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Gallup: Stupid Americans Like Their Healthcare

From a gobsmacked Gallup:

Americans’ Views of Healthcare Quality, Cost, and Coverage

by Frank Newport | November 25, 2013

PRINCETON, NJ — A review of recent research on healthcare cost, coverage, and quality reveals that Americans continue to be much more positive about their own personal healthcare situations than about the healthcare situation nationally. This suggests that Americans may be responding negatively to the new healthcare law at least partly because the majority don’t perceive personal problems with their healthcare that urgently need addressing…

In other words, the majority of Americans are too stupid to realize how terrible their current health insurance is. But just wait until they ask for their ‘free’ breast pump, or their ‘free’ birth control pills.

While 69% of Americans rate their personal healthcare coverage as excellent or good, only 32% rate healthcare coverage in the country this highly…

Those 69% are extremists. The lunatic fringe. By the way, notice that the word ‘Obama-Care’ never comes up once in this piece. Even though this is about whether people prefer their old private insurance to Obama-Care. Here Obama-Care is just called "the healthcare situation nationally" or "healthcare coverage in the country."

If Americans believe that the new healthcare law will improve healthcare coverage, most will likely feel this benefit is needed more for others than for themselves, given the relatively high existing personal satisfaction with healthcare coverage…

In other words, nobody wants Obama-Care for themselves.

A majority of Americans remain satisfied with the cost of their healthcare — again much higher than their satisfaction with the cost of healthcare more generally across the nation.

They don’t want to pay anywhere from three times to five times more? What is wrong with them?

Gallup first asked Americans about the cost of healthcare in the U.S. in 1993, when President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton focused on introducing a national healthcare plan. At that point, only 8% of Americans were satisfied. Satisfaction with healthcare costs has been higher over the past decade or so, ranging from 17% to 28%, with the current 24%… Satisfaction with the cost of one’s own healthcare was at its highest in 2001 and dipped slightly in 2006, but has been at 59% for the last two years, identical to the average since 2001.

So people have become happier with the cost of their insurance over the last ten years? That’s not what Obama and his media have been telling us.

Fifty-four percent of Americans rate the quality of healthcare in this country as excellent or good, down slightly from previous years… Almost eight in 10 Americans (79%) rate the quality of healthcare they personally receive as excellent or good, roughly at the average on this combined positive measure since 2001..

So why did we have to blow up our healthcare system?

Although the majority of Americans believe the U.S. healthcare system has major problems, about one in five perceive that it is in a state of crisis. These views have not shifted significantly since 2002…

More than twice as many Americans now mention healthcare as the nation’s most important problem than was the case just a few months ago, most likely reflecting the focus on the healthcare law and healthcare insurance exchanges when the survey was conducted in early November…

This spike in healthcare as the country’s top problem follows the pattern seen in 1993-1994 and again in 2009-2010, which were times when news coverage was highly focused on attempts to pass new healthcare legislation. Still, the percentage of Americans saying healthcare is the most important problem is lower today than during either of those times.

So the media barrages aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Bottom Line

Americans remain generally positive about the quality of healthcare they personally receive, their healthcare coverage, and what they pay for healthcare. They are significantly less positive about these healthcare issues for the nation as a whole…

Additionally, the trends in Americans’ assessments of their personal healthcare situation have been highly stable in recent years, suggesting little increase in personal worry. These findings may help explain why the healthcare law has never been highly popular, even before the recent troubles in implementing it; many Americans simply feel that their healthcare situation is fine as it is.

So why do we need Obama-Care again? Why can’t we keep our old plans?

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One Response to “Gallup: Stupid Americans Like Their Healthcare”

  1. BillK says:

    This is the usual; people think their health coverage is good, but worry about “the other guy” – who believes their health coverage is good, but… when in fact the number of people whose health care is not good is minimal.

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