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Gates Says Arrest Is Teaching Moment

From a not so color blind Associated Press:

Gates says it’s time to ‘move on’ from his arrest

By Russell Contreras, Associated Press Writer

BOSTON – Black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. says he’s ready to move on from his arrest by a white police officer, hoping to use the encounter to improve fairness in the criminal justice system and saying "in the end, this is not about me at all."

After a phone call from President Barack Obama urging calm in the aftermath of his arrest last week, Gates said he would accept Obama’s invitation to the White House for a beer with him and Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley.

In a statement posted Friday on The Root, a Web site Gates oversees, the scholar said he told Obama he’d be happy to meet with Crowley, whom Gates had accused of racial profiling.

"I told the president that my principal regret was that all of the attention paid to his deeply supportive remarks during his press conference had distracted attention from his health care initiative," Gates said. "I am pleased that he, too, is eager to use my experience as a teaching moment, and if meeting Sergeant Crowley for a beer with the president will further that end, then I would be happy to oblige."

It was a marked change in tone for Gates, who in the days following his arrest gathered up his legal team and said he was contemplating a lawsuit. He even vowed to make a documentary on his arrest to tie into a larger project about racial profiling.

In an e-mail to the Boston Globe late Friday, he said: "It is time for all of us to move on, and to assess what we can learn from this experience."

In a statement to The Associated Press, Gates promised to do all he could so others could learn from his arrest.

"This could and should be a profound teaching moment in the history of race relations in America," Gates said. "I sincerely hope that the Cambridge police department will choose to work with me toward that goal."

Gates, 58, did not say in his statement if he planned to file a lawsuit

Gates added that he hoped his arrest would lead to a greater understanding about racial profiling in America.

"If my experience leads to the lessening of the occurrence of racial profiling, then I would find that enormously gratifying," Gates said on The Root.

"Because, in the end, this is not about me at all; it is about the creation of a society in which ‘equal justice before law’ is a lived reality."

How about ‘censure and move on’?

It sounds like Mr. Gates has thought about it, and he has decided to completely forgive himself.

Just kidding. Of course it would never even occur to this ‘scholar’ that he was totally and egregiously to blame for the entire episode.

Black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. says [A] he’s ready to move on from his arrest by a white police officer, [B] hoping to use the encounter to improve fairness in the criminal justice system and saying [C] "in the end, this is not about me at all."

Obviously, point B contradicts point A. Just as it is painfully clear that C is disproved by his every utterance.

But it’s apparent Mr. Gates’ thinking is not quite what one would call ‘rigorous.’

And yet he is a teacher, trying to teach us ‘teaching moments.’

In a statement to The Associated Press, Gates promised to do all he could so others could learn from his arrest.

We would be satisfied if Mr. Gates would learn from his arrest. (But we don’t see that happening.)

Gates added that he hoped his arrest would lead to a greater understanding about racial profiling in America.

Perhaps it has.

Perhaps now more people will now realize how eagerly some cry ‘wolf’ when they are rightfully questioned by the police.

"Because, in the end, this is not about me at all; it is about the creation of a society in which ‘equal justice before law’ is a lived reality."

If we had ‘equal justice’ Mr. Gates would not have had the charges against him dropped because of his connections to people in high places, as his lawyer admitted.

And speaking of Mr. Gates’ website, ‘The Root,’ this is one of the articles currently on offer:

Why Obama Did Not, Should Not, Apologize to Officer Crowley

Whatever the specifics of this case, the president was right to speak out against racial profiling and police brutality against black men.

By: Sophia A. Nelson | Posted: July 25, 2009

Yes, it sure sounds like Mr. Gates wants to move on.

Indeed, the entire ‘Root’ site is an obvious haven for the most rabid racism.

