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Gallup: Obama Beats McCain On Character

From Gallup:

Obama Beats McCain on Most Character Ratings

by Lydia Saad

June 27, 2008

PRINCETON, NJ — In the June 15-19 USA Today/Gallup poll, Barack Obama leads John McCain among registered voters in a presidential preference test, 48% to 42%. The same poll finds Obama swamping McCain in Americans’ perceptions of who has the better grasp of the problems Americans face, while McCain leads Obama by a slight margin as a "strong and decisive leader." …

The two dimensions on which Obama does best relative to McCain — understanding the problems Americans face in their daily lives and caring about "the needs of people like you" — both concern his perceived empathy for average Americans. He outscores McCain by more than 20 percentage points on both of these.

Obama also leads by double digits on two dimensions that tap Americans’ perceptions of the candidates’ political independence: being independent in his thoughts and actions, and standing up to special interests.

Obama performs well on two dimensions related to his effectiveness in achieving public policy objectives: working well with both parties to get things done, and having a clear plan for solving the country’s problems

Obama and McCain are more closely matched when it comes to their personal ethics or values. Obama leads McCain, but only slightly, on the "shares your values" dimension, while the two are nearly tied in perceptions of who is more "honest and trustworthy."

Obama clearly wins Gallup’s character ratings by volume; the question is whether he wins by a large enough margin on the dimensions that are most important to Americans when electing a president. Obama’s six-point lead in the horse race in the same poll is an important summary indicator suggesting that he does.

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This is nothing less than the victory of our non-stop propagandizing media and our dumbed-down propagandizing education system and "culture."

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