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Gallup Trumpets: Uninsured Rate Declined 1.2%!

From Gallup:

In U.S., Uninsured Rate Shows Initial Decline in 2014

By Jenna Levy | January 23, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. uninsured rate is 16.1% so far in January, modestly down from 17.3% in December after the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for Americans to have health insurance took effect on Jan. 1. The percentage of uninsured adults aged 18 and older for Jan. 2-19 is slightly lower than what Gallup has measured in any month since December 2012…

Wow, what a drop, huh? 1.2%. And never mind that Obama-Care was supposed to do away with the uninsured completely.

And never mind that even by Gallup’s own chart, the percentage of uninsured today (16.1%) is still far higher than it was back in 2009 (13.9%). Or that there is almost no statistical difference from what the rate was a year ago (16.5%).

The uninsured rate so far in January has declined more among those who are unemployed than it has among those who are employed…

Could that be because they are getting their healthcare premiums ‘for free,’ or heavily subsidized?

Preliminary results from the first 19 days of January show the U.S. uninsured rate has modestly declined since the health insurance mandate went into effect at the beginning of the year. The uninsured rate has fluctuated at other points over the past several years, so it is unclear if this small decline is a reflection of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that took effect on Jan. 1, or if this is part of a trend based on other reasons…

The one thing that is clear is that Gallup doesn’t want to have the Obama administration sic the DOJ on them again. So they know they had better play ball at every turn.

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2 Responses to “Gallup Trumpets: Uninsured Rate Declined 1.2%!”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Hurray! Now, only 1/2 the nation is unemployed …

  2. untrainable says:

    The numbers I’d like to see are how many of those who are uninsured now had insurance that they were perfectly happy with before Obamacare. How many of those who are insured now that weren’t insured before are being subsidized 100% by the rest of us. How many of those who lost their insurance since Obamacare have just turned 27 and aren’t on mommy and daddy’s policies anymore but can’t afford Obamacare on their own. The numbers they make public are worthless, and the numbers that tell the real story are closely guarded… or not available because of political intrigue, or just plain incompetence.

    When you’re using Washington math, 1+1 can equal anything you want.

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