If the words ‘black’ were replaced with ‘white’ the Southern Poverty Law Center could have ‘The Root’ declared a ‘hate site’ and closed down within in hour.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, July 26th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Gates Says Arrest Is Teaching Moment”

  1. Melly says:

    “Gates may not really want to move on”

    By Kerry Picket on July 24, 2009 into Water Cooler

    The Henry Louis Gates controversy with the Cambridge police is not the first time the Harvard professor has made racially based remarks. During a Q & A with Greg Hicks at the University of Washington School of Law on January 16, 2009, Professor Gates discussed the idea of having an African American family in the White House and said the following:

    GATES:But I think more importantly, to me, is seeing a normal black family, a superior black family, but a normal organic nuclear family, with two little black girls running around the White House, that is a paradigm shift. I think that even the thickest, dumbest white person will understand that we are in a new world. And they’ll begin to see black people in a different way, subliminally.

    But I don’t think it’s going to… Greg and I were talking about the similarities and differences of our background. We both went to white schools and there were very few black people in my school. But mine was a public school. And it was a little paper mill town in West Virginia.

    We had our 40th reunion and I couldn’t go because I was out in California and I couldn’t go. But we’d been emailing each other. One of my friends, a white woman, wrote to me and she said, “Skippy, most members of our class voted for McCain.” I’m not surprised at that. They just… Two days before the election I said, “I hope you all vote because we’re about to see history being made. And none of them emailed me back.

    These are working class people in the hills of West Virginia and Barack did not carry West Virginia. I don’t think they’re going to stop… They’re not going to fall in love… They loved me anyway, and the handful of black – we were all close. But they basically were racist.

    Does Professor Gates usually call people who he says loved him “racists”, or is this considered a term of endearment? In this next excerpt, the professor recounts the time he attended the annual convention of the Sons of the American Confederacy with a camera crew in tow. After saying “I thought they would be bikers, big Ku Klux Klan guys and stuff,” he later said this :

    Then they present an annual award — it’s like the Silver Star or something. I don’t know what it’s called, Purple Heart. But whatever the Confederate equivalent is. And they go, “This year’s recipient is Wiley Clyburn.”

    And this little drum and fife corps comes in there doing “Dixie, ” and I look up, and it’s a bunch of African Americans, an African American family. Three generations. The oldest one is 90 years old, and then the mother is, you know, in her 60s, and then the daughter. I interviewed the daughter. She is a Masters Degree, she teaches in New Jersey.

    It’s a very well-educated Black family, and they are descendents of this Black man who ran away from the plantation twice to join his young master on the front lines, and saved his young master’s life twice.

    And they gave him, the family, their greatest — the descendents of Wiley Clyburn. Isn’t that wild? That’s amazing. So it’s all in my thing, man. It’s bad. It’s complicated. It was a complicated world back there. And I can see all the Black people in the audience think, that brother needed to go down. You know, Wiley Clyburn saving his master? Ha, ha, ha. Should have let the master go: Bye, Masser. [laughs]

    Professor Gates talks further about how he viewed whites, blacks, and churches while growing up in West Virginia.:

    Woman: Based upon what I have read, I just wanted to ask you what is blackness, or color, what does it mean to be a colored person in America and use the term color best out of all the terms they have for us?……………………………


  2. curvyred says:

    I already learned: never send my child to Harvard.

    And I am not personally willing to forget it and move along, not until Barry and Skippy enroll in sensitivity training.

  3. Melly says:

    Yea – it’s teaches all of us that when a police officer approaches you with a fire arm strapped to his side you don’t mouth off at him. There…sarcasm done.

    I do not believe that Sergeant Crowley should visit Washington D.C. for a tete-a- tete with Gates for the purpose of Gates lecturing him on race relations. (You know it will wind up as that). I can hear the sound bites afterwards.

    Sergeant Crowley said that he was not a racist. None of his actions with respect to Gates indicated prejudice.

    What would be the point of the two men meeting but not to focus on race and by focusing on race it is implied that Crowley acted “stupidly.”

    I really don’t want to see Sergeant Crowley put in that position at all.

