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Gawker: Racist App Helps You Avoid Dangerous Areas

From Gawker:

Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

By Sam Biddle | August 7, 2014

Is there any way to keep white people from using computers, before this whole planet is ruined? I ask because the two enterprising white entrepreneurs above just made yet another app for avoiding non-white areas of your town—and it’s really taking off!

By the way, the headline refers to the photo of the two app creators that appeared in the Crain article. They had the nerve to be both white and smiling!

Crain’s reports on SketchFactor, a racist app made for avoiding "sketchy" neighborhoods, which is the term young white people use to describe places where they don’t feel safe because they watched all five seasons of The Wire:

SketchFactor, the brainchild of co-founders Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington, is a Manhattan-based navigation app that crowdsources user experiences along with publicly available data to rate the relative "sketchiness" of certain areas in major cities.

It sounds awfully sensible to us. After all, ‘sketchiness’ is just what the hip kids call unsettling or even risky or dangerous. So what is so racist about an app that uses people’s experiences and actual crime statistics to warn the user about an area?

Is Gawker claiming that danger is somehow a function of race? If so, who are the racists here?

The app will launch on the iTunes on Friday, capping off a big week for the startup, which was named as a finalist in the NYC BigApps competition.

Not if Gawker has anything to say about it.

According to Ms. McGuire, a Los Angeles native who lives in the West Village, the impetus behind SketchFactor was her experience as a young woman navigating the streets of Washington, D.C., where she worked at a nonprofit. […]

Working for a non-profit in DC isn’t enough to protect you from charges of racism

With firsthand experience living in Washington, D.C., where white terror is as ubiquitous as tucked-in polo shirts, grinning caucasians [sic] Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington should be unstoppable in the field of smartphone race-baiting—they’re already finalists in a $20,000 startup contest!

But don’t worry: they’re not racist. It says so right on their blog, which asks people to share "sketchy" stories about strangers they spot:

Who we’re not: racists, bigots, sexists. Any discriminatory posts will be deleted…

You see? The more you say you aren’t a racist, the more it proves that you are.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, August 8th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

4 Responses to “Gawker: Racist App Helps You Avoid Dangerous Areas”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Most of these crime apps are based on POLICE REPORTS. Any comparisons you make on your own linking crime with race is indicative of your own racial stereotypes and attitudes.

    Shame on Gawker to make the link!

    Here is a crime map just based on the number of shootings in Chicago this year: http://crime.chicagotribune.com/chicago/shootings

    What liberalism really is is BEING NAIVE. To pretend things aren’t the way they are when it comes to their precious voters, at the cost of your safety. But when it comes to their opposition, any and ALL warnings, fear-mongering, stereotypes, exaggerations are completely acceptable.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Simple solution here: Send Sam Biddle into these “sketchy” areas at night and he can prove to us how wrong we all are by surviving. If he does live, I bet he has more to write about than some young people making an iPhone app.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The socialists in our world have set up minefield and thoroughly enjoy when someone steps into it, desperately hoping they “lose a leg’ in their efforts to traverse it.

    They love destroying people through such means; Forever branding them and ruining their financial future.

    Yet actual, real racism and bigotry thrive in their own circles. It’s so bad that it’s glaring and obvious when the minorities are having their butts kissed and catered to in that sappy, sticky way that’s disgusting to anyone who can see it.

    Sadly, that’s also what passes for “class” these days.

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