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Gang Of 8 Plan Would Import 1M Workers A Year

From the Daily Caller:

Immigration bill would import 1 million workers per year

By Neil Munro | April 5, 2013

The Senate’s draft immigration bill will increase the inflow of foreign workers to 1 million people per year, according to government data and news reports.

The 1 million inflow would provide almost one foreign worker for every four Americans who turn 18. The rate would be high enough to fill up all the extra jobs created during the last five months.

What extra jobs are those? We still have somewhere around 4 million fewer jobs than what we had when Mr. Obama took office.

The 1 million inflow would include at least 350,000 people capable of competing for middle-class skilled jobs sought by the 1.8 million Americans who graduate from university each year…

Amid the stalled economy, college graduates comprise roughly one-third of the minimum-wage workforce. Half of recent graduates are working in jobs sought by high-school graduates and dropouts, and roughly 20 million skilled and unskilled Americans lack full-time jobs.

The inflow of workers is good for the Democratic Party’s political clout, because it increases unemployment, reduces wages and boosts dependence on government aid…

And, of course, their voter rolls.

Even before the bill is released, the public has already shown its concern about immigration’s impact on jobs. “A majority [56 percent] of Americans … say that illegal immigrants hurt the economy by driving down wages for many Americans,” said a March poll by the left-of-center Public Religion Research Institute…

That just means 56% of the country are racist bigots.

Under the political deal, companies would bring in many low-wage workers. In exchange, the workers would be allowed to become citizens and vote from 2026 onwards, likely for Democratic candidates…

Which is the only reason the Democrats are willing to help businesses. It’s another example of ‘quid pro vote.’

Leaks from the negotiators say the new bill would increase the annual inflow by 80,000 workers immediately, by at least 200,000 workers after six years, and perhaps up to 500,000 workers…

The extra visas would be added to the conditional amnesty scheduled for 11 million illegal immigrants, which would allow them to compete against 20 million unemployed and underemployed Americans for service-sector jobs, such as cooks, cleaners, day-care workers, waiters and laborers…

The draft bill would allow all of these guest workers and the 11 million newly legalized immigrants to apply for citizenship, and then to seek green cards for some of their working-age relatives…

Also, when workers become citizens, they are entitled to request green cards for their relatives. That family reunification process has massively increased the inflow of low-skill immigrants and retirees since the 1990s…

So what? We need all of the workers we can get.

We have a booming economy and full employment. In fact, there are millions of jobs just going begging.

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2 Responses to “Gang Of 8 Plan Would Import 1M Workers A Year”

  1. Petronius says:

    Another one million each year?!

    On top of the one million quota immigrants? And the half-million refugees? And the million or so family reunifiers? And the six million visa overstays? And the dry-footers? And the fifty thousand diversity lottery winners? And the … and the … ?

    No need to visit a third world country anymore. We’ve finally arrived.

    Guess the Democrats have figured out a way to solve the illegal immigration problem … just make illegal immigration legal. Another triumph for the Liberal Death Wish.

    But, as Hillary Clinton says, “What difference does it make now?”

    It’s all over but the shouting and the screaming.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    90 million quit looking for work.

    Gang of 8 seeks to import a new labor at the rate of a million a year. Borders are seeing a sudden influx of illegals asking “which way to amnesty?”

    This is so far beyond hauling coal to Newcastle that the only explanation I can arrive at is vast sums are passing beneath the table.

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