    • jobeth says:

      I heard a commentator say that the reason they picked beer as the highlight of the ‘summit” was that, beer is the favorite beverage for “Irish cops”.

      How stereotypical of Obama.

      If I was Crowley and that is true, I would only go if they included fried chicken or pork chop sandwiches and watermelon. I mean isn’t that the stereotypical favorite foods for black folk?

      Obalmy can’t even get a menu right without some sort of insult to whites.

    • proreason says:

      “beer is the favorite beverage for “Irish cops”.”

      The Moron should have picked crack, the favorite of his own peoples.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      The only thing Barry insults is my intelligence.
      He may(?) be book smart but he hasn’t the first ounce of common sense God gave a teet mouse!!

    • Petronius says:

      Melly: “I do not believe that Sergeant Crowley should visit Washington D.C….”

      Absolutely right, Melly. If Sgt. Crowley goes to the White House he is a complete fool.

      First, because it will be regarded as an admission of guilt, or at least of shared guilt. But there was only one law-breaker here, and that person was Gates.

      Second, by going Crowley enables Nerobama publicly to reinterpret and color the facts in a manner that will be favorable to Gates and humiliating to Crowley and to the police –– and to white Americans in general.

      And third, because it affords Nerobama the opportunity to play the role of the Great Reconciler –– something which he clearly is not. If Nerobama were interested in promoting reconciliation and equal justice he would not have nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Even more, he would have publicly criticized her and the four Supreme Court justices who voted against the New Haven firefighters and for deliberate discrimination against whites.

    • proreason says:

      Office Crowley will go to Washington.

      He doesn’t want his life and family ruined.

      But in the extremely unlikely event that he is stong enough to resist the pressure, he could be the next Senator from Massachusetts.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    This presidency has done more to fan the flame of hatred than any “KLANSMAN” ever did. Most of us are like deer in the headlights. We just stand there bewildered in the fact that the President of the United States is a closet racist. Right next to being a closet Muslim, commie Marxist and Anti-American.

    “……….. and the hits just keep on coming!!”

  5. proreason says:

    It’s like your 18 year-old child arrogently preaching to you about why drugs are perfectly ok, nay GOOD for you, and you are stupid for suggesting anything different.

    Even if they weren’t enthusiasticly engaged in looting the country, the arrogant ignorence alone is enough to drive a sane person crazy.

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    That’s twice I’ve heard “teachable moment” from two very liberal fluff-barons. Both from the child-in-charge and now from Skip “Busted” Gates.

    I wouldn’t think this very significant, except for the fact that between the time I was in the military and now, a span of almost 20 years, I’ve heard “teachable moment” so rarely as to call it “an old term”.

    That is, except that Rush uses it quite a lot, and for obvious reasons. But it’s been in his lexicon more frequently over the past year. And, it makes me wonder just who has been listening to him? Perhaps those who advise the president? Or the president himself to find out what the opposition is saying about him? (or maybe to find out just how bad things really are?).

    But to have both these people say this little phrase, given that they may use it often enough independently, is, I think more than coincidental.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      I caught that as well, Rusty, (the teachable moment thing) and I think it really zero’s in on the heigth of these two’s grandiosity and arrogance; as well as they’re deeply ingrained racism and vengeful anger.

      In the picture above, look at the one who is clearly seething anger; and then the look of bridled disgust from the others.

      This whole circumstance is very revealing of these two birds (o-blah-blah and Gates) and their utter disregard for their shameful parts and causes.

      And btw .. PR .. did you mean “peeps”??? :-) “The Moron should have picked crack, the favorite of his own peoples.”

    • proreason says:

      “And btw .. PR .. did you mean “peeps”??? ”

      They are both Hahvad grads, MR. I felt the formal form was more appropriate, given their lofty status in society.

      I don’t want the impact of my analysis diminished by a lack of appropriate respect for the barkers.

