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Gallup: Only 4% See Gun Control As Top Issue

From Gallup:

Debt, Gov’t Dysfunction Rise to Top of Americans’ Issue List

Fewer Americans now cite unemployment as most important problem

By Frank Newport | January 14, 2013

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ concerns about the federal budget deficit and government dysfunction rose high enough in January to knock unemployment out of the top two slots on Gallup’s “most important problem” list for the first time since 2009.

These results are based on a Jan. 7-10 Gallup poll, conducted just after Washington lawmakers narrowly avoided the fiscal cliff…

The poll finds 20% of Americans mentioning the federal budget deficit as the top problem, compared with 18% mentioning dissatisfaction with some aspect of government or government leaders, and 16% naming jobs or unemployment.

Where were these people in November?

This distribution of open-ended responses to the “most important problem” question underscores a general shift from the dominance of concerns about the economy and unemployment to an increasing focus on problems more directly associated with government. The economy and unemployment had ranked as the top two problems each month since December 2009.

Now, the “dissatisfaction with government” percentage is as high as it has been since the Watergate days of 1974, although the precise ways in which these open-ended questions have been coded has changed somewhat during that time. The percentage mentioning the deficit as the top problem is as high as it has been since 1996.

The percentage of Americans mentioning unemployment as the top problem, on the other hand, is the lowest since December 2009. As recently as September 2011, 39% mentioned it.

Maybe because the news media keeps telling us that unemployment is going down.

Guns and Gun Control at 4% of Mentions, Same as in December

Four percent of Americans name issues relating to guns and gun control as the nation’s top problem, the same as in last month’s survey, which came in the immediate aftermath of the mass shootings at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

So only 4% see gun control as a top priority, despite all of the news media’s current hysteria?

Four percent also mention taxes this month, the highest in over two years.

So the same percentage of people see taxes as the nation’s top problem as see gun control as the top problem? Where are the endless reports about tax increases?

What is Joe Biden going to do about the problem of higher taxes?

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One Response to “Gallup: Only 4% See Gun Control As Top Issue”

  1. USSFreedom says:

    If Gallup says so, who are we to doubt it? They’ve been on the money since, well let me think…still thinking..still thinking, still thinking…Let me get back to you.

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