are more likely to say that it has hurt rather than helped their family…

Because they are too stupid to realize the wonderfulness of Obama-Care.

Although most Americans report that they have been unaffected by the healthcare law to date, a much higher percentage expect that it will affect them in the long run. A plurality of 41% believe the law will make their healthcare situation worse in the future. Roughly half that percentage, 20%, say the law will improve their healthcare situation…

Forty-eight percent say the law will make the U.S. healthcare situation worse, 34% believe it will make it better, and 12% believe it will not have an effect.

And this despite the media’s tireless efforts to convince them otherwise.

Approval of the law has remained steady since Gallup’s early November update — 40% approve and 54% disapprove. Throughout this year, more Americans have disapproved than approved of the law, but they have become more negative toward it in recent weeks…

Now that they are seeing it in action. ‘To know it is to loathe it.’


Gallup’s latest update on Americans’ views of the healthcare law makes two things clear. First, the law has not to this point directly touched most Americans or affected their health insurance status in any way. Second, despite that fact, they generally do not view the law positively…

Just wait until they are ‘touched’ by having their old plans cancelled.

Approval of the law in two separate surveys this month has been the worst Gallup has measured to date, and Americans predict the law is more likely to hurt than help their own healthcare situation and the situation in the country as a whole…

It looks like Gallup still hasn’t learned their lesson. Obama is going to have to have Eric Holder sue them again.

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2 Responses to “Gallup: More Hurt Than Helped By Obama-Care”

  1. Petronius says:

    Gallup found that “a small percentage of the uninsured, 3%, have already obtained insurance for next year.”

    Hallelujah. And at what cost?

    I bet that if you added up all the tax money that will be spent on this grandiose scheme, all the money spent for development of the ObamaCare web site, underlying infrastructure, State web sites, the exchanges, subsidies, and their bureaucratic infrastructures, navigators, advertising and promotions, HHS government bureaucracy, IRS enforcement bureaucracy, health insurance industry processing and compliance costs, taxes on the insurance and medical industries, cut-backs to Medicare, the litigation and legal costs, and higher premiums and compliance costs for individual Americans––not even counting the tangible damage done to American families and their health care, the Constitution and our political system, the havoc wrecked on the social order and our way of life––it would be more than enough money to buy Cadillac health insurance policies outright for all of the Immortal Thirty Million several times over.

    But of course that’s not the point.

    The point of ObamaCare has never been to make it efficient, economical, practical, or even logical and rational. It’s not important whether it even works.

    The point of ObamaCare is twofold: (1) government control of our lives and redistribution of our wealth, and (2) to make Liberals feel good about themselves and to alleviate their feelings of guilt over the condition of the uninsured.

    The Liberal is obsessed about finding a cure for all the ills of mankind, real or imagined, and will go to any length, no matter how ridiculous and irrational, to cure those ills, even when he has misdiagnosed the problem and the medicine he prescribes only makes the condition worse.

    The gains in government control, the assuagement of Liberal guilt, and the satisfaction of the secular religious impulses of the Liberal psyche make all sacrifices worthwhile.

  2. Right of the People says:

    The libtards in Vermont tried to do this about 8 years ago. They were earmarking 32 million dollars per year to insure less than 22,000 people. Some Republican representative pointed out that they could buy everyone of the 22K people a Blue Cross/Blue Shield HMO account, that was top of the line then, for a little more than 2 million a year. They asked the fools pushing this program where the extra 30 million was going to go and they said “Admnistrative costs”. Needless to say, it didn’t go anywhere.

    Too bad we didn’t have anyone with a lick of sense in Congress to yell loud enough about this. Damned RINOs!

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