  7. AmericanIPA says:

    Boy, do these lefty, Black Liberation-types use the same playbook or what? “It’s not about me” is one of Barry’s favorite lines. EVERYTHING is about him, especially in his own eyes. And everything has a racial angle to it, one that means whites must apologize.

    How can any of this knee jerk reaction to anything involving a black person come as a surprise to sane people? This is the sermons of Jeremiah Wright coming to fruition.

    I sincerely hope that this police officer doesn’t allow himself to be used for some photo-op to make Obama seem like a moderator in a race rift. We all knew his opinions on whites and in a rare teleprompter-less moment, he confirmed what we believe. The only way that officer should go to the White House is to use it as a “teaching moment” for all of us. Ask Obama if he would agree that to comment on something he didn’t know the facts about was “acting stupidly”.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, it may be they use that play book because it’s been so successful in the past and seldom gotten public scrutiny the way this incident has, on such a national level.

      Maybe that’s a good thing because the once common practice of shouting “racism” in a crowded movie theater may finally be exposed for the useless self-preservation tactic it has always been.

      To me, the whole thing just wreaks of “epic fail”.

  8. thetimeisright says:

    Well this is the second time he has went to a friend,s defence. I guess if your the POTUS friend you can do no wrong.

  9. Professor_Repulso says:

    In regard to the tragicomic situation involving Professor Henry Louis Blowtop Gates, I would suggest the following course of action to defuse any other future situations of this type.
    A reorganization of metropolitan police forces would be necessary along these guidelines. Officers and patrolmen will no longer respond to calls in the traditional way, i.e. two officers in a squad car going to the location of the reported malfeasance. No, no, these things must be handled in a racially sensitive manner which is appropriate to the diversity of this country. Officers will now be part of a crime response team which, ideally, should consist of two gay white men, two wise latinos, two Ivy-league educated blacks, two women, race unspecified, of whom one must be a lesbian and two generic Muslim men. The driver of the paddy wagon will be of Asian descent. Since Asians do not commit crimes, they will not participate in any actual arrests. To make sure of the actual ethnicity of the perpetrators, a Native American will serve in the capacity of scout to make this determination. A side benefit will be the fact that many large vans will be necessary to carry these squads, which will be a boon to Government Motors and Fart/Dodge — I mean Fiat/Dodge. It’s a rough world out there. You’ve got to watch out for number 1. But don’t step in number 2.

  10. JohnMG says:

    …..”a Native American will serve in the capacity of scout…..”

    I think that statement is ……..’racist’. ;-}

  11. Well, I just happened upon a segment on CNN (I don’t typically watch CNN, we don’t even have cable, but I was running on a treadmill in my apartment complex and just happened to turn to CNN). They had an African American anchor on with two African American correspondents who were talking about how this situation could be a teachable moment. I would have to say that it was one of the most racist discussions I have ever heard in my life. The highlight was when one of the correspondents was talking about how African Americans have to make judement calls every day when they meet new white person. They have to decide on the spot whether or not that person is racist. I mean come on. Let us not forget that everyone everywhere (not only African Americans) have to make judgement calls about who or what someone is. They aren’t the only ones that have to do that. Also, these correspondents acted as if white people are the only ones that could possible be racists. It was just ridiculous. If there was anything I took out of that conversation it was that it was because of people like them that racism is so previlent in the U.S (that would include people like Rev Al Sharpton).

    Even during this whole conversation, they never once talked about how this Police Officer was being racists. And we all know why they didn’t approach that point. Because they cannot in fact point to a single thing that he did as to why he was being racist. It was just sickening.

  12. ptat says:

    Reminds me of the joke I just made up (and I invite more punch lines!):

    “What do you call 2 black racists and a white guy having a beer?”

    1/ “The Chicago Way.”
    2/ “A Thugocracy.”
    3/ “A teachable beating.”
    4/ “A meeting of the clan.” (as opposed to “The Klan”)

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