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Gary, Indiana Could Be Cut In Half To Save Itself

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

The Indiana town that may be cut in HALF to save it from destitution: Ghost town of Gary plans to demolish neighborhoods and sell decaying homes for $1 to combat crippling depression

By Jill Reilly | 19 June 2013

Known as the City of the Century, it was once the centre of the country’s booming steel industry. But now Gary, Indiana, lies in ruins as a tragic example of American industrial decline.

Authorities are desperately looking at new ways to combat the city’s crippling recession – one possibility could be halving its size.

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson believes letting vast expanses of the city, founded in 1906 by the US Steel Corporation, return to nature might be a solution. ‘I’d like to see 100,000 folks in Gary. That’d be great,’ the mayor said reported NBC News. ‘We could probably do it in 35 square miles.’

That equation would see 25 percent more residents on nearly 40 percent less land.

The city now owns 7,000 properties in Gary – many of them have been taken for non-payment of taxes. Redevelopment Director Joe Van Dyk has worked out that 6,500 them are abandoned.

In the next few months the city is planning to auction off the housing for $1 each. The homes would each need $15,000-$30,000 in repairs…

Gary’s heyday was in the post-war boom of the 1950s when almost 200,000 people lived and worked in the bustling city, 25 miles from Chicago…

This modern American ghost town began life as home for workers at the United States Steel Corporation plant until economic competition from abroad forced a 90 percent job cut…

Not quite. The problems started in the 1960s when their new Democrat mayor summarily raised the property tax rates on the US Steel plant in Gary. Also, things in Gary and other Democrat-run cities went in into rapid with the advent of the ‘Great Society.’

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8 Responses to “Gary, Indiana Could Be Cut In Half To Save Itself”

  1. dasher says:

    “The Armpit of America” we used to call it. When driving through Gary you had to roll up the windows and turn off the air it stunk so bad.

  2. canary says:

    Surely a dollar a house does not include the land?

    This is an example of the EPA’s green regulations goal; to make towns and cities more dense and contained so people drive less.

    I’ll bet the city owns plenty of homes they will tear down and make high rise apartments which is part of EPA goal. The EPA doesn’t want single home neighborhoods anymore.

    It’s the global agenda.

  3. canary says:

    The city Air Quality Ordinance established the original authority for this department.

    and the creation of fugitive DUST FROM ROADWAYS. The city inspects these companies at least twice a year and CHARGES AN ANNUAL OPERATIONS FEE BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF EMISSIONS.

    …oversees 527 air permits, 296 from contractors operating within U.S. Steel….
    Air enforcement is handled,… and inspection assistance from air inspectors who are not sworn officers.
    (Do they know which way the air blows?)

    SINCE THE CLOSING OF THE GARY SANITARY LANDFILL, the Environmental Affairs Department staff has been responsible for carrying out the 30-year post closure monitoring maintenance requirements established by the IDEM….

    No doubt farmers are fined for dust from plowing too.

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