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Gallup: The Only Economic Confidence Is In DC

From Gallup:

Economic Confidence Still Highest in D.C. in 2013

By Justin McCarthy | February 10, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Although scores on Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index improved in most U.S. states in 2013, the index remained negative in all 50. Only the District of Columbia had a positive index.

Well, at least our rulers are ‘confident’ about the economy.

Indexes were least negative in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and California. They were most negative in West Virginia, followed by Alaska…

The Gallup Economic Confidence Index is a composite of Americans’ ratings of current U.S. economic conditions and their perceptions of the economy’s direction. The index has a theoretical maximum of +100 (if all respondents rate the economy "excellent" or "good" and say it is getting better) and a theoretical minimum of -100 (if all rate the economy "poor" and say it is getting worse)…

And the second ‘most positive’ score was -1.

The District of Columbia (+19) is the clear outlier in economic confidence, having the only positive reading for 2013 and well above the readings for even the most optimistic states.

We suspect DC’s economic confidence has been very high since the party of Santa Claus took over completely in 2008.

Its confidence has taken a hit, however, since 2012, when its index was +29. Likely factors in the 10-point drop include October’s federal government shutdown as well as the sequestration spending cuts that occurred earlier in the year.

The poor things. They got psyched-out by their own doom-saying.

Political sentiments play a role in confidence, as eight of the bottom 10 economic confidence states are also among the 10 lowest-ranking presidential approval states for Obama. Conversely, five of the highest-ranking economic confidence states are in the top 10 for presidential approval.

While confidence is negative for states across the nation, these polarized political divisions could play out in a variety of elections in 2014, as most states hold gubernatorial elections and all states have congressional elections…

Given that all the states still  have negative confidence ratings, does that mean Democrats could lose everywhere except in DC? Could 2014 be 2010 all over again?

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2 Responses to “Gallup: The Only Economic Confidence Is In DC”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    My prediction: The Dow Jones will crash worse or equal to the 1929 crash, and soon.

    D.C. of course will be the last place on earth to suffer from what their own hand created, as usual.

    It’s a good thing too, because all these F.E.M.A. camps set up, the National Guard doing drills all across suburbia, and every federal agency stockpiling ammo, will sure come in handy when it finally implodes.
    America has been dangling on the edge of destruction for quite some time. The housing crisis which created the banking crisis (thank you democrat party), 2 expensive wars, unsustainable Obamacare, an empire extended far beyond our ability to pay and control it, our unpayable debt, along with a lawless government = collapse. Something by design will happen to push us over the edge, I expect in 5 years or less.

    No doubt, when that happens, our “humble servants” will have endless food, medicine, protection inside some drilled out mountain somewhere that we all paid for. Remember Greenbrier Hotel? http://tinyurl.com/mkanugj

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Recommended Read: “Revolution and Red Tape: the French Ministerial Bureaucracy, 1770-1850” (Amazon)

    Also: “The Heavy Baggage of Bureaucracy” by Piet Coetzer; Leadership Online – http://goo.gl/tRr8z6

    Bureaucrat is a term coined by .. a Frenchman .. out of baize and kratos and has come to be understood as “ruled by rules.”

    Do click the Link

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