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‘Gang Of Eight’ Hope To Shut Up Conservatives

From the Politico:

Gang of Eight aims to stop conservative attacks

By MANU RAJU and JAKE SHERMAN | April 18, 2013

The Senate’s Gang of Eight is mounting an aggressive lobbying campaign with one major goal: weaken the conservative opposition to a sweeping immigration overhaul.

Hours after the bill was unveiled after 2 a.m. Wednesday, Republicans began to make their pitch for it on conservative talk radio and by urging their colleagues to hold their fire until they’ve had a chance to analyze it.

Is that why there will probably be only one hearing on this bill in the Senate? So there will be more public scrutiny?

Their hope is to define the measure as a workable compromise on a highly complex issue, one that will help broaden the GOP’s reach to Latino and moderate voters…

Right, It’s all about defining the issue. And that means pretending that it is not for all intents and purposes immediate amnesty. And there is nothing complicated about it.

All of the the ‘Gang Of Amnesty’s’ plans are founded on the premise that their ‘stiff’ requirements will never be waived. In fact, once the 11 million illegal aliens are made legal (six months after the bill becomes law), there will be no stopping them getting full citizenship, and PDQ.

In fact, we will be told it would be political suicide for the Republicans to anger so many inevitable voters by making them pay fines and wait 13 years to vote.

On Wednesday, Graham and Sen. Marco Rubio made the rounds on conservative talk radio, with the Florida Republican planning for more appearances on Thursday. The initial reaction on the right was far less intense than they anticipated, proponents said…

Possibly because it is such a low priority for most of the US public. Also, maybe the public knows they are talking to brick walls with Graham and Rubio. And possibly because the public has been told by the mainstream media and by the Republican elites that amnesty is inevitable.

Rubio’s offices in Washington and Florida received fewer than 500 calls on immigration Wednesday, with more than 150 of those in favor of his bill, according to a source in his office…

And never mind that probably 90% of those calls in favor of amnesty were from two employees at Organizing For Action.

House Republicans, like Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, were already bashing the bill [sic!], and a Senate GOP leader, John Cornyn, was wary about the border security provisions in the proposal…

“It’s worse than we thought,” said Smith, who formerly chaired the Judiciary Committee. He added: “It’s amnesty on a massive scale, greater than we anticipated,” Smith said. “And we took their word that the border was going to be secured before the other reforms were implemented and that’s not the case.”

“As smart as these eight senators are, they are not from Texas,” Cornyn said. Added Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.): “We’ve seen this movie before — 27 years ago, remember?”

If enacted, the bill would make the biggest changes to immigration laws since 1986, when a statute was enacted that is frequently bashed [sic!] by Republicans as giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.

What would the non-bashing Politico call it?

But proponents of the 2013 measure argue that it’s nothing like the 1986 law — or the 2007 proposal, for that matter — saying there are enormous differences over border security, new electronic verification requirements for employers and new visa programs to attract foreign low-skilled and high-skilled workers into the country.

BS. The 1986 border and employment controls did not fail because they were not high tech enough. They failed because they were never enforced.

Oh, and those wonderful new visa programs will just attract that many more ‘immigrants’ to take jobs away from Americans and create more chain immigration.

To appease conservative concerns over legalizing undocumented immigrants, the bill would call for billions of dollars to be spent on tightened security at the U.S.-Mexico border with a goal of apprehending 90 percent of those crossing the border in “high-risk” areas.

And, as we have previously noted, if these border security goals are not met, a commission will be formed. (This is not a joke.)  Meanwhile, the legalization of the 11 million illegal aliens, which will happen six months after the bill becomes law, will never be revoked.

Immigrants would pay a total of $2,000 in fines, pass a background check, have a job and wait 10 years before applying for a green card.

Again, never mind that all of these requirements will be quietly waived, once the bill is law. But, what a stick penalty, huh?

Go to Australia or Switzerland or even Mexico and see how much it costs to buy citizenship. Especially if you have snuck into the country illegally.

