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GAO: DOD Paid $150 Per Gallon for ‘Green’ Jet Fuel

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Report: Pentagon Paid $150 Per Gallon for Green Jet Fuel

By Lachlan Markay | May 7, 2014

The Department of Defense (DOD) paid $150 per gallon for alternative jet fuel made from algae, more than 64 times the current market price for standard carbon-based fuels, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted in its report that a Pentagon official reported paying “about $150 per gallon for 1,500 gallons of alternative jet fuel derived from algal oil.” …

We’re sure there will be the same outrage at this expense as there was about the Navy spending $640 a piece for toilet seats during the Reagan Presidency. (Which, by the way, was corrected. And the Navy ended up only being charged $100 a seat.)

The price for conventional jet fuel is currently $2.88 per gallon. GAO’s report reveals that federal agencies have paid significantly higher prices in an effort to promote biofuels in commercial and military aviation…

Because, after all, that is what our military should be doing with its ever-diminishing budget.

The Pentagon has previously come under fire for paying exorbitant prices for aviation biofuels. Reuters reported in 2012 that the Air Force had purchased 11,000 of alcohol-based jet fuel for $59 per gallon from a Colorado-based biofuel company.

That company, Gevo Inc., was backed financially by high-dollar Democratic donor Vinod Khosla, who has invested in a number of companies that have received federal support from the Obama administration.

That’s just a coincidence.

A week before that story broke, the Navy spent $26 per gallon to fuel its Great Green Fleet during the 2012 Rim of the Pacific exercise.

The $150-per-gallon DOD reportedly paid for HEFA fuels would dwarf those previous purchases, which came under fire from critics of the Obama administration’s green energy push…

But there still won’t be any outrage in the news media. Because they love to see the military their waste money on nonsense.

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3 Responses to “GAO: DOD Paid $150 Per Gallon for ‘Green’ Jet Fuel”

  1. canary says:

    That explains the fungus epidemic US troops are coming home with.

    Might be time to find a land animal that eats algea.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    President:” Launch the bombers.”
    SAC: “We can’t.”
    President: “Whu ..”
    SAC: “Green fuel bankrupted us.”

  3. canary says:

    Here are only a few cons. It left out not only the fungus on the skin, but when breathed in raw or
    burned it get’s in lungs and blood stream which even those not sensitive and showing symptoms right away will have breathing problems later in life. The conditions will increase mold and strands of mold get’s in the lungs and blood streams and is worse thanThe conditions will cause mold makes people sick. Tsk tsk on the EPA.

    Need to be grown under controlled temperature conditions

    Requires a considerable amount of land and water!
    (land grabbing private property with puddles or tiny ponds, etc)

    Cold flow issues with algal biofuel
    (create havoc in weather such as more tornadoes )

    Some researchers using genetic engineering to develop optimal algae strains
    (this is real scary as far as treating medical problems humans will get from this fuel will be even more difficult to heal)

    Requires phosphorus as a fertilizer which is becoming scarce
    (More and more water and time will be wasted cleaning and bacteria will spread)

    Fertilizer production is carbon dependent

    Relatively high upfront capital costs

    Not clear yet what the ultimate cost per gallon will be. Presently too high.

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