Three years after that, they could apply to become U.S. citizens. But the whole process is contingent on the government meeting a series of border-security benchmarks.

More BS. Once again, these illegal aliens will never be denied citizenship or welfare benefits because of technicalities once they have been ‘legalized.’ And nobody is going to make them wait 13 years to vote.

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5 Responses to “‘Gang Of Eight’ Hope To Shut Up Conservatives”

  1. River0 says:

    I was a big fan of Rubio before he crafted this amnesty bill. Unfortunately, Washington D.C. hosts a mind virus that infects almost everyone, and makes them think only more failed government policies will fix the results of the previous failed policies.

    “If Rubio’s plan is so great, why is he lying about it?” Ann Coulter asks.

    “When Republicans start lying like Democrats, you can guess they are pushing an idea that’s bad for America. During his William Ginsburg-like tour of the Sunday talk shows last weekend, Sen. Marco Rubio was the Mount Vesuvius of lies about his immigration bill.

    “Here is how Rubio explained the powerful border-enforcing mechanism in his bill on Fox News Sunday, which he denied was merely a meaningless goal:

    “Basically, Homeland Security will have five years to meet that goal. If after five years, Homeland Security has not met that number, it will trigger the Border Commission, who will then take over this issue for them.”

    So the water torture awaiting the Department of Homeland Security if it fails to secure the border is … ANOTHER GOVERNMENT COMMISSION WILL BE CREATED! Take that, Homeland Security! Ha — we have you now!

    The only thing more frightening than “another government commission” is a “strongly worded letter.”

  2. Mithrandir says:

    “…..amnesty is inevitable.”

    You ever notice HOW democrat policy is always inevitable, that Obama says with gun control, “This is only round 1.” WHEN ARE CONSERVATIVES going to take the fight to them? Repeal affirmative action, and if you lose, bring it up again as government sponsored RACISM. Get the states to throw some punches like they do against guns. And if you lose, just say, it’s “round 1 and inevitable it will go down.”

    Gay marriage is “inevitable” same with amnesty, and guns, and cigarettes, and The Boy Scouts. Why bother opposing it, it will just come up again and again, it’s best to get in your 2 cents while democrats are still listening. (and also, it’s a handy distraction from the TERRIBLE ECONOMY, Fast and Furious, Bengazi. You know, things Republicans can win on?)

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO VOTED FOR JOHN MCCAIN, you should have all your fingernails RIPPED OUT! Are you not embarrassed by your vote knowing who and what he is?

    McCain gave us Romney, and aren’t you SO GLAD Romney is out there hammering away at the media about the issues of the day? Counter-punching them with conservatism, and making the case for it? Oh that’s right, he isn’t, which is exactly why I DIDN’T vote for that sorry excuse, and never will.

    SINCE conservatives CAN’T SELL conservatism to liberals, or anyone else, they have flip-flopped and are trying to sell liberalism to conservatives, (“we must give amnesty to 11 million democrats if we want the Hispanic vote!”) which means 2016 is all but sown up for the democrats. They will vote for GENUINE liberalism, not some fake knock-off. And conservatives won’t vote for half-arsed conservatism, so 2016 will repeat like 2008, and 2012. Remember you saw it here first…….from me.

  3. canary says:

    ConsumerAffairs: Foreclosure settlement checks are bouncing, consumers complain
    The company handling the $3.6 billion settlement says it can help straighten things out

    04/18/2013 – By James R. Hood

    It was just last week that, with much fanfare, various federal agencies announced that consumers would be getting $3.6 billion in checks from mortgage servicing companies that had taken shortcuts in foreclosure actions.

    Well, sure enough, the checks have been arriving but consumers have been having trouble trying to cash them because their banks said funds were not available to cover the checks.

    The distribution is the result of an agreement between 13 mortgage servicers, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

    Although consumer advocates have criticized the feds for not going after a larger settlement, there are some pretty big checks involved. While some borrowers will get as little as $300 from the settlement, others will get as much as $125,000.

    (entire article)

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